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Judging from the prices of OJ Simpson stuff on ebay, not really.
Lots of great stuff this week!
They're fine.
Ditch the vest and wear a white shirt. Tie is fine.
A major part of being well dressed is dressing appropriately for the context. You are not doing that.
Hey robot, stop with the anti-science paranoid nutjobbery. GMOs are not evil.
I love 'em, but casually. Never with a sportcoat or anything, but with khakis/jeans and a leather jacket or whatever? Wonderful.
Might be something to send Paul Lukas' way for resolution. Uni watch could probably make something of the dispute.
Here's a Mitchell and Ness repro, and they usually verify those on actual specimens, though I can't find any photos.Reporters make errors too. One of them seems to have mistook navy for black, and I don't know where the gold came from.
Where are you getting that? It's not what the baseball hall of fame shows in the uniform database...
New Posts  All Forums: