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Twinsies? Does yours have the heel counter leather? The style is basically the Chelsea plus that.
Great looking pair!My guess is that the supply of footwear on the 808 is limited compared to the 888 and the 82. With the new 890, I'm sure we'll start seeing more of that and less of other lastsSpeaking of uncommon lasts: 33Anyone else have a pair in the 33?
Shannon... in shell... nope... must resist... Personally, after owning 2-3 shell balmoral boots, I really prefer them in calf as I perceive shell to dress it down a fair amount. You see what I did there? I talked myself OUT of a pair of Shannons!
I believe this is, to a point, expected with any printed pattern since the leather is stretched on the toe and heel. I wouldn't consider this an "issue" but just the nature of the beast in a way.
I apologize for the confusion, the other option is the Whiskey wingtip boot.I guess I could just sit on it for 5 years and sell them on eBay for $5K.
With all the whiskey talk, I wonder what I to keep... whiskey Indy or WTB I guess whatever I don't keep, I should break even on the secondary market
SHOE ANVIL Portable and Compact. Big: 8.25" & small: 6.5" and great for putting your own taps$20 [[SPOILER]]
Mine are also on Dainite... which is why I probably haven't worn them yet (I find leather soled shoes more comfortable) and I have a pair of cigar LWB that are pretty close.So glad my wife prefers a TH than a Rolex since the difference can be put to "socks"
SWEET! I'm not a watch guy (but ddd might change that) and since I have 3 EGs coming in from SkoAB, that's 3 Patek's? Since I ordered matching trees I wonder if I'll get extra wristbands?Okay, I should clarify that the above statement was made tongue-in-cheek else people get carried away...
Did someone say Derwent?If you're feeling blue, @dddrees has one for you...
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