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Euro shipping would be great!I felt the same way about the backpacks, couldn't decide which combo I liked best. Ended up going for the grey clip! Hope it's good stuff
Thanks for the backpack link!! I've been looking for a small clean backpack for awhile now so I just ordered clip grey backpack and some t's.. Too bad I won't be stateside until the end of March to pick it up What other items do you guys plan on releasing?
anyone like this? I can't decide by just this picture.
call again. once you get someone on the phone , they are very helpful
I worked a 4am - 1pm shift many years ago, and I'd get to bed around 930-10. Once you get adjusted, it's not that bad.
yeah, tie with no jacket always seems strange to me.
def like gitman, just wondering how that color works with indigo, glad to hear it does!
50% off - gitman vintage chambray
....from W+H's Facebook account. I dig the dark grey mid/high tops, the blue parka-ish jacket, and maybe that red windbreaker type jacket (if it comes in a color other than red, touch too bright for me)
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