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He got them... But I think only 2 of each
And I'm really a "shoe guy", more specifically, balmoral guy.
I guess it's my turn: Alden wingtip #8 Alden Ravello Day Trippers Alfred Sargent Hannover Sans snow Edward Green Galway in Acorn CC Edward Green Shannon Midnight/Twilight Black/Cloud Burgundy/Rose Gaziano & Girling Wigmore Vass Chukka Dark Brown Museum Lobb Chambord II Not pictured/in production Edward Green Shannon in Dark Oak Edward Green Galway in Dark Oak Alden Whiskey Wingtip Boot Alden Whiskey Indy Boot Alden Cigar Cap Toe Boot
Yup! Once mine arrive (later batch), they will rotate nicely with their siblings.
Delirium? That's right down my alley. Care for an evaluation to fund both a pair of Thorpe and Nevis? PhD. I hear you with the doctors although everyone is becomming a doctor. The PT I work with has a DPT, soon we'll have DOT, DSLP, and DSW. Hey DSW sells shoes! Back to shoes!Buy a new pair? In all seriousness, I'd check the shoe care thread as mentioned above. With dark oak, I'd just wear them regularly and use cleaner/conditioners and eventually they'd likely go away. I...
I really want... but I'm exercising self control... the exchange rate is crazy though...
Picking on the new guy...
Dude, all of use are pretty much in the same threads! WE are the treads!
Rothschild today:
The other Texan who used to be a psychologist until he made sufficient income doing "entertainment" to retire his license. Actually I've been fortunate to work in facilities that recognizes parity. I think with head injuries, psychologists' roles are more pertinent.Interestingly (and likely due to how I dress) when I started my fellowship, HR gave me attending house status so for almost a month my attendings couldn't figure out whey they couldn't attest my notes.I think I...
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