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I get my OTC wool socks from alexanderkabbaz.com. You have to dig into the site a bit to get them, but the Marcoliani are nice and they have a great range. Around $25 I think.
I was reading quite a few pages back about how guys need to sneak new suits etc into their homes without the missus catching on. He's my tip, which I think I should patent: Next time you're at the dry cleaners ask for or buy a few wire hangers and some plastic suit covers they use. Use these for your new suit. Helps to ring before and say you have to pick up some dry cleaning you'd left there a couple of days back. Sneaky eh ?
I think the only way I can demonstrate my theory is fit pics....unfortunately I don't have that set up yet because I'm a luddite. I'll get organised soon and then I'll be able to post pics. I certainly agree that if you are matching tonal greys in jackets and pants you need a solid block in the middle, like a black or navy short sleeve cardigan and tie. But I think the image you have may be misleading. For example, I have a mid-dark prince of wales grey check jacket with...
Odd to suggest that grey sportscoats don't go with grey pants. Thats the only colour I wear my coats with. My Winter and summer weight light coloured jackets are all worn exclusively with light, medium and charcoal grey, either flannel in winter or tropical wool in summer. Nothing looks nicer than a pale grey subtle herringbone cashmere jacket, patch pockets, with an icy bue shirt, pale grey tie and grey pants. Grey coats look appalling with dark blue pants and look very...
Yes, sportswriter at Australian Associated Press covering mainly Formula One, tennis, golf and AFL, which is sadly inescapable. Used to write a syndicated style column, some of which can still be read on Ludlows web site. Looking at them now they are a bit dated and my ideas have changed a little.I understand about American Tailors.
Wow...what a great find. that's basically the shirt. Very helpful.
The shoes I have are tassle loafers - which I'm now on the fence about - from Herring's Premier range, the Matisse. Also the Charlton loafer from their Classic range, although it seems the dark brown suede has disappeared or is out of stock. They are all nice, the tassles in particular are beautiful, made by Cheaney, but they are another purchase I could have done without.
Boggi is an affordable Italian chain of stores which carries some nice items. Their website is not very useful though, with few of their products on show. Basically, the shirts are like a long sleeve polo except cut like a business shirt and with a stiffer lined cutaway collar. They are cut quite slim. I am a normal 40R with a 32 inch waist and got away with their medium, but only just. I suppose you could try emailing or phoning a store. I bought most of mine in the...
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