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I admire the way you refuse to given in to the heat E. I gather your suits/jackets are generally lightweight. We are lucky in Melbourne with distinct seasons, so, while I have a lot of navy and grey they are all in varying weights (three really from superlightweight through to flannel). The cut and fabric provide enough variation for me (although I do wear subtle striped and neat patterened ties sometimes) rather than opting for checks and stripes etc all together. But...
Mais oui, along with the pocket watch and spats. Seriously, for me the PS has become a slight conundrum now. The more I think about it the more I am aware the damn thing is there. Think I'll leave it to the fashion conscience and the Pitti (ful) mob at the Florence mardi gras. I want to see if someone on WAYWN has the courage to post a shot wearing a navy suit, light blue shirt navy solid tie and black shoes. No PS. Anyone out there game?
The problem now as I see it with pocket squares is that they have been hijacked by those concerned only with fashion and trends, the opposite of the classic dress we strive for here. So, instead of a return to the standards of yesteryear when they were often worn frequently but unobtrusively, they now are a central distraction...Tiny-lapelled, shrunken Hugo Boss black suits with a white TV fold worn by the young simply because they are sold that way. This has led me now...
C&G look to be a very good find. Stebbin's grey Huddersfield suit seems to be an excellent fit in every way. Can't find fault with it at all, given I'm just going off the pic. Kudos to The Wraith and others for sharing the information about these tailors.
Interesting. Bit dogmatic maybe, but interesting. Does a pocket square make an outfit less understated or minimalist or not?
That's a perfect example E - that jacket certainly stands on its own and even a simple white square would overdo it IMO. That's the sort of thing I was thinking of...mainly when you want a totally minimalist look, which can be nice. Job interviews and funerals are good examples and I agree that a plain silk with tweed jacket looks effective, as long as the pattern is not too extravagant.
I'm sure there are several outfits which look better without a pocket square. Off hand I am thinking maybe a heavy and strongly patterned tweed jacket or suit...perhaps when you are already wearing two patterns and even a simple white linen square is too much. Any others you can think of?
Well put, thank you. That is an excellent precis. Carry on with the show!
Really? I must not visit the right places but in 40 years and 50 countries I've never encountered this stuff. You make it sound widespread.Not sure I have an answer to my question yet though. Okay, there might be 5 pc of worthwhile outfits in there if you look hard but I have not yet had it explained what is the attraction of the overwhelmingly outlandish apparel.I understand what I will be seeing when I look at this thread. I want to know why people like it. Is my...
Seriously, can someone explain to me why this stuff is worth looking at, let alone wearing? I understand a lot of trouble has been taken to present the pics but what is the attraction? Would anyone really wear any of this irl? To me it is the polar opposite of elegance and the only lure it has is that of a car crash...awful but compelling in its awfulness. I really would like to know why these circus freaks attract so much admiration.
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