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A pair of bucks is a nice alternative to boat shoes. Get the standard tan dirty bucks, and maybe a pair in an offbeat color like navy. Lots of makers offering offbeat bucks these days. As a bonus, it's not hard to come by waterproof pairs, or make the ones you do buy waterproof. Which is a nice bonus for Ireland.
Why would I do that? My dress shoes fit and are perfectly comfortable.
The little disks are supposed to protect you from spashbacks, which modern pumps and tanks have made obsolete, so the feds eliminated the regulation requiring it a year or two back. They're just not being replaced as they wear out by most stations.Some places, mostly in congested areas, have the clean air hoods which more or less form a seal around the tank while you're filling. Those are the ones designed to limit the fumes, but it's not about your health while filling,...
Corpse Reviver #2. Don't really care about Cinco de Mayo enough for it to influence my drink choice. Okay, I lied. I'll have one later tonight.
I figured if anyone could do it, it would be Warrior, but I really doubt that I can justify the expense to myself. I'd have to spend $250 on gloves for some mild amusement, and there are plenty of other things I'd rather spend that money on. And I'm quite happy with my old pair of Missions right now.
That's hilarious. Not being a goalie, I couldn't do that, but maybe I could look into some custom gloves...
Not offhand, I'm going from memory here. Poking around a little, it may have been WWII when things got confused- GIs were quite definitely wearing olive pants and calling them khakis.
Actually, Khakis are a type of pant, and the color was named after the pants. They originated in the British army, where they adopted cotton twill for the hot weather instead of the wool they traditionally wore. The word came from the Indian word for sand, which was the color they generally were- but they didn't just come in tan, they also were made in brown and olive. Pants made in all three colors were known as khakis. Tan became the dominant shade, and the word came to...
Black shoes/belt. You want to lean very formal on the accessories here. I don't mind the chalk stripe, though stripes are indeed not traditionally worn at weddings due to the strong business connotation. YMMV, of course, and you could do far, far worse. If it's cool at the wedding, I'd suggest making it a three piece. As for the tie, plain silver is a traditional choice for weddings, so what the groomsmen have is fine, but I would get something both nicer and slightly...
Some decent stuff from Argentina goes on sale for $10/under $10 fairly regularly around here.
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