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What's wrong with the jacket?
No, you do not. Those soles are made of leather (Actually, given the content label on the sole, probably fake leather, or rubber painted to look like leather). Shoe soles are not ever made of wood. It's a really crappy material for soles (unless we're talking dutch clogs). The person who wrote the description saying those soles are made of wood is a moron.
Van Gogh just seems like a great idea in general due to the vibrant colors he used. If you want a less famous work than Starry Night, I think many of his Olive Trees would work pretty well. Cezanne (thinking his landscapes, mainly), Monet, ect might work too. I just love my impressionists. The Renaissance stuff is fine, but it doesn't really get me going the way Van Gogh does. Also, have you considered getting licensing to do this?
Maybe because 14 and 18 as a high school couple isn't all that unusual and your community wasn't insane?So, couple high schoolers have sex, tape gets passed around, versus couple high schoolers have sex, one or both get put in jail and then have the rest of their lives marred with criminal records for being a horny teenager.Yeah, the latter situation is the one I don't get. If they were both willing participants, let 'em screw each other.
Looks fine to me. What's the rule breaking element (beyond the peak lapel, which isn't really breaking any rules)? Black shoes with navy? Non-fora approved brand?
Only at the ends of the belt.
^Allen Edmonds Kenilworth. Take 'em to a pro and have them shine the crap out of them.
The cat often seems like she stops grooming, or quickly aborts after starting, when I'm looking at her. After 18 years, I really don't understand why she'd care. I've seen her do much more sensitive things before...
It's a little unusual. I like it, but others might not.And I would stick to white linen. Maybe with a blue edge, like this (unfortunately out of stock) one from Kent Wang.Here's one from Hober.But yeah, plain white linen seems best to me.
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