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Loake shoes Andrews ties Landsend T-shirts, socks and jeans Scottish-made cashmere sweaters that are not brand names Seiko watch VW Golf (I digress)
Notice the emphasis on the patent number on his website. Good thing he did that - great foresight in protecting himself, bound to be plenty who'll want to pinch these ideas.
Not again
I've yet to understand what's wrong with them. Mine have lasted years. From captoes to semi-brogues to elegant loafers and chelseas they are more than adequate and a lot more tasteful than much of the vile, look-at-me stuff posted here, or flat-out ugly shoes boastfully shown simply because they are bespoke.
I have a camel-coloured pure cashmere DB overcoat which is insulating but not at all heavy and allows for great movement. I don't think you can go past 100pc cashmere but a blend would negate those benefits I think.
If your tastes are not "fashionable" that is a major plus and a prerequisite for posting here, it seems. I prefer solid shirts - maybe a blue and white stripe occassionaly but that's it - and 95 pc of the time I wear solid ties with some textural interest. A Navy or charcoal suit with a white or pale blue shirt and solid ties in navy, burgundy, charcoal, gold are the essence of class IMO. The more you simplify things the better you will look as long as cut, fit and fabric...
I've found to my surprise that the simpler I've dressed the more compliments I've received. The last was with a navy flannel Corneliani MTM suit, blue and white stripe cutaway collar shirt and navy grenadine tie, sleek black loafers. The more I've phased differing colours out of my outfits the more comfortable I've felt - I'd rather let the cut, fit, quality and texture do all the work. I have a navy cashmere MTM sport coat with a faint brown windowpane and a also dark...
Peter Thomson, the Australian who won five British Open golf titles, disdainfully refers to baseball caps when worn by pro golfers as "painters' caps"
The khaki suit with white shirt and black tie is classic. Went downhill from then on though.
Wintersilks. Thinnest and lightest you'll find (they have three weights) - deep V-neck. Long and short sleeves.
New Posts  All Forums: