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Finishing a Hemingway Daiquiri. Don't know what's next. Something will be next. Edit: next drink was a Bourbon Rickey. With Cranberry bitters I recently bought on a whim. It's cheery.
Bourbon Crusta, complete with shell of half the lemon and a sugared rim. And I barely ever bother with a garnish. It's good, but not great. I used too much lemon.
Looks like cotton. Have you tried washing it? Stretched out sweaters often reset after a wash.
I think that's a safe assumption.
How the hell will you be wearing a pocket square with no jacket?Also, tie without a jacket is STRONGLY discouraged here.
Today was a ';the world can go screw itself' kind of day. Got to go into work late, green shirt, olive pants, green shoes. Maybe not the best fit in the world, but it's been a long week.
No shirts with blue or white ground, or no blue or white at all? I'm presuming the first, but probably best to clarify.
IMO, that would make a spectacular sportcoat.
Those are generally called ranger boots, if OP is looking for a search term.Yeah, Quoddy seems to have a few options. As does polo, but a different sole. LL Bean is the classic maker of that type of boot, but they seem to have updated their design a bit. Still, I think that one's closest. Rancourt has a model that might work, but with a white sole. Sperry has one that looks like it's made by Rancourt, also with a white sole.You'll probably get better options as it gets to...
A little rumpled, having taken the photos after a long, humid day. But somebody had to be the first to pull out an olive houndstooth jacket.
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