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We should probably declare this over so that we can get a challenge set up for this week.
Leather stretches much more easily when wet. Your trees probably stretched them out, which is one of the reasons you're supposed to use newspaper, not trees, for wet shoes.
They both fit incredibly badly. Two sizes too big badly. E-bay is your friend here, I think. It's really a huge shame that you can't return and get the right size, but I really wouldn't even try to tailor. They're way too long- depending on style, they should hit at the belt or halfway between the belt and the crotch. And both of the ones you have are styled to fit on the shorter side. The sleeves are baggy, especially on the second one, the shoulders are too wide and the...
I'm a fan of pink ties, and I agree. Pink looks spectacular with some visual texture (think a heavy ribbed weave, linen or wool), and definitely matte. I particularly like paisley. They're a far cry from soporific, but can be quite tasteful in the right context. But no way in hell would I recommend one as part of a starter tie wardrobe.
I think I like this one better for my official entry, though it's a little more generic.Cat butt outtake: [[SPOILER]]
Hemingway also didn't drink standard Daiquiris- his had no sweetener to speak of (unless you count the Maraschino). The bar he went to had a menu of several different types, all made frozen (which probably would have meant shaken and poured over crushed ice). He chose one with Maraschino and grapefruit juice, and had the bartender remove whatever he was using to sweeten it- he was diabetic, and with how much he drank, the sweetness would get to be too much. The result is...
Today's fit. Not perfect, and even less so with the pics being thrown together at the end of the day when things have gotten a little rumpled. I may try to put something else together later this week, but we'll see.
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale. Good as always, pumpkin beer is something I always look forward to with fall.
Traditionally they're about the same, but monks are a little more unusual these days and will be noticed. I would absolutely not wear monks to an interview.
So we're going to skip a week?
New Posts  All Forums: