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Quote: Originally Posted by connor hes got a look and it works. i wouldnt wear it but he doesnt look bad in it. fuck off Looking like an eight year old girl in cowboy boots may work for him and a casual sweater on a snow day where I have been shoveling for 5 hours works for me. Fuck off.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Were your good clothes stolen too? Coming from you
Camera got stolen . Phone pic it is.
Does that color work? Would be worn with jeans and a coat
Quote: Originally Posted by blynch lands end cavis is the best choice of those then, expect to pay $100+ per shirt after you move on to the next level, I'd just skip the $50 range and move to Epaulet, ToJ, MJK, Gitman Vintage, etc. Alright thanks, What is the main thing to look for when buying casual shirts so I don't end up buying something to fancy. for example what separates a shirt I can wear with jeans on a daily basis to one I would use...
Quote: Originally Posted by blynch Testing what waters? Have you never owned a shirt before? The lands ends canvas shirt is much more casual than the first two. None of the above appear to be of outstanding quality, I've only had first hand experience with the canvas shirts and they are ok but not that great. What are you looking at using this shirt for? I have only ever worn tshirts, jeans and hoodies up until i recently decided I should be... Any particular reason not to buy this? Are any of these decent start up shirts? for testing the waters i.e not spending a ton at first.
Lands end shirts, any good?
No where near me sells oxford shirts and online apparently won't ship anywhere near me, I have found Poplin shirts however I am going for a casual shirt to wear with jeans, will poplin blue/white/grey suffice?
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