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Hey all, Should I keep this? its a big neck opening, not sure if it works with my look? If so, check the close up. Are these little strings signs that it will pill badly? It's 50%wool / 50% alpaca thanks!
thought so, thanks D
I know the wine tiger fleece has already gotten rave reviews here, but I just got mine in, and it is 100% worth the hype! very cozy, great color, and the key ring is a really nice touch. Pretty sure M is the better fit, since it will give a bit after time. I guess it's also a matter of how relaxed i want the outfit to seem? Medium: Large: I also got the black overdye, and while it is quite thin, the fit is pretty nice and I think it's decent for a casual shirt....
Common Projects - Achilles Low Suede Leather Brown - Size 42 Got these last month, but haven't been able to wear them as much as I hoped. Really nice brown suede and lighter leather contrast heel and tongue. Worn under 5x. Like new condition. Asking $200 obo shipped to the US. I'm in the UK, will ship Royal Mail Airsure tracked. Small discount if you're in the UK. Paypal gift or +4%
I think that looks pretty cool. I had the olive one, and I know what you mean about looking better in person, hard to explain but it just looks really nice IRL. I guess some pictures cheapen the look.I sold mine, as it that was too big, and picked up the last black medium from nomad (that is if it was actually in stock). I know the site only said free shipping to US and Canada, but it processed my order to the UK with free shipping!edit : free shipping to UK was a glitch...
indeed a shame! I'm willing to let this go for a steal.
Glad to see we're in agreement here!I think it fits a touch better on uninkco, he's got a bit more mass to him, and I agree M would prob fit better on me. The color in uni's 2nd shot is the true color, it's really nice looking.
Here's another fit pic of the bomber in L. After a few days of wear this weekend, I'm pretty sure I should have went TTS, don't know why I didnt. It fits fine in the shoulders, but is too bulky for me in the waist/stomach area. Listed it in if B&S if anyone is interested. You'll get a good deal!
decided to keep these for now...
i always like the look of black on white sole
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