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Spread collar is okay, but trust me, don't get one too wide.Vest is a bit Mississippi riverboat gambler. Cummerbund if you must but they can get twisted around very easily. Other option if you are going for single breasted is fairly high waisted pants with double or single forward pleat.You might get a good deal if you opt for a second (ivory) jacket. Worth asking.I'm not sure the context of the thing matters. It's just black tie isn't it?I don't have any of this stuff any...
I'm too dumb to understand that properly but I think I get a rough idea. Wish my sleeping Pointer would stop nudging me so I can write proper.
I love Poirot. The art deco everything on that show is breath-taking.
Bit poofy, n'est pas? Sorry, I mean bit delicate. DB obviates need for cummerbund.
Oh and no cummerbund, no shirt studs, no covered shirt placket ... plain buttons on shirt with wide pleats. Patent leather C and J Shoes or ask Garry how to polish your black captoes. Pants with forward pleat (s).
Double breasted black, ivory DB jacket for summer.
Hello Garry. Long time no see you in person. Posh Penguins Club? Good name or should I keep thinking. Checked out midnight blue at The Wreath's favourite bespoke tailor today. Looked just like black.Asked Tom to get out the ivory for summer dinner jackets and....It's bloody sold out!! Who would have thought?Got my new look organised, starting with a navy sport coat and grey pants, all tropical worsted. Will post pics when it gets sorted.Sorry, my cynicism got the better...
Ha Ha Ha ha! Sorry, can't stop laughing.
Sansimeon...Very Nice. Brown (square and shoes) and pink is a great but underrated combination.
ljhrox - Because you are very lean I would add a forward pleat to the pants to add some breadth...and drop them down a bit. Keep the same leg opening but have a slightly lower rise next time.
New Posts  All Forums: