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Personally I've never been a fan of fabric on shoes. I know spectators many times use contrasting fabrics but I guess I'm too conservative for it. Old fashioned, I am.
Great job gentlemen! I hope all who participated gained from the event! I have to admit I've been interested in Maftei recently; are they quite comparable to Vass in price and sizing?I also am curious as the the brand of shoes used in the polishing competition (below). It's a very nice tan...
I think there's a glitch in the Matrix.I hope I get the Galways and Shannons in before the deep now...
I just needed to unload my Islays. Funny, now I have 3 boots filling in for that 1 pair of C&J (2 Galways and 1 AS Hannover).Westminsters today:
DW is correct, those should polish out fine. No harm no foul.
Okay, now back to possible risking another Vass purchase Budapest will probably be after Northampton. expends on the mrs preference.
so the instep of the S is higher? That's not good for me since I have a low instep. Thanks for the info!
Thanks! So who's picking up their next shoe in the S?
I personally like leather soles and find them more comfortable than city rubber (e.g., Definite). Leather does wear out faster though. Almost all my shoes have leather soles;I have probably have 5 shoes with rubber soles for rain/snow days.
Great look uncle. I remember all the reasons you have regarding living in TX from our last conversation. Coincidentally, my wife was at a conference there recently (in San Antonio) and loved it.We'll see where we go after she finishes her fellowship. I would love to be back in a walking city again. I built up a pretty sizable shoe rotation and now they don't get any sole wear...Hope you're enjoying the weekend fall season (even if it hasn't officially started I think).
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