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Marc Voorhees...a very, very simple elegant outfit. Looking forward to more.
Nick P. DB suit looks great but much better with black oxfords IMO. Brown shoes, especially in that lighter colour, is a jarring factor in the outfit.
Perfect summary.I often end up wearing a suit in some random place because I've just stopped by to pick up something or whatever. I'm certainly not going to go home and change into a casual outfit then go back to a supermarket if the supermarket is on the way home.No-one looks, no-one cares, they take it for what it is, I'm sure.
I prefer Chesterton's quote at the bottom of my posts to Vreeland's!
Thank you for an excellent and logical response. I guess it's just my long held personal preference showing. I know the era you''re talking about and see your point - but at least dressing well was more or less compulsory then, until the late sixties and the following three decades buried it and everything turned to shit. I think we're slowly heading back to a more dignified appearance, from what I observe here on the streets of Melbourne and overseas.
I understand that and do like Ivy as an intrinsical part of US culture - but hasn't enough time passed and there been enough Euro pics posted on this thread for people to opt more for this alternative. Maybe they just don't like it, or find it boring...who knows?
This can't be re-posted too much. The epitome of elegance.I know everyone has different tastes and styles - and that is the purpose of this thread - but it baffles me why more of this superb European simplicity has not in general had more influence in the US, UK or Australia for that matter.
Regarding WAYWN C, I don't look at it much but there are certainly posters I like there. In general though the plethora of colours and pattern mixes is not my style - but then it would be pretty ridiculous if we all dressed exactly the same. Italian industrialists I enjoy, even though they all look much the same.
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