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Color family is important, you don't have to have an exact match. What you have is fine (in terms of color, anyway, we'll leave the styling for another time). Brown with brown, black with black. Your leathers should coordinate, but they don't have to match exactly.
What about us single folk?
The vast majority of mills these days, producing an even vaster majority of the fabric, are using modern technology. He's not. Say what you will about traditional methods, but they are inferior in some regards.
It's not cut for you dude. It's intended for a very different body shape than what you have.
Color matching on fabrics has gotten much, much, better than it was when that advice originated many decades ago. Dying across fabric runs is incredibly consistent these days, as long as they didn't change the specs (unlikely in this case). Buying the current pants from Zegna would probably work just fine, provided it's the same weave and weight as well. It would be best to compare in person.
Inspired by a drive today, why do people slow down at speed cameras when they're already going 5 or 10 mph under the limit? Traffic is moving somewhat slowly, but sure enough, at the camera, about a third of the drivers noticeably slow down. Look, I know the schools in DC are bad, but people can't be THAT stupid, can they? For that matter, shouldn't they realize that the cameras only ticket if you're doing 10 over, and that speedometers are pretty much universally adjusted...
I don't understand ebay and the tracking links they send in e-mail. When you click on one, it takes you to ebay, makes you log in, and then gives you LESS information than if they had just sent you to the shipper's site. Why not make it easy and just give me the link to the real tracking system and not their piece of crap? I don't want a summary that interprets things for me. There's really not much there to interpret. I want more data. I don't want you to hide the fact...
I wear penny loafers more than any other shoe, but not having a high instep, can't really comment. I don't think of them as shoes that would accommodate that very well, they don't have the ability to adjust like a laced shoe does.AE does a custom thing where they can put shoes on different lasts (and select custom colors and leathers, ect), perhaps that might be worth a shot? Get your loafer on a last known to accommodate high insteps well.
Aviation here. Haven't had one in a while, I think these listings of essential gin cocktails around here recently tripped something in my brain.
Single, IMO. Double breasted linen suits look cool, but they've always seemed a little incongruous to me. It's a warmer option with a fabric intended to keep you cool. and you can't open the DB while wearing it without looking stupid, and on a hot day, that's a nice option to have.But that's just coming from someone who's lived with hot, muggy summers all of my life. If you find it comfortable to wear double breasted summer suits in NYC, more power to you.
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