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Fixed link. Seriously, if you're going to be in a business environment, remember to proof your work at least enough to avoid broken links and egregious spelling mistakes.As for the ties, some of those are nice, some of them are pretty dated, some depend on your personal taste.I would wear in a reasonably formal setting: 2,3,6,8,10,14. 16 and 17 are more casual, so less business appropriate (depending on environment), but knits are really fun to wear, and I would keep.
My entry. Jacket is Deansgate, from god knows when. I inherited it from my uncle, it's the real deal when it comes to trad. 3 roll 2, sack fit, lightly structured. Oh, and a nice thick, warm wool, because it's cold outside. Red lining, because why not?. Tie is from Brooks. Shirt is an old Lands End pinpoint BD with pretty much no structure in the collar. The loafers are Weejuns, from one of the somewhat upgraded lines Bass sometimes rolls out on a season by season...
You don't need to change your briefcase when you change your shoe color. For me, the entire point of it is that I only have one, so things can just live in there. If I had to transfer crap from one case to another on a regular basis, I'd be screwed. But if you must, and must do one of those (I think they're both ugly), the 1st is better.
Buy a plain white shirt. Or a plain light blue one. Leave that at home, it's nowhere near appropriate for a wedding. If you have absolutely no time and options, solid navy is about the only thing that would work.
No kidding. And IIRC, Jansport's stuff is pretty well made. They just doesn't make ridiculously pretentious claims, and charge a fair price for a practical item.Simple, basic, classic design, priced in a sane and fair manner. What's not to like? There's a reason stuff like LL Bean and Lands End sells so well.
^Price range? Need to narrow things down a little
Blood and Sand. It's such an awkward cocktail in so many ways, but there's something about it that keeps me intrigued.
That's not a controversy. Jacket with no tie is fine (you'll get a fight on suits with no tie, though), tie without jacket is not, barring a sweater or alternative top layer. The only 'controversy' on that one is when noobs come by asking if it's okay and everybody tells them to put a damn jacket on.
The Hurricanes lost to Buffalo. Jesus Christ, I'm officially done with his team. What a bunch of utterly worthless... Okay, I didn't actually get a chance to watch the game, I was at a happy hour tonight. But holy mother of god, being a Hurricanes fan sucks these days.
LL Bean. The shearling ones are the warmest.
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