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Older cashmere does not smell. What an odd suggestion. I have to agree with Iamatt based on my experience. All my best quality sweaters are from the 1990 to about 1995 period. The new stuff - including two Johnstons of Elgin which I bought - is just rubbish by comparison. I make one exception and that is two new BB 3 ply Italian cashmere, woven in Scotland sweaters I bought on B and S which seem to be a throw back - tight, solid, soft and with some decent heft. ...
I think it's a plus not being noticed by little Scott. He has been in Australia the past few days (at the expense of the taxpayers I might add). He spent a few days in Melbourne, generally regarded as a more style-conscious city than Sydney, and came up with a couple of probably the worst examples in the city. Sydney, though, with its Opera House and harbour, has seduced him so he's rolled out a series of tacky subjects there and concluded Sydney is "sexy" and...
This might be the best online company I've dealt with. The wool ties I bought were superb and reasonable. The service is something else. Originally Bill Mountain thought the standard shipping to Australia was too much so took it upon himself to reduce it. Then, when a black tie was mistakenly sent to me instead of navy he told me to keep it and he would send the navy for free and also would pay for the shipping. It doesn't get any better than this.
buttonmania.com. Take it to a tailor, it won't cost much.
Shop the Finest has a lot of Finamore at $139. Also you will find some on Ebay for $159 - all new. I've bought a dozen and am very happy (slight slimming needed on some, sleeves taken up)
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf I am not condemning conservative style at all, to be able on this board at all means having a pretty high degree of appreciation for conservative style. However, I do not like it when someone slaps on a grade while posing as some sort of authority and discourages anything but more conservative styles. It does the board a disservice. Seeing people truly enjoy their clothes even if the styling is unusual is one of...
Cotton track pants, T shirt and old cashmere sweater if its cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf I'd like to think Vox has better taste than that. How does this make sense? All you know about his taste is that it appears to be conservative so you are condemning conservative style?
Borrelli suits and jackets are beautiful. I don't get the price tag for Cucinelli either - I think their stuff is too trendy too. Those coats with leather arm patches will be out sooner rather than later and the striped sport coats in tan and grey I have seen are underwhelming to say the least. Borrelli is classic, last forever stuff, if it's their understated cloth, colour and cut and not the brighter garments.
Why do people come in halfway through threads? As I thought I made clear earlier, I don't wear "fancy" clothes. They're very conservative. Same with hairspray (you're kidding aren't you?) - I said before I don't even use a comb just run my fingers through it after shampooing it.
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