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Single, IMO. Double breasted linen suits look cool, but they've always seemed a little incongruous to me. It's a warmer option with a fabric intended to keep you cool. and you can't open the DB while wearing it without looking stupid, and on a hot day, that's a nice option to have.But that's just coming from someone who's lived with hot, muggy summers all of my life. If you find it comfortable to wear double breasted summer suits in NYC, more power to you.
I have never heard anyone refer to legos as outdated. They've always been regarded as one of those all time classic things that will be around forever. They're basic building blocks that allow kids to create whatever they want- makes them pretty damn adaptable to changing tastes and markets.I won't dispute that, but there's a place for them both.You shoulda seen the giant motorized aircraft carrier I built out of K'nex, though.
Carolina Wildflower. It's a drink I found described in a NYT piece on, among a few other bars, Weegee's Lounge in Chicago, and it's one of theirs, or an approximation thereof. It consists of Bourbon, Benedictine, Elderflower Liqueur (it listed Pur, but I have St. Germain, so I used that), and chocolate bitters. It didn't list proportions, so I used 2:1:1 and two dashes of some homemade molé bitters (cocoa, a little coffee, cinnamon and pepper, plus little pinches of a few...
On another note, so are the noses. The family resemblance is pretty obvious when you put them all next to each other.
Huh, don't see half sours in grocery stores much. Nice find.
Couldn't agree more. In fact, I saw this thread just a few minutes after seeing and ordering a nice three piece brown flannel on ebay. Doing my part.Also, I've never really liked tan suits much, especially in wool. Sportcoats, sure. Khakis, sure. Suits, wool trousers? Not so much.
For a wool tie, a dry cleaner's is exactly the right answer.
Yes. The issue is that knits stretch out when hung- a hanger, especially a poorly shaped one, but any hanger, will compound the problem by creating some nasty points in the shoulders.If it's knit, fold it. If it's made of a woven fabric, you're fine.
Only white shirts while doing the door to door crap- they're allowed to wear other shirts in daily life. If they were traveling together on Mormon business, they would have been in white shirts. Good odds of the shirts being short sleeved and made from a poly blend too.
New Posts  All Forums: