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Quote: Originally Posted by SuitingStyle the one I got almost rolls all the way to the 2nd button, I would say its a true 2.5 roll..... very nice roll Thank you. It's helpful when you don't have a chance to see the suit in real life.
Does anyone have any experience with the lapel roll of a standard Stile Latino suit coat? I believe the top button does not roll straight to the middle one, a la Attolini - but does it at least do a three roll 2.5 or is it more of a hard three? Thanks in advance for any help.
[quote=voxsartoria;2970938]You wouldn't happen to be a miner in the Outback, would you? What gave me away?
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Bringing back the CUSSING GREAT WHITE & just for posterity - the M8 as is no PP - since WAYW is serious science.. * BIGGER pics at you know where.. ** Still need some tweaking with this Canon S90, but I'm impressed so far for a P&S.. These recent suits are superb for you. If anyone could get comfort, fit and looks as good as this why would you go bespoke? If it comes out as good...
I'm in if you'll be my sponsor. Do I have to go to meetings, or will virtual meetings be available? Can I take up morphine or something to compensate?
Lands End has them for women in small and extra large - they are unisex though. Perhaps the large would be okay. There are basic colours like navy and black.
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