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Just recently saw his list of shoes...man I don't feel so bad anymore!
Not directly affiliated but I collaborate with them. I do post-acute and I have some academic affiliation. You at CC?
What's this buying frenzy?
What beach? Funny I was wearing my LWBs at one of my friends' house by the lake. I first thought it was one of those small ones then I was like "oh, you can jet ski all around here..." type of lakes. Definitely not used to the MI lake culture. I still miss my Huntington Beach pad though...
I mentioned this previously but in addition to last, EG's crup is thinned to have a flexible feel while Alden is thicker and more "durable" feeling. The thickness compliments the respective styles.
Hmmm, I'll be in Toronto in August so I think it's about time I hopped onto this thread.
They'll be backups when mine wear out.I assume you got those in 6F? Yeah, when I was heavier I needed wide width and it was a pain to get shoes; I'm fortunate to fit into E widths now.
Nice 890! Man those Newbury shoes...
Actually they're RL lloafers. Have had Isham before and they fit me better than my Dovers (E82) but for the style, I prefer the Dover as it's more casual.EG's shell is thinner and "dressier" than what Alden gets out. Both are shell but different quality...
Same perspective. EG and G&G are my staples in addition to Alden. I'll pick up random C&J, JL, AS, Vass, etc. and I may try St.C eventually but I know what works now.They are awesome. I have 5 LWB and I find them my most comfortable shoes. I have an upcoming move and I've flirted with the idea of doing a fire sale of all my shoes except my Aldens...and maybe EG and G&G....but then there wouldn't be much to sell...Dude, don't you have 18 shoes en route? Still? I'll start a...
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