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That blue and white striped tie is one of yours mate, by way of Ludlows.
That could be it. The cashmere bone twill is totally unconstructed, zero shoulder padding and just a little lining, in the sleeves and around the shoulders. It is certainly made differently to the others in that respect.When I got it from the tailor the other day it looked better on me than what I had previously and it feels like a cardigan to wear so I love it.I have ordered two more odd jackets but for these I have reverted to my normal level of moderate padding, full...
Fit wise every jacket I have has been made with the exact same measurements and there have not been any disparaging remarks about the other pics so I guess it is the angle or something.I wish they would grant everyone asylum or at least get them out of the concentration camps we are holding them all in off shore and here at the moment.
This is what I looked like before the change (before heading out to a forum with a former Prime Minister and Family Court head judge on Australia's disgraceful record on asylum seekers…couldn't resist that) Does this offer some explanation?
I has on something more formal with a navy jacket, black shoes and different tie and I was in a rush so I just did a very quick change.The SC is absolutely flawless in fit so you can blame my wife's photography and my amateurish editing.
Australians don't lump all these people in together Noodles. We are enormously diverse ethnically - for example I only have one real "Australian" friend. The others, whether born here or overseas, are Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Malay, German, Argentinian, British and American. Last night, with my Vietnamese friend I met a girl who was Nigerian/Bulgarian which was an impressive mix - and it showed! But when we refer to groups we specifically call them Chinese, Thais,...
Deep chocolate without doubt. Those shoes are almost identical to my C and J Westfields. Great tie and overal outfit.
Lovely ensemble Don.
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