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Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Bringing back the CUSSING GREAT WHITE & just for posterity - the M8 as is no PP - since WAYW is serious science.. * BIGGER pics at you know where.. ** Still need some tweaking with this Canon S90, but I'm impressed so far for a P&S.. These recent suits are superb for you. If anyone could get comfort, fit and looks as good as this why would you go bespoke? If it comes out as good...
I'm in if you'll be my sponsor. Do I have to go to meetings, or will virtual meetings be available? Can I take up morphine or something to compensate?
Lands End has them for women in small and extra large - they are unisex though. Perhaps the large would be okay. There are basic colours like navy and black.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bellison you must not be a jet-setter. ;-) Yes, they are brilliant for air travel and sightseeing etc - but Orvis and Travelsmith has this sort of stuff for a fraction of the price.
Quote: Originally Posted by MatthewN I hate hate hate the look of button-down shirts with the top button undone, because of the way it causes the collar points to bunch, but I realize I'm in the minority there. I'm having trouble picturing these jeans you speak of, and how they could possibly not look silly. Do you have pictures? Yes the jeans do look odd when you first see them - you can find them in one of incontro's posts not so far...
I see both and they seem fine. Does anyone have firm preferences? Open neck BD shirts are more informal but I also think an open wide spread collar can look sort of rakishly Italian, even though it's formal, and even with jeans and sneakers if done carefully. As a side not I was intrigued to see Incontro's jeans with centre creases. This is regarded by most as a faux pas but I've seen them on guys in MensEx and Leon and I'm now thinking they look allright. Any...
He needs to say these things to make up for the fact he's 4' 11" and that will never change.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel you are a small timer. please leave and go to the gqforums or the kenneth cole forum. thxbai. Ninety-five per cent of people here are small timers.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I think the Attolinis and Rubinaccis are both very nice, with the Castangia a cut below. +1
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