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I think I like this one better for my official entry, though it's a little more generic.Cat butt outtake: [[SPOILER]]
Hemingway also didn't drink standard Daiquiris- his had no sweetener to speak of (unless you count the Maraschino). The bar he went to had a menu of several different types, all made frozen (which probably would have meant shaken and poured over crushed ice). He chose one with Maraschino and grapefruit juice, and had the bartender remove whatever he was using to sweeten it- he was diabetic, and with how much he drank, the sweetness would get to be too much. The result is...
Today's fit. Not perfect, and even less so with the pics being thrown together at the end of the day when things have gotten a little rumpled. I may try to put something else together later this week, but we'll see.
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale. Good as always, pumpkin beer is something I always look forward to with fall.
Traditionally they're about the same, but monks are a little more unusual these days and will be noticed. I would absolutely not wear monks to an interview.
So we're going to skip a week?
By the way, anyone ever left shoes with the guy in the Cannon Building? I've always wondered how good that little shop was.
The guy you talked with was likely referring to Redenbach soles, which are indeed higher quality and longer wearing than the AE default. Allen Edmonds does use them on their new higher end line, and you can have them use them if you're doing a special order.And Allen Edmonds doesn't guarantee that they'll take your shoes if they've been resoled by other places, but that's just in case the cobbler you took them to is a hack and royally fucks them up. If it's a reputable...
Well, the one you posted is an automatic, but Sekio Automatics are quite reliable.
Overcoats are sized with the expectation that they'll be worn over a jacket. He'll be a size 36, in pretty much everything but super slim South Korean fashion cuts.
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