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Grey suits are the foundation of a wardrobe but Oxxford grey suits are irrevocably dull and lifeless. They have no redeeming features apart from the quality of the workmanship. They look like the uniform of Washington's bureaucracy. If you want a grey suit off the rack try Caruso or Corneliani or if you want an overpriced one try Attolini or Kiton.
The rest are fine but Oxxford makes such bloody boring suits.
You don't like subtle, understated shoes?
Loafers in summer with a cotton or linen suit look better IMO.
Lovely classy summery look PiC (can't remember the rest) I said something nice stitchy
YRR92 You asked. I don't think with your hair those colours do you any favours. Browns and greens are obvious but for business I would stick to greys in various shades and subtle patterns. The shirt and tie don't gel at all. Don't like check shirts with a suit anyway and barely with a sport coat. The suit material looks cheap. The shoes are beyond comment. Sorry, but you wanted feedback.
How long did it take you to think that one up.
Sorry, misunderstood. Missed the emoticon.
I'll shut up and say nothing if that pleases you. I thought we were here to give our opinions. Not saying I'm right but I am surely allowed to offer my view, no?And, there is an awful lot of material to work with. But if you just want thumbs up on everything we are not going to progress very far.
New Posts  All Forums: