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Yes. Letting out or taking in the waist of a jacket is a reasonably common alteration. They don't add new material, they use the margins built into the existing seams. They'll open up the old seam and resew it with a little less in the margin, giving you more room, and keeping the pattern entirely intact. Due to the fact that they can only work with the material they have, there's a limit to how much they can let out, but if you only need a little, they should be able to...
A peaty, blended scotch is also perfect for something like the Bobby Burns, which is one of my favorite cocktails.
Leave the top button undone on any polo.
Some things just don't change, do they?
I have always thought that tweed and cord jackets are the teacher/professor stereotype for a reason- they're tailored jackets, but in aggressively casual fabrics. A tweed jacket and jeans (or more casual khakis) with an open collared shirt would make you approachable to students, while still formal enough to convey some authority and get you taken seriously among adults. In my experience, it's a look that crosses all sorts of lines.
Trust your tailor.
I suspect the point of the challenge was to confront the SF groupthink about white shirts. The anti-white shirt movement is pretty much entirely nonsensical, but it's accepted as common wisdom around here.Kinda sad I missed the posting of this one. Would have been easy to pick out a fit, though photo quality and pose certainly seems to matter a lot more when the challenge is minimally restrictive, something I've never been able to master.
Or at least many good ones. Which the Captain Morgan probably won't be. Though on the subject of cheap white rums, I picked up a bottle of Shellback recently, which I think is a fairly new one, and was pretty impressed, at least for the price. Haven't tried the spiced one, don't really intend to.
Trade barriers have been so dramatically lowered across the board, especially for places we give most favored nation status to, that more rigorous enforcement wouldn't make much of a dent in the advantage gained by removing the VAT. And the tariff schedule is detailed enough that enforcement would require quite a bit of effort and delay- it's just not worth it.
Maybe not 4, but probably about 3.5. A 2 oz cocktail just seems stingy to me. Being young helps with the tolerance.
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