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All my stuff made for me in Melbourne. Shop is soon to open in New York and LA.
Good call on the tie. I don't wear it anymore.
The fit is absolutely flawless, you just can't see it, so I'm not sure what you base your assumption on.
I understand your comment but they are just very bad angled pics. The shirt collars - these are cutaways - and my semi spreads in fact have high stands - the highest my shirtmaker producers. There is a lot of collar showing all around the lapels but it just doesn't look like it. High stand collars are a must with me.As to the rest, there is no yellow whatsoever in the grey chalk stripe. All my suits and jackets have been made for me with medium shirring at the sleevehead,...
Crap pics - forgotten how after all these years - but you might get a rough impression.
I can try to find them but my style has changed a little...maybe I can dig up a couple of new ones.
Well, what do you know, Foxx and Incontro are back. I take back some of my vitriol. With these two posters the forum just moved into a new, much more sophisticated place.
Not bad, bit try hard with the tie and square colours.
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