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Anyone dig the grey one?
maybe you walk differently in CPs.
i like them, but hope they come in something other than red
edwin everlane apc cp
Don't sweat it, now you have grey ones!
MMM on frontpage of gawker:
oops. thought it was linen. just cotton!
Finally got around to checking out the UU stuff. Only thing I really liked was this blazer/jacket. thoughts? cop or not?! hopefully a sale hits the UK soon!
T-shirts are M. Black Pocket T and brick V neck. I'm 5' 11" ~162lbs, 38-39" chest T's feel great, I have the white too, and it's a touch see through, but nothing terrible. Great deal @15 each and I'll probably buy more if international shipping is cheap when that rolls around! Backpack is holding up well. Very comfortable, and fits a good amount of stuff. Not sure what the deal with that line, maybe I can clean it off...
Picked up the Rivet Chinos in Japanese Khaki a couple weeks back from the LES store. Pleased so far! They are so comfortable!
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