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The suits are either half canvas or full canvas, model dependant.
Two options for personal tailoring. Option 1: Blueline: up to 12 adjustments, 25 or so fabrics, starting at $599. Option 2: Redline: Starting at $899, over 80 points of modification, linings, details, etc.
Store is beautiful. Unlike any concept currently in the States. Amazing quality. Best quality for price.
Never. There are outlet stores in The Netherlands and Belguim.
Mitchell's is aquiring Wilkes.
Quote: Originally Posted by farfisa23 Malouf's in Burlingame is closing too. I went to their liqudation sale. It seems they moved all the good stuff to Texas, where they are expanding and added a lot of crap from Patrick James in the city. I knew they would be gone when Sam left the family business. Sam was the one that was running it into the ground.
I am interested in the suit. Please get back with me quickly. I also have a question how you got the chest measurement?
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