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I think you have to do it at the airport as you're leaving though. Can't just say you're from the States and get a refund. Could be wrong though.Reedo, where are you staying in London?I hope you've done something other than go to Selfridges/shop!
This. It's a blatant mistake and I would refund instantly if I was the seller.
I can't imagine working in an office where I couldn't wear whatever I want. Love laid back offices.
they're 18"x13". I think it'd fit that stuff, might be tight though...
eeek. i'm close to your size but ordered M! What size do you normally wear?
I just grabbed a pair of B&S, I think I remember seeing another pair up there.
Says all the backpacks are ~18" x 13".
Wish you could do custom resplits lows...but I suppose custom samba close
Spring and Summer are almost here and not much needs to be about Persol. These are model 2989s (wayfarer style) with polarized lenses, in tortoise shell color. Minimally worn last summer, but they are a bit too big for my face. Frame size is 57mm. No scratches, in 8.5/10 condition. Ships with original case/box/cleaning cloth. Asking $130 -Paypal Gift or +4% -I'm located in the UK, so shipping will take over a week to North America.
I saw CP summer version achilles in off white in store this weekend. Looked pretty nice. Felt almost identical to past summer's summer editions in build and materials.
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