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Tails Coxy? You aiming for free admission? Maybe we could have white tie end of year night or something but if it's tails I'll definitely be going for something cheapish from Asia. I love that look the Royals have on big occasions, with tails, chamois coloured waistcoat, pale blue shirt with white collar and small patterned tie.
That's good too. Maybe we should take a vote after we get enough suggestions.
We need this I agree. I'm sure we could muster a fair mob even for the inaugural meeting. Good to see enthusiasm. Edit: Note to self. Don't get too excited until you actually have dinner suit made.
The idea is in its infancy. We were bemoaning the other day over lunch the lack of black tie events, so we decided we should hold our own formal evenings of wining and dining.I simply put up the Kelvin club as a place we could meet if I or a couple joined. You don't need sponsoring, it's about $500 a year. They have private function rooms, but so do nice restaurants which is another option.Early suggestions would be we meet about half a dozen times a year, partners...
Good to hear mate. We will work out some details over further lunches. Richard's in, he is desperate to give his Kiton midnight blue an outing.
This is true but DB suits are pretty rare. For the best selection try a Google image search on "laurence Fellows" of Aparrel Arts fame. Stacks of fabulous images of formal, town and country wear. A mine of the best from the Golden Era of menswear.Saves you buying the revered and stupid expensive book "Men in Style" which is crappy really...lots of black and white. It has a weird cult following. I bought a new one years ago when they were $180 and my wife told me I was...
Batwings are the best. Does Rubinacci make them? Not sure.
Just high on life and my new venture from PJ. It's 6am now and I'm still as stupid as I was last night. No, I don't drink. Ever. No drugs. Can't afford to do either when I buy so many clothes. Looking forward to my new electric cigar though so I can look cool and be (sort of) healthy too.
All correct. Forgot about vent. Definitely no vent. Sean Connery wore one with a vent once as James Bond but then Cary Grant sometimes used to button only the bottom two of a three button suits. These are the only two who can do what they want, although Connery, while looking perfect, knew nothing about how to wear a suit - there are pics of him in Dr No buttoning both buttons on a two button suit. Not picked up by wardrobe or Terence Young.
I am going to bed now but be warned, Lazy Zee, I will be asking questions tomorrow. (no cuffs).
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