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Great start! The shade of dark oak is also great and should age well. Welcome to the club.
I agree... and I just need ONE more person for that Skoak order!
G&G lasts are amazing... always a conflict between EG and G&G for me. Do I really need a Canterbury in vintage rioja when I already have a Wigmore in that color... and I'm also trying to get a pair of EG Shannons... Maybe I already have too many balmoral boots and I shouldn't pick up any more. Anything to do to avoid writing reports for the next few hours.
Hipsters don't wear C&J, more like Alden, Grenson X Wooster, or Dr. Martens.Hey... I wear Alden...
Really, we shouldn't complain since how many EG do we have between the 2 of us? Gluttony I say!
What is all this talk about production cost... how about shoes? God I wish I was able to attend pop-up sales like that! I have an idea! Lansing, Michigan should host a pop-up sale! All the influx of shoppers will lead to increase hotel and restaurant sales! Michigan needs it! Where have I ended up after living down the street from Saks in NYC...
I wear a smaller size and rounder toed shoes tend too look off. I don't think I can pull off Deco but the DG70 or TG73 works just fine.
I wear most of my balmoral boots but maybe it's just the type of industry we're in that lends to the frequency. My midnight/twilight Shannons are the ones that gets the least wear.One more for Shannon VIII? That Shannon XIV looks great though!
EG Today in a HOT MI day! I don't know what they're called but they look like Chelseas with a counter. Anyone know? Sadness about all this pop up sale talk and I'm across the pond...
Yeah, my C&J's were notorious for that. Nice Austerity; are those on the F?
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