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SANDER - where to those suits and shirts come from? JHT - I think the tie is the culprit here. Needs to be navy solid, or maybe brown solid. As it is there is a lot going on with the gun check, dot tie and colourful PS (which I like with a more monochrome outfit)
Fair enough. This was my fault' as usual.
I'm afraid I have to agree with you. The older you get the crankier you get. I tend to dump everyone in the same basket but I don't really care much. Just call me a misanthrope.
You're right. I need to be specific. I am talking about the bankers and brokers on Wall St whose astounding greed brought about the GFC of 2008 and just about wrecked the world's economy.Weren't they punished by a Federal Govt bailout and several of their leaders given key posts in the Obama administration?There might be quite a few journalists on this board too but we are certainly all painted with the same brush. No-one ever stops to think of a world without reporters...
I need time to post more but I think that's a very interesting idea. Sorry if any sarcasm offends, it's really not meant to, just our way a bit downunder. Re a journalist professing objectivity, in the case of bankers and politicians (and major corporations in many cases), yes they are generally all detestable. But it is difficult for journalists to be truly objective and I don't think they really should be. They report what they learn and it is inevitable they will have...
Pliny - I despise all bankers and politicians but I am an equal opportunity hater, I don't take sides.
LOL...I agree re the states. Although I was married in Napa my closest friends are in NY and New England is one of the most magnificent parts of the world. Took a lengthy winding drive once, hiring a car in Manhattan and ending up in Toronto where my brother-in-law works....a magnificent experience.
Fair enough. The only issue I see is the red vest American hunters are required to wear will not go with the full shooting tweed outfit. i suggest you ignore this because you will all stand out enough with the flat cap, plus twos and three piece among a sea of black suits and duck bill shoes.Maybe you could modify the traditional whistle used to attract ducks to mimic foreign accents? Oh, and you'll need a pointer or labrador to retrieve the prey.Good hunting, couldn't...
The whole outfit is lovely but darkish blue, not necessarily navy, would complement the jacket and shirt.
Tip toed over the line again have I? Next time I'll make sure to say something like "those colours are perfect for a sunny day."
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