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probably not, they run a size big to begin with.
Where'd you get them and how much? The D-ring is to clip a key chain to.
sorry for another TBS question...but how long/if at all until the stuff that's 30% will drop to 50%?
Thanks for the info! I don't mind a bit of shedding, so if this is normal i might give it a shot.sexonfab- i can imagine the selfridges floor model being messed up worse the normal. that place is a zoo. [[SPOILER]]
bleh..that's what I'm fearing will happen. for £90, there probably shouldn't be any pilling/shedding right? I'm not really up on knits and wools, so I don't know what is within reason.
Is this a sign of crappy wool? Will it lead to pilling in the future? [[SPOILER]]
Hey all, Should I keep this? its a big neck opening, not sure if it works with my look? If so, check the close up. Are these little strings signs that it will pill badly? It's 50%wool / 50% alpaca thanks!
thought so, thanks D
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