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My rule is that if the PS should always be a different pattern than the tie (apart from plain white squares and plain ties- if not plain white, use a patterned square in most cases). No striped tie with striped (or colorblocking that looks like stripes) PS, for example. Same or similar color is fine, as long as the pattern is different. Your 2nd photo is okay, but still too close a match for my taste. That second tie would work well with that 1st square, but I think the...
Navy, green, brown. Solid with texture. I have a tan shirt with a fairly bold check that I wear tieless with jackets a lot. Remember, 'navy blazer' is always an acceptable answer.I like them a lot, and should get more. I have a blue CT one in a thicker fabric I wear quite a lot in cooler weather.It fits well, and you're overthinking things on the cuffs.
That's a feature, not a bug. Gucci cuts the sole ridiculously close because they basically don't want you to notice the sole at all when you're looking at the shoes. It's part of the look. It's not practical in any way, but if you want practical, you should buy something with double soles and storm welts. Gucci loafers are supposed to be a bit of an 'in your face, devil may care, I don't care how expensive these are and how quickly they wear down because I'm rich' kind of...
Were they like that when you bought them? Because otherwise, while it doesn't look normal, I think it's more likely to suggest a horrible mismatch between the shape of your foot and the last/size than it suggests bad workmanship. AE will likely take them back regardless, and you should take them back, and try on some shoes in different lasts and size. The 5 last the Park Ave is on is stupidly long and narrow, and will simply never come close to fitting many people.
Anything above 80 is fair game for me. Wear what feels right for any given day.
Bubbling only happens with extensive dry cleaning (which you should not be doing regardless) and is not a major issue with modern fusings, even cheap ones. Half canvas is more than fine.
Well made suits can last for decades with far more frequent wear than that. Even poorly made suits can last for decades with more wear than that. If you wear a suit 6 times a year, I can't see any reason you would need 3, surely one would suffice. Charcoal or Navy, and noboby would ever notice or care that it's the only one you owned.
You'll be fine. The canvas matters most in the chest, full canvas doesn't get you that much more than half. It's better, sure, but twice the price for not much gain. I wouldn't worry about the fusing giving out, the adhesives have gotten dramatically better over the decades. If suit supply fits well, stick with it.
Ooh, I like kiwi, good combination of colors. Easy enough to make brown and green of various shades play nicely together.
Centimeters across the chest rather than around the chest, sounds like. Double for standard euro size- 46EU is a 36US, so that fits.
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