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I'm doing a little closet cleaning, hopefully these items are what you're looking for! I'm in the UK, shipping is included to the CONUS and Canada via Airmail. If you're in the Uk, shipping should be $5-10 cheaper, let me know which item you want, and I'll let you know. Open to offers on everything. Thanks! 7/12 - DROPS ON EVERYTHING ------------------------------ BEN SHERMAN SWEATER - SIZE L - $60->$55 This is a 100% Cotton sweater, worn about 5 times, never washed,...
bowvalley2000 is a great seller, shipped very quickly!
Snagged a pair of brown Achilles from the tries bien sale! Love them! My sambas feel so weak and thin compared to the CPs. Let the fall down the slippery slope begin!
He said is 5' 7" and 165. I know hearing "go to the gym" could be considered rude, but it is honestly he best solution. I lost 15-20lbs after graduating college and that did way more than buying tailored clothing to fit my chubby body would have done. Once you start working out/eating properly/no beer, the weight will fly off.
thanks for the link. I actually saw those last night, but since I'm in the UK, the shipping and customs will bring the price close to $400 still. I'm not yet in the +$200 sneaker game, scared that once I get in, I'll never turn back!
I'm kinda pissed I missed all the sales, I was hoping to grab a pair of the brown achilles lows in 43. Am i stuck searching buying and selling unless i want to buy at retail? Do these go on sale every 6 months or so?
go to the gym? better long term results.
I edit film trailers and television spots.
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