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Lovely ensemble Don.
He is a man whose taste and style are as good as you will see anywhere in the world.
Will do soon. If it looks half as good as everything you post I'll be happy.
Absolutely brilliant Gerry.
I need some more height and apparently you need slimmer hips - maybe we could do a group deal?Seriously, I have the complete opposite issue, which has just this morning revealed itself. Normally I have my suits and jackets made with minimal shoulder padding for no real reason other than comfort.What arrived today was a completely unpadded and quarter lined bone cashmere twill jacket which was absolutely perfect on me. My tailor suggested this after I spotted a sample of...
Wouldn't neurosurgery require a brain to work on?
Have you considered cosmetic surgery?
Very nice but I prefer a three roll two jacket and less clumpy shoes. You are forgiven as your dog is included in the pic.
Funny, I realise their formality but I can now only wear them without a tie, which is as informal an application as you can get. I find a cutaway gives a sharper look to an open neck shirt than points or spreads. Button downs I prefer without ties and are the only collars which take a sweater properly IMO.
SANDER - where to those suits and shirts come from? JHT - I think the tie is the culprit here. Needs to be navy solid, or maybe brown solid. As it is there is a lot going on with the gun check, dot tie and colourful PS (which I like with a more monochrome outfit)
New Posts  All Forums: