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Most be a Niner thing to have shoes! I have to say though my collection is not as "comprehensive" as yours. I'm under 40 right now but I think after all the in-production shoes come in, I'll be at that nice round number. Funny, 25 was what I initially thought for a reasonable collection. If I go by age, my collection is more in-line with that number.
Most shoes don't comes out "perfect" and we decide if it's good enough for us. I think it's being in a community where AS is "mid-level" in some eyes (although it could be a considerable price for others), which is why some irregularities are rationalized. I agree the comparison to EG, G&G, is unfair, but with Carmina, there are also pros and cons. I personally prefer the crust of AS, although Carmina does offer a wide variety of styles and MTO flexibility. I like more...
EG thread has been slow! All that GMTO action has burned everyone out? Shannons today:
SHANNON!!! Well, my batch will likely come in the spring...Glad I picked up the Beaulieu as it's always different hunting that shoe.
@DinSko, I agree comparisons and discussions are helpful, especially when making purchases at any price range. It's really the only way for us buyers to get feedback. The general AS thread might be more appropriate as you'll capture a wider group who can give their experiences. I'm sure AFPoS is also okay with the discussion here as long as we don't clog it too much! @Tsujigiri: That's happened to me too. In the past, I just e-mailed Julian/Sarah for confirmation.
And he hath spoken! Now you must follow thy heed!Okay, I'm going back to work.
As a person who purchased the Beaulieu from SkoAB, I would agree the Beaulieu would be my preference. There are many styles of dark brown wingtips, with EG, or other makers. The Malvern is more traditional though so if you're still building up your shoe rotation, then maybe for now, the Malverns are more practical.
My source was actually from the factory, not the retailers. AS, Church's, Barker, Cheaney, and others use 'F' as their "standard" width.Other manufacturers such as EG, G&G, and JL, use 'E' as their standard with. It's up to the manufacturer to decide what letter they decide to identify as their standard. Moreover, the individual lasts fit quite differently. The 724 of AS is quite generous vis-a-vis the 99, which is snug.I wear an E for my EG, G&G, and JL. I wear F for my...
The 724 is probably one of the more angular last of AS. My old Moores weren't perfect (if I had to nit-pick the arch wasn't as "tight") but they were on par with what I would consider AS' work; they looked pretty much like @thundermarch.If these are "horrible" I would hate to hear how you would describe AE...Lots of assumptions there. Out of respect for AFPoS, since this is their official thread, such comments should warrant some evidence or personal experience... at least...
Good looking shoes. My size but I have similar styles already. Good luck moving them!
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