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Heh, I bought one of those on e-bay recently after moving into an apartment with a fridge that doesn't have an ice dispenser/crusher. Fun little toy. I wanted one in avocado, but those seem to be in higher demand, so I went with a cheaper white one.
Tuesday? They'll almost certainly be gone. Nice stuff moves fast at thrift stores these days. Worth checking, but don't get your hopes up.
No, two or three ice cubes does not make it sufficiently cold. The drink is a quite noticeably colder with crushed ice in my experience, even when prepared with chilled ingredients. I haven't actually scientifically tested it, but yes, it seems to get and stay much colder, and I virtually always have some ice left when I'm done, so it's not like the crushed ice is flawed if you want to sip for a while.Crushed ice is also recommended for the Hemingway Daiquiri, btw. You...
Much more surface area- crushed ice melts faster, diluting the drink more, and keep it colder. So you make the drink colder, more hydrating, and more refreshing.
That's a Brooks ESF though, which very much does have a pretty slim fit. It's just too large a size.Cheuk, first you need to figure out your neck size. If you're really a 15.5" neck, a 16" shirt, no matter how slim, isn't going to fit right. Once you know your neck size, try on different brands and sizes to find a fit in the shoulders and body. Maybe try on some brooks brothers shirts with a 15.5" neck in their regular or slim fits rather than the extra slim. Maybe try...
Button color is completely and totally irrelevant when choosing shoes.
Leather cleaner? Something like the lexol cleaner, maybe even saddle soap?I would also ask this in the shoe care thread.
Yes. Letting out or taking in the waist of a jacket is a reasonably common alteration. They don't add new material, they use the margins built into the existing seams. They'll open up the old seam and resew it with a little less in the margin, giving you more room, and keeping the pattern entirely intact. Due to the fact that they can only work with the material they have, there's a limit to how much they can let out, but if you only need a little, they should be able to...
A peaty, blended scotch is also perfect for something like the Bobby Burns, which is one of my favorite cocktails.
Leave the top button undone on any polo.
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