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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton This is the silliest thing I have read here in a long time. I understand you feel immune to criticism but I don't like any of your shoes. I didn't say the monks were cheap I said they look cheap, in general, compared to double monks - but that's because I prefer a slightly (slightly) sleaker look. PG's many shots of double monks are more compelling than single monks which looks sort of basic. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade The shoes are egregious. Not to mention bloody awful. Single monks inevitably look cheap compared to doubles. Really nice suit though.
Desert boots like Clarks are great. Look good with anything but a suit and are very lightweight. Wear a dark brown pair on the plane and pack a bone pair for light coloured slacks. Add well-made flip-flops for your shorts and you won't be overweight. Lands End has swimwear which also double as shorts. Maybe wear one pair of cotton pants, pack a second plus shorts. One sweater for night, couple of shirts, couple of polos and couple of tees.
Wintersilks full cut briefs.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitingStyle the one I got almost rolls all the way to the 2nd button, I would say its a true 2.5 roll..... very nice roll Thank you. It's helpful when you don't have a chance to see the suit in real life.
Does anyone have any experience with the lapel roll of a standard Stile Latino suit coat? I believe the top button does not roll straight to the middle one, a la Attolini - but does it at least do a three roll 2.5 or is it more of a hard three? Thanks in advance for any help.
[quote=voxsartoria;2970938]You wouldn't happen to be a miner in the Outback, would you? What gave me away?
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