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Just buy yourself a bottle of lemon juice and a box of sugar.
That blend should be fine, the nylon is there to add durability. Not at all uncommon for heavy jacket fabrics. Shouldn't affect the feel much.
Tuck your shirt in.
Yup, that's what would probably be considered fine leather. You need to get yourself some brown shoe polish. Your basic choice is between cream (little jar) and wax (flat tin)- cream will nourish the leather more, but offer less protection and shine. Wax gives you protection and more shine, but it's not as good as keeping the leather nourished. If you use wax, using a conditioner like lexol every few polishes is a good idea, though not strictly necessary. Lots of people...
Your issue is the last. the last determines the shape of foot that shoe will fit, and Allen Edmonds makes shoes on something like 20 different lasts. I can't find what lasts those shoes are on, but you should ask Allen Edmonds, and then look for shoes on similar lasts. If the Park Avenue fits well, they make plenty of shoes on the same last.
Adapter rings still exist, and you might value getting a great deal on a lens even if you have to buy an adapter for it. Just buy one and leave it on the lens, and voila. It fits your platform.The algorithms can't take everything into account. Though it would be nice for e-bay to tailor its recommendations to my size. That system is entirely fucking useless as it is now. No way to adapt my foot to a size 12 shoe, even if it is a great deal.
Unrelated, but when is the Van Gogh square going to be ready?
Sounds good, may have to get back in the swing of things with this challenge.
Are you standing normally in the first picture, or are you puffing your chest out? If the former, shoulders and chest both need to be smaller, and the front/back balance is way off, both vertically and horizontally. You need the arms set further back- basically less of the fabric at the chest in the back, more in the front. If you are puffing your chest out, it's impossible to tell, since suits are meant to fit your normal posture. Regardless of that issue, you need more...
Just trying to explain the phenomenon. I have no stake in his financial success (though I'd gladly accept as little as a half percent), but he's an excellent actor who's willing to attach his name and reputation to ridiculous projects in exchange for very large paychecks.
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