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Yes, put like that I do sort of agree with you (I think patch pockets on a waistcoat is really our of bounds though).Like you, I am a devotee of Apparel Arts, to the point of having a Laurence Fellows google image search shortcut on my Ipad front page for quick reference.I guess I just missed the tweed patch pocket three piece set up among all the other wonderful stuff.
Then you will be the proud owner of a unique outfit.
Hacking pockets are the standard here. I don't think I've ever seen a tweed suit with three patch pockets. As for patches on the vest, I don't think one of those has been made in sartorial history. Welt or maybe flap but to have five or more patch pockets on an outfit would be ridiculous.
Don, good all the way down to the shoes, which I don't think should be worn with anything, at all, ever.
Holdfast...one of your best.
Blindingly understated outfit. Do you own anything that isn't rainbow?
EFV - Nice look but it's a little jarring to see the contradiction between the casuality of a three patch pocket jacket with a three piece suit.
That's it.
Sure. It's the equivalent of a home run, hitting the ball from the bowler over the boundary line for six runs.I just love the mix of colours Mr Six has, I love green with blue and the PS is superb with the whole lot.
You've hit them for six Mr Six. (Aussies and Brits will get this, Yanks maybe not).
New Posts  All Forums: