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Thanks for posting this, I found it quite enjoyable. Also, Robert Pinsky could stand to visit a tailor.
It's at a reasonable length. Longer than current styles dictate, longer than I prefer, but not absurdly so. More traditional coats are cut longer, and it's about in line with that. Which would seem appropriate for J. Press. They're not exactly known for fashion forward cuts.
Looking good is much more important than looking unique.
Please rethink your life choices.
If your shoes fit well, leather soles are perfectly safe and comfortable for your feet.
Yeah, way too short for you, and lengthening a jacket is flat out impossible due to how the quarters have to be cut in front. Not to mention that the button stance is already on the higher side- lengthened, it would look ridiculous. It does look nice, shouldn't be hard to sell.
They often have good musical guests.
Real brandied cherry- fresh works too, but not the grocery store 'maraschino' cherries. Those are for ice cream. Make a jar of the real thing for yourself, you'll be glad you did. Recipes are easily found online. Slice of lemon. Bitters. Sugar (I use the sugar in the raw syrup), 3 oz bourbon. Stir it together. Add ice, let it sit to chill for a minute or so. Drink.
Yeah, getting pants made by a different tailor than the jacket is extremely rare, even for the bespoke set. Wearing a corduroy suit as separates (for those that own cord suits, anyway) is extremely common.
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