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I have about 4 pairs of footwear in Dainite (2 Galways, 1 Chambords, and 1 Sandringhams) and a pair of AS boots with commando for rain and moderate snow. I also wear overshoes pretty often with my other shoes.When it's really bad, I have a pair of wellies and Columbia snow boots.
Is Wildsmith still going? I haven't heard much from them since Chay left. Unfortunate as their re-release produced interesting shoes. I agree AS is a great value.
I'm a US 7 so I think I should be part of this cool club.
There definitely comes a cap with the hikes. I've been fortunate to have hopped on the EG train early and have pretty much settled on my collection. Future purchases will likely be for sales and stuff. Still bummed I didn't realize the black wholecut Newbury went on sale as that's likely the last shoes I want. Consequently, I've been meaning to try Vass' S last so a black wholecut might be a fun experiment with the S. Interestingly, I've started to look at AS again, which...
Still sad I missed this...
Cloud ages really nicely...some occasional black polish will give it great depth.
So jealous of y'all getting more shoes. Moving back to the city and my wife saw the closet and said "it's not big enough for your shoes..." The MI openness...the one thing I'll miss...
Congrats. Did they re-finish the uppers?
Have never seen that before... I'd hazard that it might have been re-heeled and the pattern created by the cobbler?
Ditto Dan's comment. Throwing it out there I personally like my "sleek" Galways in D82 vs. E82. I find the latter slightly roomy, even with thicker socks whereas the former has a snug G&G-like feel. depends on what fit you're looking for.
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