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Well put, thank you. That is an excellent precis. Carry on with the show!
Really? I must not visit the right places but in 40 years and 50 countries I've never encountered this stuff. You make it sound widespread.Not sure I have an answer to my question yet though. Okay, there might be 5 pc of worthwhile outfits in there if you look hard but I have not yet had it explained what is the attraction of the overwhelmingly outlandish apparel.I understand what I will be seeing when I look at this thread. I want to know why people like it. Is my...
Seriously, can someone explain to me why this stuff is worth looking at, let alone wearing? I understand a lot of trouble has been taken to present the pics but what is the attraction? Would anyone really wear any of this irl? To me it is the polar opposite of elegance and the only lure it has is that of a car crash...awful but compelling in its awfulness. I really would like to know why these circus freaks attract so much admiration.
The Rocky Horror Show.
I know you need to defend your position. Let's forget it and I can enjoy getting on with viewing the parade of stunning men's style consistently displayed here, without comment. I don't have the energy for that amount of critique.
The sock puppet was the excuse, not the real reason. My comments were tame compared with some prominent members who were free to encourage actual street fights and other bizarre suggestions... Too influential to admonish, clearly.
If it's loose where it shouldn't be it is clearly a poorly cut garment. If the sleeves are not as trim as they should be, again that is not good.Is this not the most basic of all tailoring requirements?
I'm not sure how the two are mutually incompatible.
This guy posted pictures presumably for people to comment. Sarto's odd but I believe sincere way of commenting should not incur intimidatory messages from admins that they are monitoring the thread. As has happened in the past, they are buckling to the majority. Incidently, can someone tell me why admins are exempt from blocked members lists?Weakmonday has every right to have the suit fitted the way he prefers, but speaking only for myself, the double breasted one looks...
Hi. Not yet. We have secured some more gentlemen however. First things first.
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