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Monkeyface - if you're going to stop wearing ties at least have the decency to wear a sport coat and not a suit. Tieless suits make you look like every other no hoper out there who still hasn't got over the dreadful fad which started 15 years ago. It just looks plain careless and untidy too. I will assume you don't have white sneakers ready for the commute to work.
Yeah, I do agree they could be a bit wider. Too late now. Bad photography plus chest a bit larger than bottom half probably distorts image. Looks okay in real life.I think half shots like Gerry does would definitely give a better representation so I will try those in future.EDIT: My wife agrees about the pants and I have previously floated the idea of letting them out with my tailor. Need to check how much room is available but there are a lot of pants so I have put off...
Pliny...I refuse to give up my position as the thread's self-appointed curmudgeon. Silk knits and grenadines...probably both about the same. I like them both too, just find myself reaching for grenadines more. I have patterned ties I wear like Cappellis but they are all subtle in the range of tchoy's. My suits and coats are pretty much the same as his too but I do have grey POW suits in both flannel and tropical worsted which are about as FU as the Goldfinger suit. He...
Thanks and yes, you are crazy but so am I because I have no contrast at all - grey suit, grey tie and dark brown suede loafers.Who cares? I think we both look fabulous.
Chalk stripe suit has normal structure. Tie with bone jacket is navy cashmere. Need to improve photography skills...
Somehow I don't think there's enough contrast here between the colour of the tie and shoes and that of the suit. Nice otherwise. I had a brief fling with (double) monks but now can't stand them, but I run hot and cold on lots of things.
And you lot criticise me for my wardrobe of (mainly) solids !I agree with all of the above but would add a couple of navy suits, blue and white striped shirts (you probably meant those), grenadine instead of knit for more versatility and swap the light brown shoes for a slightly darker burnt chestnut with a little dark detailing on the toes. You need suede shoes in dark brown too. Everyone does.
Okay, you get it, same concept. I think the issue was when I shot mine I had just thrown it over more formal shirt etc I was wearing because I was in a rush.
You're right. I did a quick change and didn't have time to present it properly. I would have gone with different shirt, tie etc but was in a rush.What I will do soon is re shoot it with a comparison of a structured jacket.I'm not sure people get this concept so I will present a pic of the inside which shows this jackets is made of nothing but the fabric alone, except for light lining in the sleeves and a little around the shoulders. Not much more has been done to make it...
All good to know. Very much looking forward to the new shorter ones as the product is undoubtedly very classy.
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