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AC, not having RGIII on your picture threw me off... thought it was a throwback Steve Young picture! That MSU Cousins?
Thought the smart people in this thread would be the place to get my answer: What is the most effective way of killing possible mildew/mold from a light down vest? It has a slight musty smell and I'm worried that it could be mold. I washed it in hot water and dried it under the sun for a couple of hours. I'm in NYC so the weather is unfortunately too cold to effectively dry outdoors. Will dry cleaning kill the mold/mildew? Is sunlight the answer? If the latter, how...
Yeah, it would end up costing me more. Thanks for the response though!For a while I was on the fence between the sage (thornproof) vs. olive (Sylkoil). Eventually I went with the sage. I was ambivalent at first but as I wear it more the color has warmed up to me!I also think there are more selections in olive so maybe another jacket will be in the pipeline!
Anyone have a new or minimally used sage thornproof hood they're willing to sell?
I think the Carmina vis a vis Alfred Sargent will feel and look for European. I prefer AS as its sturdier (Northampton heft) than the Carminas I owned. Both are good but as walk about 5 miles a day (NYC), AS tend to be more comfortable.
As I said in the AS thread... these are so awesome looking!
I think it depends on the last. I find AS to fit as well as C&J in the same size (albeit AS' F is C&J E), and comparable to EG and G&G with the latter two a half size larger. I find brands like Cheaney, Barker (Black), and Tricker's to fit quite generously. Subjectively, I find the 724 last to be roomier. If you consider the 99 last of AS, I'd recommend a half size larger.
Very generous offer for Dean as they charge quite a bit for flushed taps. Hope no more issues arise.
Yes, I think Herring has many shoes from Cheaney, which are more generous IME, than the AS 1966 last. Sorry to hear they haven't worked out.
I am SOOOO bummed I missed out on these. I picked up the sweeping monk to try on the fit, but by the time I received it and tried it out, the Fiennes were sold! I hope Herring makes another run of these... These are the ones on the 1966 last, right?@Afinepairofshoes: Those look HOT!!! Just in time for the fall!
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