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I have exactly the same issues. If I had Gerry's skills I would post but with what I have every pic ends up looking crap and I know it looks a lot better in real life. I don't bother anymore either. In comments, I tend to confine myself to combinations and colours rather than fit, although I don't do that much either any more.
I posted this on FNB in response to a friend's query about a new direction I have taken so I repeat it here and invite comment, criticisms etc as a way of starting a new topic but within this thread. Please note the Italian thing which is starting to wear a bit thin for me refers to the US forum items, not to Australian members. This is a rejection really of the dreary Style Forum mantra and their worship of Neapolitania. SF (in the US) in my opinion is populated by two...
There is unfortunately a lot of stuff at Patrick Johnson piling up ahead of the tux as I overhaul the last and most expensive part of my wardrobe. It is sort of on the back boiler. I haven't forgotten, just sidetracked myself a bit. Okay, I sidetracked myself a lot. I think we will need to get a serious proposal together early next year. We need more ideas for a name for the club ( I quite like the Wombat Club or my original proposition, The Posh Penguins), venues for...
It can be nice but too much of it devalues the product. If you apply it everywhere, like all around the side adjusters, it just screams 'look at my pants, they are SO handmade'. Not exactly subtle. Then, the rest is hidden, so only you know it's there, so two extremes both with downsides. Like working button holes - the dilemma is to keep them done up and no-one knows they are working or undo them and risk being showy and pretentious, or have people point out your buttons...
Ventless jackets are fine. All mine were in the 1970s and they were never uncomfortable. I would go for double forward pleats on the pants. I think flat fronts look terrible. Dinner suits are one area it's best to stick to tradition, despite what you might wear in the way of suits and sport coats
You will. I wear mine (wool, silk, linen mix) with navy pants and pale blue shirt, light grey pants, stone pants, tan pants...lots of options.You sure about vents in the DJ? Unvented is the norm but I don't suppose it matters that much.
For alterations in Melbourne the best I have come across by far is Snippety Snip in Hawthorn. The woman there is amazing...I took an Orvis suede bomber jacket there which, even though small, was too big. It had ribbed cuffs and a bottom and she took it up, took it in and as the zip was colour coded, she even was able to shorten that!! Absolutely brilliant job.
Interesting. I had a Super 170s Corneliani navy suit once and while it didn't have sheen, as such, it sort of stood out as looking very different...classy but not spivy ... Can't really explain it.I'm having a navy and a mid grey suit made for summer, very lightweight, and I'd like something that looks like that one did to break up the blandness a bit (I don't mind that in winter when I wear flannels although I think navy looks a bit too "blank" in a heavy fabric and needs...
Which has the most sheen (given an average mix): Sharkskin, Super 170s or up, mohair blend?
Yeah, yeah, okay. you can find him wearing a shawl lapel too if you look hard. MAINLY, most of the time, usually, predominantly he wears notch.
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