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Need advice on suiting... don't know anything about formalwear, have a hand me down suit that fits poorly imho. I am going to a wedding in 3 weeks and need a good entry-level summer suit... hopefully something I can try on in person (I'm in Chicago). Any thoughts? JCrew?
Anyone know of a good proxy service? I'm trying to buy this polo in a size small: And I know they have tons in stock in the stores. Thanks!
FW10 piece i bought from user melonadejello and unfortunately it doesn't fit the way I'd like it to - I'm a smedium and this is really better suited for an S or XS. Looking to get back what I paid for it. $135 shipped CONUS + 4% paypal fee or without fee if sent as gift. International PM me. Also open to trades! Measurements: Shoulders 16.5" Chest 18.75" Length 24.4" Armpit to end of sleeve 18.9" Shoulder to end of sleeve 23.2"
thoughts? please excuse the bad camera and lighting. pants are navy blue. shirt's gitman, just picked it up. shoes are clarks beeswax.
Hey, I have a pair of N&F Skinny Guy Indigo Broken Twill Selvedge Denim jeans in size 30 I want to sell. I got them back in May from Blue Owl for $140 and have worn them 1-3 times per week since then, so they probably have been worn around 50 times. I'm selling them because the waist ended up being too small for me - I thought they'd stretch more than they did. Here are some measurements: Waist: 15.7 in. across back Rise: 9.44 in Thigh: 10.6 in Inseam: 37 in...
i think you are going to get pooped on for asking this question, but i'd try navy blue pants (not jeans), cuffed, with no socks. and probably not a t shirt.
Uniqlo T000, washed 6-8 times probably, worn about 2 times a week for 3 years.
(His in-store demo was awesome)
Looking for a white high top..
The Ann D sneaks would look good with RFX's Geller Moto jeans
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