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anyone like this? I can't decide by just this picture.
call again. once you get someone on the phone , they are very helpful
I worked a 4am - 1pm shift many years ago, and I'd get to bed around 930-10. Once you get adjusted, it's not that bad.
yeah, tie with no jacket always seems strange to me.
def like gitman, just wondering how that color works with indigo, glad to hear it does!
50% off - gitman vintage chambray
....from W+H's Facebook account. I dig the dark grey mid/high tops, the blue parka-ish jacket, and maybe that red windbreaker type jacket (if it comes in a color other than red, touch too bright for me)
I rode a bike in them, but probably only 4 or 5 times. I remember someone else here saying that their bleached straights tore at the knee. You're probably safe with the 1-years......maybe.....
it really sucks the straight bleach outs are weak in the crotch area. I emailed Wings and Horns directly with a picture and they told me to contact the retailer I bought from. Got issued a full refund upon return. Picked up another pair on sale, and I'm just waiting for it to rip again - I will just get them repaired, since I think the fit and wash are really nice for a lighter denim option.
It fits TTS, but on the slim and short side. I'm 5'11", ~170, 38"-39" chest and got a M.L was just a bit too baggy all around for me.
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