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He's debating whether or not to buy the shoes, not the other stuff. I presume he already owns the suit and the black jeans mentioned, so telling him that, 'yeah, they would go great with this other thing you don't own', while true, is beside the point and not really useful. My point is that the suit he owns is likely a fairly formal one- and given the black jeans, it's probably a good bet that the suit is black as well, making those shoes a doubly bad idea.
I wasn't referring to availability, I was referring to what people actually wear. Casual suits may be available (though certainly a lot less available than in decades past), but it's rare to see people wearing them.
I could see this being aesthetic preference, not just dumbing down. It's an additional level of complication and detail. If, for example, you prefer clean shapes and line, with as little complication as possible, you might prefer the wireless edge. If you like little ornamental details, you'll probably prefer the wired edge. You could draw a parallel to architecture- a gothic cathedral with thousands of ornately carved sculptures lining the walls, or a modern glass and...
When the topy wears through, you just have it taken off, and add a new one. You should never need to resole.
Fair, they could work with a casual suit. But those are (unfortunately) rare these days, and those wearing them are likely to be at least roughly familiar with the rules of formality. For most these days, suits are the exclusive domain of conservative charcoal, navy and black fabrics.
Way too casual for a suit because of the soles, and black jeans demand black or gray shoes in my book (or something really saturated and bright, like a red sneaker, but those are outside the realm of classic menswear). Either pair would be great with blue jeans, though. Or chinos. But yeah, those shouldn't be worn with a suit.
Was that the one where Clarkson set it to "Audi following distance"?
Had a Hemingway Daiquiri tonight. Wonderful drink.
My humble submission. A little rumpled after a humid and then rainy day, but whatever. Details on the suit and tie (tie is quite distinctly green in person, would never be mistaken for blue. Not the world's greatest rendering of the color here). Since she kindly inserted herself into the main picture, detail on cat. No blue on her, either.
One of these days, I'm gonna need a pair of those.
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