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I pretty much always take soup for lunch. It's really easy to make a big pot all at once, measure servings out into leftover containers, and take the leftovers into work. Easy to freeze, too, so you can have a bunch of different types in the fridge or freezer at once.
^No, you can wear just about anything you damn well please with that. I'd personally steer away from the family of reds, but anything blue, anything green, anything brown, anything gray or black, Orange would probably be fine, probably not yellow, though I generally dislike yellow ties, so that may just be my bias talking.
Hermesfan? Iroh?
If that's a Nautica shirt, I'm wearing the exact same one right now. There's a splash of color when you wear it open collar in a more casual setting, and it looks perfectly classic when you wear it with a tie. C'mon Andrew Ryan, live a little. And tan, khaki, olive, or brown trousers are best. Maybe navy, though navy trousers are kind of verboten around here. Blue or white shirts (with most striped and checked variations thereof) will be fine.
I just bought a made in Canada Kors from a Nordstrom Rack at the same price, marked as 60% off. I haven't gotten it back from the tailor yet (had a little neck roll). I thought it seemed like a pretty nice jacket. Fabric was nice (not the same as yours though), I think it was half canvas, though I'm not sure and didn't check too closely.If it fits well, you like the price, and you like the fabric, go for it. Some fusing isn't the end of the world, and you're not exactly...
Toe spring. And yes, it is deliberate. Why was there question about it?
Quick, 30 minutes of breaking news coverage! Somebody on reddit saw something that may or may not be seaweed!
Horrible news, Upthe, my thoughts are with you. A cousin of mine committed suicide a year ago today at a similar age, I've seen his parents and siblings go through that same pain, and gone through a bit of it myself. It's going to be a long road, and I wish you the best of luck to you in trying to get through it. Do find help if you need it. Mortality sucks.
They're pure white, so if a bit of cream or tan is what you're looking for, they may not work. Since you have a few pairs, I guess I don't need to comment on the fit.
Beliefs are not immune from criticism just because they're beliefs. If I said that it was my belief that lizard people controlled the US Government and created a secret cabal of celebrities who rule the world? You'd say my belief is moronic, right? What if I said that it was my sincere belief that black people are inferior to white people? You'd probably say that my belief was not only ignorant, but that it was dangerous to our society.IMO, veganism is really pretty...
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