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Here's a Mitchell and Ness repro, and they usually verify those on actual specimens, though I can't find any photos.Reporters make errors too. One of them seems to have mistook navy for black, and I don't know where the gold came from.
Where are you getting that? It's not what the baseball hall of fame shows in the uniform database...
I have a similar jacket. Brown linen is a nice material.
Love to, but I'll skiing in Maine next week.
I've had a cobbler replace the elastic in monks before. They'll have to stitch through the lining to do it, but perfectly wearable afterwards. I think he charged me all of 5 bucks.
Read this. Than google the other posts in the series and read them, too.
Tweed is not even close to a year round fabric, and it is not appropriate as a suit in most settings a suit is demanded. Tweed suits are really only good for those who have at least 10 suits or so already, they're the kind of thing you bring out on rare occasions. For that matter, for that budget you're probably best served by 3 or 4 different nicer quality off the rack suits. Navy and blue, in varying weights. A lighter worsted or even fresco for warm weather, heavier...
If made to measure, you're not gonna find the exact one, but you're looking for a traditional plain knit shetland sweater in some shade of light blue. You can find 'em from a zillion makers at different price points and in different cuts, but here's the real deal. For more options, you should be able to just google shetland sweater.
Sports require tremendous skill, strategy, and coordination, both on an individual and group level, and there's no predetermined outcome. Those things all make them engaging and entertaining. Civic pride plays into it too. While I don't think it's healthy to spend all day in front of ESPN, you can do a lot worse for entertainment.
Short notice, lots of people with snow days, and not a whole lot of folks have or wear odd waistcoats.
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