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Unless you want to spend an obscene amount of money for reweaving, you're SOL on the pants. But the jacket can certainly be used as a navy blazer. I might opt to change the buttons to something more casual to make it more obvious given the formality of the fabric, but I don't think you'd have to.
Whatever the vodka equivalent to a Sidecar/White Lady is. Balakavia, or something I think. In this case, made with Bison Grass vodka, a traditional Polish thing. Woody, grassy, and vanilla notes, long banned under the same stupid regulations banning absinthe, thus becoming legal at the same time those regulations were changed. Anyway, it's wonderful. Just used my standard 2:1:1 prep, with a dash of grapefruit bitters. Earlier, I had a drink with gin, creme de framboise,...
He's worn it before, it's not new. He just doesn't wear it much. And really, I could not care less. Summer jackets and suits are pretty common here, even on high government officials. The fit in the shoulders and collar? Now that's a scandal. And no, the President does not have a full staff of stylists. Maybe a valet, and his wife. Solid suit + plain white or blue shirt + tie really isn't hard to figure out.
What the hell. If for no other reason than to amuse myself: Plus, blue in both my watch and tie bar! I need a better photo setup.
No, it's not normal for them to do that. Find a different tailor. It's more than possible for somebody to redo the sleeves on the first suit correctly as well.
With a blue overcheck. The rule is that the garment has to contain blue, not that the garment has to primarily be blue.
Got a non-blue sportcoat with some blue in a check or whatnot?
Not that I can find. . There is a very nice Bourbon by that name, though.
He's debating whether or not to buy the shoes, not the other stuff. I presume he already owns the suit and the black jeans mentioned, so telling him that, 'yeah, they would go great with this other thing you don't own', while true, is beside the point and not really useful. My point is that the suit he owns is likely a fairly formal one- and given the black jeans, it's probably a good bet that the suit is black as well, making those shoes a doubly bad idea.
I wasn't referring to availability, I was referring to what people actually wear. Casual suits may be available (though certainly a lot less available than in decades past), but it's rare to see people wearing them.
New Posts  All Forums: