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It's a popular and well regarded pen, but unlike the Crosses, I have no personal experience with it.And a Waterman Exclusive is certainly a hell of a starter pen, what shape is it in? Might want to have it cleaned and have the nib tuned by a pro if you have one in town. If not, the nib is likely fine to use as is, just give it a nice flush. If there's old dried ink in the feed, an overnight soak might be justified.
I have a bunch of the chinese ones, they're really hit or miss. Baoer, Yongsheng, and Jinhao are the big brands. Some work great, some are utter garbage. Some somewhere in between. Fun to play around with- many of them look spectacular, and if you get one that works well, they're great value, but I wouldn't recommend it if you don't have an idea for how a decent pen is supposed to feel.For a starter, I'd recommend Cross, they have some nice entry level models. The Bailey...
You're fine, just treat it like a navy suit. Not to mention that a lot of shades of brown work perfectly fine with black.
Trying a new, and I think much better, photo setup. End of the day, so excuse the flash and a few wrinkles.
Absolutely never. Denim shirts are very casual, ties are formal. That kind of mismatch is difficult to pull off even if you know what you're doing.Also, ties should always be darker than the shirt. There are some exceptions, but they're incredibly rare, and that ain't one of them. A shirt that color, even if not denim, should not be worn with a tie that color.On another note, vests that aren't part of a three piece suit make you look like a high schooler with no clue. If...
Damn, shoulda checked this earlier, I wore one today. Ah well, got two more days wearing a tie this week.
Was thinking about vermouth and realized that I hadn't had a Chrysanthemum in a while, so I'm now drinking one of those. Nice change of pace.
Trash 'em, they're done.
Charles Tyrwhitt Extra slim, perhaps?
The construction is the exact same, but the detailing and fabrics are usually fairly different. You want to be cautious trying to wear a suit jacket as a sportcoat. If the fabric is too formal- too fine and smooth, pinstriped, ect, it'll look off. If you have a suit from a rougher, patterned, or generally more casual fabric, then it'll likely be fine. You can wear the jacket to a tweed suit with no trouble, for instance, where a worsted charcoal pinstripe will scream suit...
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