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I would ditch the lapel knot and the pocket square - there is enough going on with the suit and tie - and wear dark socks and much darker brown shoes.You don't want people distracted by looking all over the place at different things you are wearing. Rather you need to be able to pull off an overall look which is harmonious and looks very good without others being able to articulate exactly why. You just "look good" and that's it.
I think white shirts with sport coats are limited to a few combinations. IMO they look fine with a navy blazer and grey pants. This is such a ubiquitous combination though that fit and accessories must be perfect. Shoes should be maybe a little rakish, a sleek suede loafer or a double monk to compensate for the blandness of the overall look. Tie should be the best possible quality, understated and well-knotted, navy with small patterns perhaps.I also wear white shirts with...
NYR has improved dramatically over the past couple of years but with the above ensemble I think either he should wear a solid navy tie with that check jacket or a solid navy jacket with that patterned tie.
I think you're fighting a losing battle mate.
You're asking a lot. Too much, I fear.
Quite nice.
Not so nice.
Thank you.I've learnt that my latest response is as critical as I'm allowed to be. It seems I'm still here so I'll stick with vanilla commentary from now on.
This is utter nonsense.If everyone is two inches away sure the stripes can be seen to be the same width but, in practical terms from normal viewing distance the shirt and suit would be totally compatible.Same with the socks and tie - who on earth would connect the pattern on those two items IRL ?
Quote: Originally Posted by EBugatti You may want to quit while you're ahead... that particular monk style (see the EG oundle, and others by Lobb, et al.) are very distinctive; you won't find a shoe like that under $1,000--and that's if it's non-MTM/bespoke. You are showing ignorance of styles at best with your comment. It's like saying you don't like the Ferrari 458 because you think it looks cheap compared to a Lexus SUV because the Lexus has...
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