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Don't forget the navy linen with shell buttons.
The whole point of something like multiple choice voting (or ranked choice) is that it works much better to represent overall sentiments especially when there are lots of good options. The difference is that it can measure the breadth of support as well as the depth- if there's a really polarizing outfit that only 5 people out of 20 like, but those 5 really like, it'll get 5 votes. If there's another option that's the #2 choice for 15 people, but those 15 people all split...
Might have been useful advice 6 years ago.
I like 'em, but really only on white jackets. Not so much on the black ones. And tux jackets simply never go with jeans.
Sure doesn't look like it to me. Looks like a lovely flannel, though.
Nothing that has the maker engraved on the front, that's for sure. But those last two pairs look nice. There's a fine line between classic and dull, and in addition to the tackiness of the "hey, look at how expensive this is!" branding, those first three cross it. They're insipid, stay away from those. But yeah, those last two are very nice. Cufflinks should be interesting. Get a cool stone, or a cool design. They don't have to be expensive, either. It's a rare place...
Activism. She wanted to try and change minds so that the option might be available to others who need it. She succeeded- she got this country talking about assisted suicide/death with dignity, and really got a whole lot more people to understand what's at stake for terminally ill people, and why they should have the option.I don't get why people oppose assisted suicide laws, but substantial numbers do. She was trying to change that.
I'm on my third glass of the Project Paso Lonely Oak Red. Wine.Woot has their stuff half price every so often (Usually 2 Cab, 2 Zin, 2 blend for $60 or so), which is a great deal. Very good wines.
If they fit, they fit. And they'll be functionally identical. As long as you don't buy the ones that come up to your elbow, you'll be fine. And yeah, you'll want lined. Cashmere linings are my preference. Soft, light and warm, and you retain dexterity that you lose with shearling or fleece.
That person was wrong. Knits, like sweaters or tee shirts, will stretch. Woven fabrics, like those used for a dress shirt, won't. A wire hangar might put a crease in along the shoulder, but it won't do any actual damage to your shirt. Wood or plastic hangers, by virtue of the larger diameter, won't do that. And unlike tailored jackets, you don't have complex shaping and structuring to worry about.Dress shirts are easy. Stick 'em on a hanger. Any hanger is really fine....
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