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Yes, a very nice look.
This is so f*cked up. Used to be you dressed well to get a job. Now you're not allowed to until you get several promotions??
You dreamed up the challenge just to wear the tie once didn't you .
Wonderful attitude. If some journos asked why I was so dressed up I used endear myself to them by saying I have a little self esteem and respect for those I am dealing with, why do you look like a bum?
This is utterly ridiculous. I suggest a career change.
You cheated and borrowed that tie didn't you Gerry?
Perhaps an interesting pocket square if you can't wear a tie?
I like turtleneck or roll neck under a suit a la Ralph Lauren. I have a heavy PoW flannel suit which I sometimes wear with a black roll neck. Polos I prefer more with an odd jacket than a suit, although maybe they're ok with something like linen in summer with loafers.
Unbelievable! Be like Apple soon, tee shirts and shorts only. Remember Phat Guido...he presumably had to ditch all his carefully made suits and expensive shirts and ties when he joined Apple.Weird this, on one hand you have an international mens' style push to be better dressed with lots of websites like this very popular and on the other hand you have formal professions moving away from it - and it's compulsory.At least being retired I can dress up as much as I like. As a...
Yes, same in those professions in Australia. Very depressing that now you must wear casual Friday stuff all the time.MF: I think you explained previously why you had to go tieless, so sorry for making you repeat it. I can't remember anything much these days.
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