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MTM suit and shirt Drakes tie Loake Aldwych
I've been interested in dressing well for 50 years and I'm still learning more about my style and that in general. For most of that time, of course, there was nothing like an internet chat forum to help and receive input.The very fact you're here is a major step.
Preference I suppose. I have the same width cuffs and would never go smaller.
Consistent excellence. Best thing I can do is refrain from commenting unless you have an off day, which I know is not going to happen.Always a joy to see your outfits, you know precisely how to be understated and elegant yet never boring. I have a bit to learn.
I've decided to hire the boat. I've found they're quite expensive to buy. More Sydney loafers.
Persevere. After a while you'll forget they're even there. Nice fit and overall look.
I think you'll find them very versatile. It doesn't all have to be Cleverleys, Lobbs etc. In fact I've tried a number of those high end brands only to find many don't fit or I don't like the lasts.Basically now I have settled on the C and J 341 - the Westfield and Sydney - and the Loake Capital, which has a nice soft square toe. I have a nostalgic attachment to Loakes. They have lasted many years in the past and the current bunch I have will probably see me out.Bought five...
They were also the sh*t back in the early SIXTIES WHEN I WAS A MOD!Anyone here familiar with P.G.Wodehouse's character in the golf club called "The Oldest Member"?I'm going to apply for that status.
You're right, but I regard them as pretty disposable, not something to rely on long term.For me, chukkas take ages to break in and are tougher to wear whereas Clarks are soft and comfy straight out of the box.
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