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Any pics of an F lasted wholecut in calf? Curious to see how they look as most I've seen are in the U.
EDWARD GREEN x HARDY AMIES Shannon 6.5/7 E82 These are a pre-owned pair of Shannons in a great color combination: Midnight/Twilight. The shoes are pre-owned and well cared for. Details: Brand: Edward Green x Hardy Amies Style: Shannon Size:6.5/7 Last: E82 Listing only for boots (no bags or box) Length: 11.25" Width: 3.75" Price includes shipping within CON US. USPS International Shipping will be an extra $35. Please let me know if you have any questions!
GAZIANO & GIRLING Deco Hayes 6.5E Midnight These are an amazing pair of Gaziano & Girling shoes in the great Deco last. These are factory seconds and the "reject" is due to stretch marks on the left shoe. Very subtle but I'll leave it to you to decide. Excellent opportunity to own the DECO last! Details: Brand: Gaziano & Girling Last: Deco Color: Midnight Length: 11 3/8" Width: 3 3/4" Includes felt cloth and original box Price includes shipping within CON US....
It makes it nice and smooth/slick although I have to admit I'd had water drops on them and they still have have those subtle "bumps." Don't know what others' experiences have been but droplets from washing hands still have effects.
What shop are you talking about?
I've resoled shoes although locally (when I was in NYC). Lately, I haven't been walking as much as I now drive so I don't get to resole shoes. Typically shoes I sold have been those that didn't fit well.I actually get some weird satisfaction on getting shoes re-soled. It's like a "job well done" once I get to that point. Doesn't help with all these oak/walnut/peanut/chestnut bark tanned soles that last forever. I've never resoled any Dainite soles though...
Since the Barrie fits me great, nothing compared to my Alden LWB and boots for casual wear. EG (and G&G) dominate my balmoral selection though. Just 1 Dover and 2 Galways here. I need to unload shoes though...might move in 6 months and it would easier if I only had a handful of boxes to bring. Actually, the shoes are fine it's the trees that kill the weight!
Are you asking if G&G for RL "D" is actually an E? If I am understanding this correctly, then no, from my experience, the D from RL is a D.
Yeah, the sad part is that I have too many shoes made with excellent soles so they last so much longer! Now that I'm not walking around as much, I don't foresee resoling for another 2-3 years. I need to move somewhere where I can walk more...or get rid of my shoe!
Speaking about black wingtips:
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