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I'm on my third glass of the Project Paso Lonely Oak Red. Wine.Woot has their stuff half price every so often (Usually 2 Cab, 2 Zin, 2 blend for $60 or so), which is a great deal. Very good wines.
If they fit, they fit. And they'll be functionally identical. As long as you don't buy the ones that come up to your elbow, you'll be fine. And yeah, you'll want lined. Cashmere linings are my preference. Soft, light and warm, and you retain dexterity that you lose with shearling or fleece.
That person was wrong. Knits, like sweaters or tee shirts, will stretch. Woven fabrics, like those used for a dress shirt, won't. A wire hangar might put a crease in along the shoulder, but it won't do any actual damage to your shirt. Wood or plastic hangers, by virtue of the larger diameter, won't do that. And unlike tailored jackets, you don't have complex shaping and structuring to worry about.Dress shirts are easy. Stick 'em on a hanger. Any hanger is really fine....
There are a zillion of 'em for a reason. Low startup costs, low operational costs, and a reasonably steady customer stream pretty much anywhere remotely close to any inhabited area.That said, I think it would be comically boring to actually run one day to day.
I should be able to make it for at least drinks.
More than I've usually paid for hemming (which I do myself these days anyway), but less than I've paid for waist. All in all, those prices seem pretty normal.
Sangria is another idea. The proper Spanish recipe: Bottle of wine (whatever's old from the back of the fridge is fine), pour in some brandy, dump in a bunch of fruit juice.Having a Hemingway Daiquiri at the moment. Needed something refreshing after getting back from playing hockey.
Agreed. IMO, Cox's entry was far and away the best this week.Seems like a few other voters disagreed, somehow. I question their judgement.
I usually avoid spending that much money for a pocket square, but I might just have to for this.
I don't know if I would try to make it, but U St is a lot easier for me to get to after work than Georgetown, though the Graham rooftop is a very cool venue.
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