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I believe so.
Thanks uncleSadly I am size-less by the time this happens.After a conservative Monday (black Chelsea), midnight/twiligh Shannons today:
I really like the 104 last... unfortunately there's not much made on it.
Full brogue is a wingtip while half is a captoe
I have a vpine and vchestnut and they are pretty close; the former just has a more mustard background... it's hard to keep the colors true so I go with a darker polish with the vchestnut.
What color?
888, interestingly this last does not look too fashion forward to me.
Thanks for the info. I'm surprised a 39.5's outsole proportions are still quite generous... The instep is definitely what hurts me with Vass... hopefully the new last will be better.
The seller is also a SF member... might be worth contacting him if you're interested. Unfortunately, I don't recall his handle at this point. He did start a line of shoes for Kent Wang's handgrade line though I believe.Conservative Monday:
I know Madison has stocked the whiskey chukka so if try them.Zug? But no Veldt? Ill stick to my Columbia synthetic boots when the show here in MI reach my knees.
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