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I think that looks pretty cool. I had the olive one, and I know what you mean about looking better in person, hard to explain but it just looks really nice IRL. I guess some pictures cheapen the look.I sold mine, as it that was too big, and picked up the last black medium from nomad (that is if it was actually in stock). I know the site only said free shipping to US and Canada, but it processed my order to the UK with free shipping!edit : free shipping to UK was a glitch...
indeed a shame! I'm willing to let this go for a steal.
Glad to see we're in agreement here!I think it fits a touch better on uninkco, he's got a bit more mass to him, and I agree M would prob fit better on me. The color in uni's 2nd shot is the true color, it's really nice looking.
Here's another fit pic of the bomber in L. After a few days of wear this weekend, I'm pretty sure I should have went TTS, don't know why I didnt. It fits fine in the shoulders, but is too bulky for me in the waist/stomach area. Listed it in if B&S if anyone is interested. You'll get a good deal!
decided to keep these for now...
i always like the look of black on white sole
acne 50% off mr porter uk site
This jacket is a great Wings + Horns / Heritage research bomber jacket in size L, color Olive. Retail is $880ish, sold out almost everywhere. It's used, but only a few wears, basically brand new.I bought it a week ago and am looking to sell because it fits just a bit too big for my liking. It's a heavy duty jacket, great for windy/rainy weather. I would say it fits pretty much TTS Large, over 40" chest and it should be a good fit. 100% Waxed Cotton outer, cotton and...
You're lucky I'm wearing it right now...
I think you're probably right. Mine is a bit loose on the bottom ribbing...would probably be best 1-2" smaller around the waist, so I prob should have went with M..hmm..Not sure how much wear I'll end up getting out of this yet, so if anyone out there wanted to grab this (regardless of some of the hate it gets here ) at 50% but missed it, hit me up and maybe we can make a deal!
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