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I believe many understand the mark-up for MSRP; one of the many pulls of mass produced shoes is the disounted price or clearance opportunity. Granted, this limits the selection greatly, but if one is able to procure popular brands such as EG, G&G, and JL at discounted prices (i.e., $500-$800), then the price becomes a major factor. Also, the percieved discount in prices provides some psychological reinforcement. Granted, HW shoes can probably be had still for comparable...
Hmmm, Shannon in dark oak and suede... okay, I need to stop!
Nice NAMOR! Haven't seen you sport those in a whole (either that or the pics haven't made it up here).
Hand welted
Besides craftsmanship, materials, and all that jazz, fit is also an important factor. I wore AE early on but their lasts weren't the best for me and after trying various lasts and brands (including JL, which you mentioned), I have settled with EG and G&G. The fit, then design, and quality hits a nice sweet spot. I've tried really hard to convince myself with Vass but the fit isn't just that great for me. Others will put higher value on certain things (e.g., many will shun...
A man right with his priorities... I admire you, my friend!I see the spoils are finally being presented!
Those are definitely going to be staples for you! Cleav, you didn't go to the sale?
There appears to have been a nice run of Chelseas as it looks like that was the biggest kopped style from the event. Any others?
Ah, there shoes! My initial association was they were boots (kinda telling for me). Never saw them in CC before; I've seen them in suede.
Thought to bring this thread back up? Any collection updates?
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