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MTM Cashmere jacket, pants and shirt Drakes cashmere tie Robert Old cashmere sleeveless vest Marcoliani socks CandJ Sydney loafers in chocolate suede. Warning! Excess use of cashmere can be hazardous to your wealth.
Yes but in summer with cotton pants and a lightweight jacket and no tie the dynamic maybe changes?
This is very nice, much better than the last iteration in my opinion. I like the pink shirt and have always thought I would wear one but each time I have one I just keep reaching for the blues and whites or blue and white stripes so I have given up on them. This, though, is very good.
Interesting. You don't need to spend a fortune to look well dressed enough to outdo most, if you select carefully. I have worn polos and tees and cotton sweat pants (for inside lounging) for years...they just refuse to wear out. Their cashmere wasn't bad about 15 years ago but it's crap now.If you picked carefully from LE and had a good tailor you could put together some nice looks I believe, even suits, etc. Not shoes though please. Good for those starting out with fiscal...
You don't need 20 Watusi beads and an exploding pocket square. Eliminate those and this would be a super outfit.
Exactly what I meant. I'll post a couple of pics in a few days - some may like, others not - of this combo (with the dreaded white shirt) when I get hold of my camera. Another outfit I often wear is a grey houndstooth jacked, charcoal pants and a black cashmere polo, an item you couldn't possibly wear with navy pants.Anyway, people's preferences and reasoning for them are always interesting.
This I don't understand. Surely charcoal and navy would have virtually the same hue and contrast with that jacket. Grey just looks better IMO.
White shirts generally look better with suits, I agree but they can be made to look good with sport coats if you think outside the box a bit. For example, navy blazer, white shirt, small navy and white dot tie and bone pants with tobacco suede or even black shoes. There's an Apparel Arts image like that and I think it looks stunning.
Charcoal flannels would look fine with that grey jacket. My grey jackets are all a bit lighter but grey pants, light, mid or dark, is the only colour I wear with them. I dislike navy pants with grey jackets, seems sort of dull. But I do like navy summer cotton or tropical wool pants with a bone jacket and a pale blue shirt.
Your display of double breasteds is edging me towards having one made. You wear them well, and I think I'm just about over the hangover of those awful 80s versions.Would look good, maybe in a mid grey or navy chalk flannel. I'm also keen on a black and white three piece small houndstooth suit with forward pleated trousers but I spend so much already, they must wait until my budget is ready.At my age, so much to get, so little time....
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