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the saddest part about you guys not keeping size 28s in stock is that they don't make it to sale
how do the burgundy dress belts match up to color 8 shell? from the photos they look a bit lighter/more matte but it might be something a quick polish could fix. thanks!
the brooks brothers belt is quite possibly worse than those, it almost feels like some kind of toy. it looks great and matches my shoes perfectly, but i think for the price (and likely much less than the price) there's just gotta be better options.
has anyone owned or handled both brooks brothers and alden shell belts? i just got my bb belt from their holiday sale and it's a bit thinner/flimsier than i had hoped it would be for the price. i haven't handled an alden shell belt though, so this may be par for the course. thanks in advance!
code doesn't appear to work on aldens, but the site is so horribly slow that it could just be lagging out every time i try the code.
the new one i made was yahoo, no idea what's going on with their system. i guess it's just luck of the draw whether you get them or not.
i made an entirely new email because i heard tsm had issues sending to gmail accounts... still didn't get them. sigh.
the brick sole is nifty, but i'm mostly just curious to see what other navy cxl makeups are out there. it seems like a really cool but simple change that i don't see a lot of people using. or if someone can just point me to another place that has navy lwbs i'd appreciate that too
i missed the boat on these leffot offerings, anyone know of stores with similar offerings?
is it possible to get dress belts in size 30 (in colors other than burgundy)?
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