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Found a cheap blazer today that was slightly longer in the body and was the same material as a pea coat, can this be worn as a coat instead of a blazer?
When/How should you be wearing sport coats? Are they a daily thing or do you want to reserve them to a non casual look?
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you you're gonna tell this guy to buy rick and prada? christ man. thats like giving the ring of power to a fucking goblin. you couldn't come up with something a little more in between for him to start off with? I've actually been starting with lands end stuff not sure if that's any good was going to pick up http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban...ULTS&color=020 But may not now as I am questioning myself
Not gonna lie probably just going back to tshirt/jeans and minding my own at this point haha. I clearly am way off base on what looks good even after lurking here for a very long time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi No he wasn't. Get used to this thread. That's a pretty horrible direction, you could do that in 10 minutes at Macy's. Well lets put it this way 6'0'' 180 lbs, big chest/shoulders/arms but smaller mid. I live in a climate where it is -20 9 months of the year. Where should I start? Pea coats will look like shit on me because anything that doesn't form fit well will make me look fat in a picture because of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by connor well now lets not get so down mannnnnn post, post pictures, read a lot, do your shit. but don't start shit and just accept criticism and comments gratefully. youll be aight and feel better about yourself when you've got a solid image I'll accept comments and even take shit posts, but he was obviously going for internet cooldude comment so he had it coming. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=dxh3xx&s=6 ...
Quote: Originally Posted by connor we dont have a problem with any big bros but thats no excuse for 1. shitty picture 2. ill fitting stuff 4. shitty pictures of ill fitting stuff Well I don't know what qualifies as a proper post here so I'll just fucking stop then
Quote: Originally Posted by connor you just posted the other day about trying to reimagine your style or some shit homie don't pretend like you dont want some help! Help is one thing, "did your good clothes get stolen" is another. If you want to tell me why that is bad and give me a tip on how to fix it go ahead, I will gladly accept criticism. Straight up being a dick doesn't help anyone. Like you said, I have recently made an effort to...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Uncontrol > You^10 lol face it, you look like shit, no one's going to support your one man crusade, it's all been done. And to restate: 8yo with the balls to rock a unique look > fatass 40yo who still doesn't know how to dress himself fire away. Its always fun to watch people resort to the fatass approach, I understand a lot of the people on this site are malnurished and sickly skinny but some of us work...
Quote: Originally Posted by connor i guess you've got enough blubber down there to not need much more than that sweater huh? protip: if you don't look good don't post a fucking picture of it on a clothing forum Haha going for a fat joke? I'm at 14% bodyfat, try again I fail to see how a black sweater with a white under shirt looks bad. Plain maybe, but this isn't the whats your best outfit thread.
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