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Dirty bucks or saddle shoes would be the most versatile, depending on the colors of the saddle shoes.
It looks like a nice sportcoat that's 2 sizes too large for you.
A throat latch. Connects to a button under the other lapel to close the top of the jacket in inclement weather, seen mostly on nice tweed jackets. Utterly nonsensical on a summer jacket.
There aren't a whole lot of shirt makers who bother making black dress shirts in anything but the cheapest fabrics.
Huh? Pinpoint is very smooth. Royal is heavily textured. They don't look at all similar. But yeah, that shirt looks like royal oxford to me.
Go to the Tyrwhitt shop at Farragut North and try on their slim and extra slim, see what you think. I'm a big fan of their shirts as well. And if your budget is up to $200, there's always the option of bespoke.
Or a white shirt and any suit (well, not a PoW checked suit). You're overthinking this- it's a pretty formal tie, it will be appropriate. If you want to wear it, wear it.
Yes. Seriously, buy what you like and what fits in the overall context of your current shoe wardrobe. Have lots of shoes with perfs? Get plain, unless you really, really like perfs and never have occasions where they're not appropriate. Have very few shoes with perfs, and want a pair with them? Get the perfs.
Aviation right now. As a sidenote, are most commercial crème de violettes artificially colored? I made my own from actual dried violets, and it's a very reddish shade of purple, and the drink turns a very pale pink. I've never gotten the famous blue. Were the flowers I made my liqueur from defective, or are the commercial ones just colored with a bunch of blue dye? Regardless, the crème de violette tastes right and the Aviation tastes wonderful, so it's irrelevant, but I...
Tuck it in and the fit is perfect. Good flannel shirts are cut longer so they don't come untucked. Even if you don't tuck in your shirt, the fly pulling apart at the bottom is perfectly fine. With a casual fit like that one, a little nonchalance is better anyway.
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