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There are a couple of things about your ties I have trouble with. I tie a half windsor and am 5ft 9in, not tall, but even with that knot if they were half an inch longer they would be unwearable for me. Also, I know you are supposed to unwrap the tie carefully when you take it off but I could never be bothered and just pull the smaller end through the knot so it unravels. But with yours I strike a big bump in the middle which requires an almighty yank.I think the...
I think HC is spot on about Viola Milano. I only have their silk and cashmere ties, but they are certainly beautifully made and have fabulous colour and pattern options.
You will be welcome, but you might have to spend a few years in an off-shore detention centre first.
Pliny - I'd add Viola Milano to your tie list. Their products are superbly made, better than Drakes and Cappelli IMO, although I have both those in my collection and love them as well.
You're right it has no shape because it is without structure of any sort. Like a heavy shirt if you will. It has a couple of inside pockets and lined sleeves for ease but nothing else so it sort of "flops".But it was designed for this and has turned out well. These things are very popular now in Italy but it does look shapeless. Fabulous to wear but limited to heavier fabrics whose heft alone gives it its only outline.
I lunch with him and Gerry regularly and I know he has been swamped with legal wear orders for a long time, so has had to steer away from shirts, suits and ties. In fact he is so flat out our lunch regimen is starting to sufferYou will know that Double Monk and Patrick Johnson are using Drakes and others for ties but can I suggest Johnson's spin off store The Suit Shop run by Matt in the city. This is where they produce their MTM line at an entry level price. I'm not...
Yes, his wit is very original and impressive. However I have got a lot more from the constructive reactions from ridethecliche, academic and henry carter. Their comments have expanded my view of the bone jacket and pointed me to its most useful purpose - before I had a chance to discover that for myself, as the posting you saw was the first time I had it on.At my age I can't produce the cartoonish drop 12 shape preferred by the body-conscious, although I applaud their...
Don't see why.EDIT: I think the issue is I prefer natural shoulders (although this jacket is beyond that) and you like Huntsman-style built up shoulders.There was a guy on here some years ago called Whoopee who had his suits made with shoulders which looked like the roof of a 1964 Mercedes 230SL - you would have loved him.
That blue and white striped tie is one of yours mate, by way of Ludlows.
That could be it. The cashmere bone twill is totally unconstructed, zero shoulder padding and just a little lining, in the sleeves and around the shoulders. It is certainly made differently to the others in that respect.When I got it from the tailor the other day it looked better on me than what I had previously and it feels like a cardigan to wear so I love it.I have ordered two more odd jackets but for these I have reverted to my normal level of moderate padding, full...
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