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Do those jackets come in bright colours too? Somehow you pull this off very well. I couldn't but in the right setting and climate it's good. Against my better judgment I suppose not all solid colours have to be sober
Keep the jacket and tobacco monks but team them with white shirt and pocket square, charcoal tie and grey wool pants several shades between tie and jacket.
Incontro dresses well most of the time but there's something about the very low button stance which puts me off those DBs of his.
Lovely fit and look. I know what you're going for but I would have preferred a plain white square and darker socks with that particular blue. I like the look of lighter socks with darker pants but more like Cary Grant, who would usually be tonal...i.e. mid grey suit with paler grey socks.Well done. Again, impressive fit.
Superb look, fit and fabric. B&Tailor are masters.
Pliny, your point is well made. In fact if everyone dressed according to my style, there might well be no need for this forum. It seems to me too many people try too hard to match too many clashing patterns constantly. It can be done very well - Prince Charles is a master at it, often wearing four complimentary patterns, but he remains beautifully understated. Also I love the Apparel Arts illustrations and there are rarely any solids in those outfits, but they all look...
I agree with all of this, including my initial approach.
All my stuff made for me in Melbourne. Shop is soon to open in New York and LA.
Good call on the tie. I don't wear it anymore.
The fit is absolutely flawless, you just can't see it, so I'm not sure what you base your assumption on.
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