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Wow, LS sale moved fast...missed out on the 6F. I wonder if I can fit into 5.5F in the classic last if I'm a US 7...probably not
6.5E? I assume that's their narrow size. wow, I'm a US 7D (6.5E in EG and G&G) and I thought 6F in SC would fit. Are they that much longer?Good to know. I got rid of many shoes because the cup is too shallow. Thanks.
Can someone provide input on how the heel cup (unfortunately I do not know the correct term) fit of SC is like? I tend to favor higher cups such as G&G and EG because they prevent slippage from lower heel cups such as C&J and the JL 8K last. Anyone have opinions about this detail? Thanks. I assume general proportions are within standard ranges when it comes to sizes (meaning not specific lasts are not REALLY long or REALLY wide)? I think the standard round toe and the...
Thanks y'all!
I am not familiar with SC but I assume their lasts are generally comparable (e.g., classic has similar fit with their chiseled last)? I also assume the sizes listed on LS are US and true to size from what I've read in previous posts.
I own boots similar to both (surprise, suprise). The former, Jodhpur, is traditionally a riding boot so it looks a bit unique in city wear whereas the latter (I own the Chambord II) has a more classic look. Both boots would look fine with sportswear although equestrians might ask where you stable your horses with the jodhpur. My wife used to compete in dressage and she always asks me where I hide the horses when I'm wearing my jodhpurs.
Heh, those are my boots. Still holding off wearing them since I have numerous other boots (and my AS Hannovers have been my bad weather boots). Interesting that with a narrower width, they fit like smart shoes. The color is pretty awesome though!
Ah, Beaulieu...the last of the shoes I REALLY want from EG.
I didn't even know Skoak had ebay activity.
With all this work, isn't it easier to work and make money?
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