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50% off - gitman vintage chambray
....from W+H's Facebook account. I dig the dark grey mid/high tops, the blue parka-ish jacket, and maybe that red windbreaker type jacket (if it comes in a color other than red, touch too bright for me)
I rode a bike in them, but probably only 4 or 5 times. I remember someone else here saying that their bleached straights tore at the knee. You're probably safe with the 1-years......maybe.....
it really sucks the straight bleach outs are weak in the crotch area. I emailed Wings and Horns directly with a picture and they told me to contact the retailer I bought from. Got issued a full refund upon return. Picked up another pair on sale, and I'm just waiting for it to rip again - I will just get them repaired, since I think the fit and wash are really nice for a lighter denim option.
It fits TTS, but on the slim and short side. I'm 5'11", ~170, 38"-39" chest and got a M.L was just a bit too baggy all around for me.
never too old, just depends on your style. I think they're fine as long as not worn sloppily.
I'm IN!
probably not, they run a size big to begin with.
Where'd you get them and how much? The D-ring is to clip a key chain to.
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