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Probably best to ask the maker, but standard is indeed two sizes.
Quick Improv: 2 1/4 oz Irish Whiskey 1 oz Benedictine .5 oz dry vermouth .5 oz lemon juice. Pretty tasty. Light and crisp in a way most whiskey cocktails aren't, and herbal goodness. I'm quite happy with this one.
Coat and tie yes, suit no.
Sounds like a nice outfit, you'll be fine.
Wool ties are generally pretty informal to begin with, most are about as informal as you can get while still wearing a tie, so you're already bottomed out on that metric.
I would recommend you keep the buttons because the ones on there are perfectly fine, even if you only ever wear black shoes, and it's a hassle changing them.
The 38S looks like a better fit to me.
Judging from the prices of OJ Simpson stuff on ebay, not really.
Lots of great stuff this week!
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