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Sorry, misunderstood. Missed the emoticon.
I'll shut up and say nothing if that pleases you. I thought we were here to give our opinions. Not saying I'm right but I am surely allowed to offer my view, no?And, there is an awful lot of material to work with. But if you just want thumbs up on everything we are not going to progress very far.
Yes, but it's not a good look. Way too much lapel roll all the way down to the last button.
The material, the colour, the style...
I like Incontro's style but the six to one just looks starkly out of proportion for a DB.
Agree. White linen and he's there. Simplicity seems to be very elusive here.
Cleav...the top half looks great as does the distance shot, then it starts to deteriorate. The pants seem to have an odd light blueish tinge, they appear too light in weight, too wide and the cuffs too narrow. Why on earth would you spoil it all with those socks? Just wear plain grey over the calf ones. Very nice shoes though.
The problem with single breasted peak lapels is they can tend to look too Tom Ford, whose style I despise.
Agreed but three roll two is just that little bit more stylish without being outlandish.
New Posts  All Forums: