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All this MD talk So why aren't there many psychiatrists now? Is it not a glamorous area of medicine anymore?I always thought it was a good specialty especially if you like to dress well as you don't have to get too "hands on" with patients.
The tricky part is that, from what I understand, much of the burnishing/dyeing happens after the shoe has been finished (basically the color is one of the last steps), which makes the finishing of EG and G&G great when they come out as intended.
Unfortunately no help as they were from eBay
Thought to try this thread in addition to the RL one. Ralph Lauren Polo Suede shoes with crepe soles. Any idea of the maker?
Thanks everyone. Loake, Sanders, or Cheaney. I'll try to reach out to them to see if these are theirs.
Unlined suede chukkas with a crepe sole: I'm guessing C&J. Did RL procure other shoemakers (besides EG and G&G as these are obviously not theirs)?
My wife is still freaked out the most. Danskos are comfortable though...
It's always hard to tell with the rubber soles but they look more like AS than C&J. The script of the size in the window is very similar to AS'Nothing suggest C&J as you are correct, they would just write on the lining (or likely print) as they don't use a window.
Trying a new brand definitely comes with risks and from my experience, I really don't know how things work out until I get a number of miles of use with the shoes (a number being about >50 miles). Only then can I say "this last works" or not. After a number of brands, I've settled with a handful (EG, G&G, & Alden) which compliment my needs. I do flirt with other brands (e.g., JL, Vass) because of various curiosity but I know my staple. I still plan to try out StC and a...
Guess it's good that no 6.5 pics were posted as to not further tempt me.
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