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You did have a crazy year! Let me know what you're thinking of moving At least the 6.5E ones!
I think it was mentioned that the finished has to be sanded so the adhesive would work (won't stick as well on lacquered soles). I also vote to just have the sole guard remain. If you want to remove it, the result might be too much work. Also, I'm sure you can condition/lather/dye the soles I just don't know how that will affect their durability. Waxing the soles might lead to traction issues though. Good luck.
Thanks for the mention! FYI these are "Best Offer" listings.
PAUL STUART PHINEAS COLE 38S Paul Stuart's Pineas Cole line is known for contemporary designs in classic signs. Take this opportunity to own such as fine piece of clothing. Details and approximate measurements: Brand: Paul Stuart Line: Phineas Cole Size: 38 Length: Short One button Side vents Wool 99%/Chashere 1% Made in Canada (Samuelsohn) Shoulders (from back): 17 3/4" Chest: 20 1/2" Sleeves: 23" Length (bottom of collar): 28 1/4" Please let me know if you have any...
EDWARD GREEN Galway 6.5/7D This is a great pair of Edward Green Galways. Edward Green is known to make extremely popular footwear. Galways are only made in very limited designs and colors. This pair is a great opportunity to own a classic pair. These pair are worn and the pictures can show the quality of the boots. Please note a small flaw on the R inner right boot by the ball area (don't know how this happened but maybe from a pebble that wedged between the upper and...
JOHN LOBB Dark Brown Suede Chambord II 6E This is a great pair of John Lobb Boots. John Lobb is known to make extremely popular footwear. The Chambord II boots are only made in very limited designs and colors. This pair is a great opportunity to own a classic pair. Detail: Brand: John Lobb Name: Chambord II Boots Size 6 UK/7 US Width E UK (approximately US D) November sole Dark brown suede Made in England Please let me know if you have any questions as all sales are final.
Man, jealous...
Personally I'm not sure. AS seems to have shifted their model to being re-branded instead of selling independently. They make shoes now for J. Crew, Paul Stuart, Wildsmith, Bowen, and I think they even have started to make Brooks Brothers again (although I'm not certain about the last one).They started a big push with their Exclusive and HG when Chay was with them but I noticed a sharp drop in that approach after he went off to Wildsmith (and now I think he's at C&J). My...
Been away for a bit and this thread became a little spicy...did someone call for a psychologist? Interesting bit about buying shoes for others...heard the saying but superstition is something serious.
I have about 4 pairs of footwear in Dainite (2 Galways, 1 Chambords, and 1 Sandringhams) and a pair of AS boots with commando for rain and moderate snow. I also wear overshoes pretty often with my other shoes.When it's really bad, I have a pair of wellies and Columbia snow boots.
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