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He was a high class contributor for years up until six months ago when he vanished. Anyone know where he went? He mentioned he worked for a hedge fund at some point so... Newer members should go back and look up some of his posts, many were stellar.
I'm a little older than you and agree with posters so far. My style, which is conservative/classic, hasn't varied since I started wearing Italian suits and coats in the early 1970s. I'm still wearing the same things - basic three button rolling to two, double vented, single breasteds in navy and grey, solid and chalk stripe, in flannel for winter and lightweight worsted for summer, Sport coats are the same cut but there are a couple of very subtle cashmere checks and a...
Absolutely. I wear chocolate suede, both oxford and loafer, as much as tobacco suede in summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay All my suits look very similar, but I do have different fabrics for different seasons. I actually prefer to have a similar look daily. Me too, so for summer I have 1 navy, 1 mid gray, 1 light gray glen check, 1 tan. For winter I have 1 navy, 1 navy chalk stripe, 1 mid gray and 1 charcoal, all in flannel.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover It is completley acceptable to wear a spread or point collar without a tie, just make sure you have collar stays in so the ends don't flare up on you then it will look bad. Spread looks more rakish. Button down is conventional and safe.
Lands End has some that are about $30. I have one. Very light, pockets, hood. Does the job well.
Quote: Originally Posted by mcmillin I wasn't aware that we ever did ship overseas...or that we stopped. Sorry. We are still expanding in the US, but I don't see us going outside the country. I've bought things on line for years and had them shipped to Australia without any problems until they suddenly stopped without explanation six months ago.
I bought one recently and they are brilliant although very expensive. The costliest is about $A2500 and is as good as a dry cleaning set-up. Mine was $A900 and is worth it to me because I've already saved a lot on dry cleaning. They use dry heat - you can steam wrinkles out of jackets by holding and pointing in a horizontal position while the coat is on a hanger. Use them on cashmere sweaters with a cloth over the top and they are as good as dry cleaning. Shirts, cotton...
Why don't you ship to Australia any more? I have worn your cashmere/wool trousers for a long time but now can't get them unless I ask favours from my American friends, which I am loathe to do. I would have thought in these times and with globalisation you would be expanding markets like all other companies, not contracting them.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria OMG, Australia is boring. But then, you know that. - B Cheeky.
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