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says the guy who sells t-shirts for a living! You don't want to wear a suit to work, do you?
I figured, just making sure!
I think you have to do it at the airport as you're leaving though. Can't just say you're from the States and get a refund. Could be wrong though.Reedo, where are you staying in London?I hope you've done something other than go to Selfridges/shop!
This. It's a blatant mistake and I would refund instantly if I was the seller.
I can't imagine working in an office where I couldn't wear whatever I want. Love laid back offices.
they're 18"x13". I think it'd fit that stuff, might be tight though...
eeek. i'm close to your size but ordered M! What size do you normally wear?
I just grabbed a pair of B&S, I think I remember seeing another pair up there.
Says all the backpacks are ~18" x 13".
Wish you could do custom resplits lows...but I suppose custom samba close
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