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You'll be fine. The canvas matters most in the chest, full canvas doesn't get you that much more than half. It's better, sure, but twice the price for not much gain. I wouldn't worry about the fusing giving out, the adhesives have gotten dramatically better over the decades. If suit supply fits well, stick with it.
Ooh, I like kiwi, good combination of colors. Easy enough to make brown and green of various shades play nicely together.
Centimeters across the chest rather than around the chest, sounds like. Double for standard euro size- 46EU is a 36US, so that fits.
Allen Edmonds, made with a few more details than the typical AE shoe. So the answer is yes, they will be of very good quality.
Probably best to ask the maker, but standard is indeed two sizes.
Quick Improv: 2 1/4 oz Irish Whiskey 1 oz Benedictine .5 oz dry vermouth .5 oz lemon juice. Pretty tasty. Light and crisp in a way most whiskey cocktails aren't, and herbal goodness. I'm quite happy with this one.
Coat and tie yes, suit no.
Sounds like a nice outfit, you'll be fine.
Wool ties are generally pretty informal to begin with, most are about as informal as you can get while still wearing a tie, so you're already bottomed out on that metric.
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