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Interesting. I had a Super 170s Corneliani navy suit once and while it didn't have sheen, as such, it sort of stood out as looking very different...classy but not spivy ... Can't really explain it.I'm having a navy and a mid grey suit made for summer, very lightweight, and I'd like something that looks like that one did to break up the blandness a bit (I don't mind that in winter when I wear flannels although I think navy looks a bit too "blank" in a heavy fabric and needs...
Which has the most sheen (given an average mix): Sharkskin, Super 170s or up, mohair blend?
Yeah, yeah, okay. you can find him wearing a shawl lapel too if you look hard. MAINLY, most of the time, usually, predominantly he wears notch.
Boggi on Bld Saint-Germain has a wide range of things at very reasonable prices. Crockett and Jones is over the road and up a few blocks. I was disappointed in the Carmina store in Paris, thought Double Monk actually had a better selection.I haven't been to Berlin for a while - There are lots of stores on the Kurfurstendamm but the prices are ridiculous.
I can 't remember seeing him without notch lapels on a dinner jacket. It's Armani apparently so, like all movie stars who know nothing about clothes, he just accepts it. I don't understand the fuss about Clooney's dress sense in the US. As much as I like his work, I never see him in anything other than a dark suit or jacket and a white shirt, sometimes open, sometimes with a black tie. Very little imagination involved.
For some reason I have the opposite issue. I tend to lose weight easily and the belt has to be tightened, scrunching up the pants. With the side adjusters I can tighten them easily to compensate and this does not seem to happen..and they stay tight most of the day.Light grey jackets look good with slightly darker grey pants and with bone pants IMO. I don't like them with dark blue though, or brown.
This is perfect for odd pants. You don't have to have belt loops, it's more we are conditioned to seeing them. My tailor never wears belts and all his odd pants done in the above way and worn even with polos look very elegant.This is what I am in the process now of switching all my pants to after wearing belts for so long.I'm not suggesting everyone copy Apparel Arts images but a look at those guys, although highly stylised, tells you (me) they can look great.it looks like...
To answer your question properly The Brownlow Medal is awarded to the best and fairest player at the end of the AFL season. It is staged at a black tie event at Crown Casino. In the past the girls have always looked okay but the men have looked terrible. This year the men all looked well dressed...it seems to be a general push in Australian football from what I have observed.
David Beckham dresses beautifully.Adam Scott dresses well and actually lists clothes as one of his interests in the PGA media guide.Former AFL footballer Nathan Brown has his own clothing line and is always seen on TV with a pocket square.Essendon AFL footballer Brendan Goddard is even better. On panel shows he wears Patrick Johnson, knit ties, nice squares etc.Everyone is improving with this whole worldwide menswear push which is probably a belated backlash to decades of...
It's excellent. I recently got a pair of C and J Sydney loafers in dark brown suede...they are not on the company's website and I didn't believe they were actually made. I found them through a google image search and was surprised. I imagine they are made exclusively for the Japanese market.
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