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It could be that d'Avenza has been bought by Brunello Cucinelli and their quality and style may change significantly. The stuff on ebay is the original, high-quality product which has possibly been available in big lots. A friend of mine has bought a lot of d'Avenza suits at around $600 each (original price about $6000)...from the ebay seller NYMilan or MilanNY, can't remember...but they are beautifully made and may be the last well constructed d'Avenzas you will find.
Try They have a lot of great stuff.
It's just the lighting. No mohair in the suit, not even a high super number. I was very suprised it turned out looking flashy.
This deserves another run. Understated elegance. All you need, with similar variations.Many can learn from this - but I doubt they will - especially Americans with eye-watering loud patterns and colours and Europeans seduced by the current and comical Neapolitan excesses.
There are a lot of questions here, but I'll try to give you a snapshot of what I would aim for. Before you go all out on everything buy slowly but carefully and remember fit and fabric are the most important things. You may as well have fewer things of greater quality that will last than a lot of poorly made items. I would look for a MTM place for suits, shirts, pants and sport coats. I'm not sure of what is available and decent in the States as I'm in Australia but you...
If you want 2800 minutes of early to mid sixties awesomeness on film in 47 hour long movies get the Edgar Wallace anthology from Amazon UK (about $100) or US possibly. The series was made from about 1960-65 in black and white but the sound and picture quality is excellent, as are the clothes and being transported back to that era is very pleasant. In it are people before they became stars such as Michael Caine and Avengers duo Diana Rigg and Patrick Magee
I know I'm bashing this a bit to keep this thread active but I believe there is some logic attached. Wide lapels clearly give off a horizontal appearance as you subconsciously look for a split second from side to side to take it in while slimmer lapels give a vertical impression, adding to height (which I need). The wider the lapel the more "squarer" you look I think.
Super blog TWD! And yes, Steve McQueen was very underrated as a more formal icon. Whether in The Thomas Crown Affair or in the shot above with Garner and Coburn, he really knew how to pull off the look. He wore a suit as well as anyone and IMO looks the best of the trio. He and Michael Caine were probably the coolest two guys on the planet in that era.
I had hoped it would encompass all styles from the 60s - more business outfits than pure mod, but certainly Ivy League. Can't reflect on the glory that was the 60s without that, especially as there seems to be a slow return to that era after too many years of too wide lapels and too much Neapolitan worship IMO. Of course I have been guilty of that too but I am getting thoroughly sick of it all. Need the sleeker look (obviously not the current hideous shrunken designer...
I'd forgotton all about that movie. That one was an absolute cracker. Thanks Sarto.
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