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EDWARD GREEN for RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL]/b] NEW 7/7.5E Cap Toe Derby Shoes 89 Last (unfortunately no shoe bags; note slight creases on the left vamp) $875
10 day trip to LV and SoCal! 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of running shoes, 1 pair of EG, and what pair of LWB? Cigar, whiskey, ravello, #8, or natcxl? Decisions...
My wife does Jiu Jitsu... she can cause inexplicable knee pain easilyI've tried this before when I was at the Mansion; RL had their own version of it. It's definitely a style that I had no desire of owning.I know EG does this but typically just on current catalogue. If a style/last/color is from a previous catalogue, I believe they will then add a MTO charge.
that's a generous offer! You're close to MSRP prices there.
For reference, here are a pair of Shannons with the shaft polished with navy paste and the upper with black; it darkened it but the colorway has not significantly changed.Original color when they first arrived:
Breaking my usual guidelines this casual Friday:
Black will add patina but you should be careful with the suede. I guess it depends on what color undertones you would like and then use such color to eventually darken. Edit: just saw the errors of auto-fill... embarassaing...
For WF, you do have to set up initial paperwork in person, and you need to let them know you intend to do subsequent transfers online. I know BofA lets you do the whole thing online. Personally, since MI is WF free, I go through WU and their fees are fine; the old data is also saved so I'm not as worried of mistyping the IBAN. Now, about that new last...
I think you can e-mail them and they can respond via that channel.
I would not be surprised if they make it available as TD.
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