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Anyone want a grey snap backpack,before I return it? I've got an extra. $54 Shipped. SOLD Also, are the pocket t's shorter than the V and Crew Neck? They seem to fit me a bit differently. Still really like them all. Will order more once international shipping becomes available
how long is the inseam?
Do your feet change size every few months or what?
Pm'd you
maybe they are trying to appeal to the everyday type guy
54mm lens on the rb. seems smaller to me though, so not really sure..
Yeah, the bridge is pretty subtle on these too. steve mcqueen persols or the oliver peoples ones are a bit too strong for me.
picked up these. rayban 4171. front is rubberized plastic, arms are metal. at first i was put off by the combo of materials, but the fit worked for me, so whatever.
rayban 4171 .. metal and rubberized frames. a bit different, but i'm sick of standard wayfarers
Well played! Looking sharp
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