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Hmm, sounds rather interesting, and I want to try one. I don't have cachaca or clarion, but a sugar based moonshine to me suggests that white rum will do all right.Will try that after I finish this glass of wine. FWIW, 2007 Parducci Petite Sirah- Interesting now, but if I had the patience, this could probably cellar for at least 8 more years.
That's already quite a bit of waist suppression, any more would look really weird. Don't touch it, it's perfect as is. I mean, seriously perfect. That's a spectacular fit.
All black? Absolutely. The saddle itself isn't what makes the archetypical saddle shoe casual, the contrasting colors do. A single color, polished leather saddle shoe is a pretty minimally decorated shoe, and is thus pretty formal. I have a pair myself- black AE Polos- and I wear them with anything I would wear a black punchcap (ie, the 5th avenue) with. And traditionally, punchcaps are acceptable with morning dress, so you're fine with formal daywear. I wouldn't go with...
Polish and wear, wear and polish. The color should even out after a while, and it'll turn into patina. If you're really worried, take it to a local shoe guy and have him even out the color.
It's just a low effort way to add some interest to straight gin. In novels, it's probably most important as a cultural signifier, it was a favored drink of the British military officer class, especially in the navy, where enlisted men had a rum ration and officers got a gin ration. Brits love their symbols of class and rank.Rum and Coke for me tonight, which, as a cultural signifier, makes me a random American marine partying in Cuba circa 1902.
Mostly, the difference seems to be the leather selection and whether the sole edges are dyed. The Wiltons, however, have a Blake rather than a Blake/Rapid construction- the sole is sewn directly to the upper. It's thinner and more flexible (a look and feel some strongly desire), but will wear faster and on wet days, the water will seep into the shoe through the stitching. Blake/Rapid sews a midsole to the upper, and then sews the sole to that midsole. It extends out to the...
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Now that I know that it's national martini day, I'll make one with orange bitters later tonight. But right now I'm drinking a beer (Modelo) while watching baseball.
It'll be fine if you do that. I'd pack it in a protective garment bag to protect from the other stuff in your pack staining or tearing it just in case, but shipping is also an idea, especially given the extra weight.
Salt blocks the chemical receptors that make you taste bitterness, so yeah, salt or salt water will mitigate the bitterness and bring out some other flavors. Same reason a pinch of salt makes crappy coffee taste better. Not helpful when you're trying to counteract sugar in a cocktail, but if you're doing tastings of bitters I could see that being useful.Anyway, what I'm drinking:3 oz Beefeater, .75 oz Noilly Prat. Garnished with an olive and pickled garlic. Sometimes...
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