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Nearly every jacket, new or old, has padded shoulders. It's part of the structure that makes a tailored jacket what it is. Unpadded shoulders are quite rare, and you should probably wait until you actually know what you're doing to try and have a tailor remove them. You should be asking how well the shoulders fit. And that's probably a sportcoat. If not, it's casual enough that it doesn't matter- suit coats and sport coats are built the same way, it's just a matter of...
2,3, and 4 are all quite versatile. 1 is a little less so, but still a very nice looking tie IMO. If limited to one, I would choose either 2 or 3, but which one is best for you depends on what ties you have now and if one fills a gap in your tie wardrobe. I have a brooks tie very similar to 2 that gets a lot of wear, if you don't have much in purple, it can be a very nice color.
In that case, you may want to try soaking with White-brite. It's a little more on the dangerous industrial chemical end of things, but it's effective. Also the only stuff I've ever found that can actually remove dye transfer stains, even for colors, though it will lighten them a bit if you're not careful.
Take the old shirt, soak it overnight in a strong concentration of oxi-clean and hot water. Then wash it normally. Odds are, it won't look so dingy afterwards.
Historically there was a button behind the opposite label, not another buttonhole.
Khaki or olive chinos, brown or olive wool trousers, cords in any of those colors. I'd skip the gray, gray and light tan strikes me as a really awkward combo. Anything with a blue or white ground would work for the shirt. Just pick the pants you like with the shoes, and unless they're navy, odds are the navy blazer will work just fine. A navy blazer will also work with just about any reasonable shirt/tie combo you could imagine.
Far more disturbing to me, and interesting, is that there's a Senate hearing room in one of the office buildings with the same type of sign. There's a door up there with a big sign, in all caps, saying "NOT THE CLOAKROOM" (the cloakroom is the antechamber Senators use to go in and out of hearings). I always wondered how many Senators stumbling into some poor staffer's office, janitorial closet, or whatever the hell that room is it takes to get a sign like that. I always...
Barbancourt 8 here. No fussing around with juices!
Yes. They would be a full size too big.Seriously dude, why is this a question? Don't buy shoes that aren't your size. Badly fitting shoes are a surefire recipe for pain.
Looks great to me. It's not a sedate look by any means, but it's very well composed. SF's attitude on dark pants might get you a little blowback, but I've never really agreed with that one anyway.
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