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Defence post #44. Many things were great (and others not so much). Wouldn't you like it if everyone dressed as well as they could afford to in the 30s for example, instead of getting around airport lounges in printed tee shirts, backwards baseball caps, shorts and flip flops?Things weren't so great in the 80s with voluminous pleated chinos, boat shoes and branded polo shirts and that was 35 years ago.I love classic cars but I also like power steering and air (don't know...
Predictably, I like 2.
Yeah, there was Vietnam, Kennedy killings, the Cold War, all sorts of bad crap.My point is I was highlighting the good things and a style and time which were unique. This is a clothes forum so my ultimate point I suppose is I loved the fashion, for want of a better word, in the early to mid 60s, which after a long wait is re-emerging in bits and pieces.The stolen generation is not a simplistic fact as you suggest.
Well being honestly critical and offering mild self-effacing suggestions are mutually exclusive in my view. Not enough harsh reality here but I think it's just a sartorial cultural thing. Just the way Americans dress these days. Ironically when I subscribed to Esquire and GQ back in the '60s when they were good I loved the American dress sense. But that was the 60s and we had everything...James Bond, Steve McQueen, the Beatles, the Stones, the E-Type, the Mini. And of...
Well I think you look great, but then I would say that wouldn't I. Only suggestion is a solid tie with a little more contrast to the suit.With basketball so big in the States I imagine there are lots of tall guys around but solid or monotone schemes certainly would make height less of an obvious issue I suppose.
I appreciate the sentiment but I've dressed this way for the past 45 years and I'm not going to change now. I can see what some are trying to achieve but I'm afraid it's mainly jarring to my sensibilities.Possibly enough of this...I'll try to offer small suggestions in the future, but I doubt many will agree.
And I like The Beatles, Miles Davis and Chopin but your analogy does not extend to clothes for me.
Fair points well made.
Why? They'd all look the same to you.As to his fit there's no real point deconstructing the whole outfit. There are just too many loud colours together.I dress like Cary Grant and so do others who have never heard of this forum, nor have any interest in discussing mens clothes.Italians (Naples excepted) frequently dress like him. You ever been there? You would see, it just comes naturally to them, no trying too hard to get all sorts of things to match, which is the...
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