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Speaking about black wingtips:
Anyone know if Grenson used crust or analine leather for their masterpiece? I want to experiment with a black pair...
Thanks! Haven't seen you in a while. Hope they're keeping you busy!
Acorn CC
@sacafotosPer your request: Here are the different lasts in my collection: Deco | MH71 | TG73 | DG70 | KN14 Comparison of the Deco and MH71
Couple of EGs worn this week:
Well...I'd still pick up a Masterpiece for
I was lucky to have a kind soul across the pond to get them for me! You still are +1 since you got 3 pairs, right?Thanks!Vintage gray & gray suede. The burnishing is great! It's like museum look.I'll get this later today. The Hayes is slightly longer although the fit is definitely fairly comparable to the other lasts as I wear the same size on all of them (well, D width on the KN14 loafer).Still waiting...if I'm lucky, @Ironist will pick them all up and save me some $.
And in other news: @Ironist, when the dark oak Shannons arrive, they will join in on the fun! Too many bal boots I think... which to unload... On the fence with these since the colors are pretty close:
Congrats Justin! Are those the standard colors? The uppers look darker I think than mine. Could be lighting. Looks great! Everyone should have a pair of Wigmores!
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