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I wouldn't have thought of brown with that Black Watch but the whole outfit looks fabulous, as does the Nordic scenery ( although I love the bleakness and austerity of Scandinavian TV shows...must be my dark Celtic blood).Grey flannel pants, or even navy would also look excellent of course. Black Watch sport coat is actually quite versatile...with tie, open neck shirt, roll neck sweater, brown, grey, navy pants etc...
I'd snap up as many of those Canalis as you can, they look fabulous.Not sure how tall you are but for me, at 5'8" the three roll two with the wider lapels are starting to look a bit "blocky" ... I thought slimmer lapels, two buttons and pants with a higher rise might give me the illusion of more height.I would love to return to UK and thanks for the offer, but my wife and I are recovering from travel splurges to 12 countries in the past few years, including a solo trip by...
[/quote] I think this suit is giving you too oval a shape. IMO you need more shoulder structure to compensate for the slope, a bit more waist suppression and slightly longer pants.
And don't buy any. Buy chalk stripe, much more elegant.
That 's truly funny!
CLEAV...Just mulling over that last shot at the beach. I think your suit has hit the sweet spot for lapels, a width that will never ever be seen as "out". Tell me, are this and your other suits two buttons (sometimes it's a bit hard to tell) and are they off the rack? If so, what brand? I have suddenly moved towards a narrower lapel like yours and two buttons instead of a three roll two. This always happens when I watch too many Sean Connery James Bond movies, which is...
MF - I love the top half but think it's all undone by those shoes. They just ruin it. Why couldn't you stay within the overall look and wear a simple black captoe or at least a black loafer. Also I think your pants need a re-think. Bit longer, maybe little more taper at the bottom and larger cuff.
+1 Superb.
Don't be talked out of changing anything about your style and don't have second thoughts about the way you dress. You always look immaculate, you may well be the best dressed man of your height in America.Do not change a thing. Just because you get opinions thrown at you it does not mean they are right.
MOSSROCKSS - Thanks for the detailed reply. I could have pm'd you but I thought other members would be interested in your answer as well. Coincidently I am a journalist and my wife was head of Melbourne's Eye and Ear Hospital medical photography department for many years - something which does not lend itself to portraits. However she also maintains light, rather than the camera, is the key and to be fair we have been working with very poor light, something I must rectify....
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