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G&G also works for me and has been my JL Prestige "substitute." I do like the Prestige style but the 7000 & 8000 heel cups just don't work for me; 8695 (or whatever number it is) works well so I have shoes in those.I do really like JL's double monk boot and that'll be something I'll be keeping an eye on.
I own EG and JL Prestige and I don't see the latter always better. The base model leather's are different (crust vs. aniline) and although Prestige are softer, they aren't as durable as EG's crust. I like JL's style for a smart shoe as it's fancier. I go almost hands down EG just because their lasts are the best I've tried. Soles are prettier with Prestige but durability appears simliar (I'm really not one who's really big on fancy soles though). Prestige have smoother...
I'm trying to transfer my interest into socks... so much more cheaper. For running, I go through a pair of shoes every 3-4 months so I basically should enough to pay for 1 shoe every 12 months.It was SOOOO much better in college when I just had a bunch of shot glasses...
Why do we have more than 5 pairs of shoes? Argh! At least the pair I bought earlier today were running shoes... sadly those also add up yearly...
Thanks. C&J's response to EG's Dover. I like the intentional angular stitch of the apron.
Crat, are those NST C&J? Didn't know they did that type of vertical stitch.
If those were 6.5E, I'd give Ironist a run for them! Hmmm, thick socks...How's the fit going? I know the 6.5E wasn't optimal for you?
I've used black paste on crust leather and it really works well darkening it, while still keeping the original color's base. With aniline (which I assume those JL are), maybe using RogerP's suggestion and even adding a little darker paste will do the trick faster. The shoe care thread would be a good resource.
Heh, actually, that's what I meant... Both! Well, when 4 Shannons and 5 LWBs. The LWBs are more of a collection since I like them but my attire soeaks to more balmoral a at this stage of my career... In time I'm sure it'll flip.
That's going to be like my Shannon or Alden LWB collection
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