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Looks like a great fall/winter shoe.
Breathabilty may not be the best word, but it's a good approximation, and it's not just the uppers. Rubber is impermeable to moisture- leather absorbs it. In rubber soled shoes, the moisture pools in the shoe. It soaks your sock and foot. With a leather soled shoe, a decent portion of that sweat gets absorbed into the leather. That means that your foot stays drier and cooler, providing a major element of comfort. Far more important than traction in most cases- face it,...
Not the world's greatest photo, not the world's greatest outfit, and the picture got barely any detail on the hat (linen, with stripes in a light sageish color), and rumpled from a full day's wearing. Also, I have a stupid look on my face, and for a hat competition, I really shouldn't block it out. Whatever, I'll throw it out there. What's the worst that can happen?
I can probably make this work if I get around to taking a photo. It's hot enough this week that I ain't gonna pull out a fedora though, I'm pretty much limited to the linen ivy cap route.
I can't imagine a jacket wouldn't be perfectly acceptable under those rules, same with a sweater. And just wear khakis. No need to go for wool, khakis are perfectly good pants.
Decades, if the stuff my dad has around is any indication. He doesn't polish his shoes much, if at all.
It's entirely a stylistic choice. Whatever you prefer.
No, that's a wonderful choice for a black shoe in your context. It may not be the absolute most formal shoe in the world, but it's black with closed lacing, which still makes it fairly formal. Certainly for any occasion where business suits are being worn. You can't wear it with formal attire (any more- at one time such shoes would be appropriate with daytime formal, but as use of daytime formal has declined, the range of variation allowed has narrowed), but weddings and...
A pair of bucks is a nice alternative to boat shoes. Get the standard tan dirty bucks, and maybe a pair in an offbeat color like navy. Lots of makers offering offbeat bucks these days. As a bonus, it's not hard to come by waterproof pairs, or make the ones you do buy waterproof. Which is a nice bonus for Ireland.
Why would I do that? My dress shoes fit and are perfectly comfortable.
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