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Depends on the trousers. Seriously, that's an incredibly non-specific question to the point where it's entirely unanswerable. Cotton and wool are both woven into a huge range of different fabrics with a huge range of different properties. We could be talking tweed, we could be talking tropical worsted. We could be talking corduroy, we could be taking a paper thin open weave. The weather matters as well. Cold weather, hot weather? Dry, humid? What exact fabrics are your...
I'm going to do a radical shortening operation myself on a cream linen blazer that's always been too long, though it fits great everywhere else. I think I can lop a fair bit off, the patch pockets should be moveable easily enough. Should make it look a lot better, and should be fun to try my hand at a somewhat more involved alteration. I never really wear the thing right now, and if successful, this should put it where it should be as a summer staple. In addition, I'll be...
Yes, but that shouldn't stop you. If that's where you prefer to keep your wallet, keep it there and just expect to replace it every few years. Things wear out. If you can't afford to replace them when they do, you shouldn't buy them.
I heard about it this morning. Just finishing a margarita now. Bought some Campari today, so a Negroni next. I drink them in bars, made no sense that I couldn't make one at home.
^Either, and I think that's the point.
I got caught up in that as a kid. I just *twitch* stopped taking *hic* the *shudder* drugs, and I *hic* seem to have turned out just fine!
Move the tie bar down. Way down. It should be just under the 4th button on your shirt, or therabouts. It exists to hold your tie in place, it's supposed to be subtle and practical. Where you have it, it is neither.
Looking forward to seeing the entries on this one, but my only qualifying coat is a summer affair, and there's still snow on the ground. There should be some fun entries though.
I got my current phone holster from one of them (back of hip, it's nice and unobtrusive, especially under a jacket), because the ones you get from the cell companies are twice the price, and utter garbage. The one I have now is only marginally higher quality, but it was cheap and the right size- those kiosks often do have every size imaginable, which was nice when I had a less common model of phone.
The collar will be fine, nobody will care, but a tuxedo shirt will probably have a stiff front and unusual placket, and that will look odd. The only real formality distinction that matters in collars is the shape of them. Button down versus spread and whatnot.
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