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With my bowties in a wire basket hung on those 3m hooks beneath my tie rack.
I took something similar off mine, but it's personal preference. I figure if I did lose it, I have enough business cards in the thing (even some in the pocket intended for them!) that somebody could find me. It's not like I have anything in there worth stealing... You could also take the hang tag off the briefcase and use it for another piece of luggage.
Here's my humble submission. Black/gray with gray overcheck. Maybe a little dull compared to some here, but a very versatile suit. A closer view of the tie, because there really is a lot of detail in there. Really fine black and gold stripes on top of paisley. Not sure where that idea came from, but it adds a depth and visual texture to the tie that I like. No Groucho Marx glasses this time because I'm lazy, and pardon the mess in the background.
You realize that the sheep die from overheating if they're not sheared, right?
I never do.
I've never heard anyone use "go ape". I think you're missing part of a word on that one- "go apeshit" is still common enough.
Perfectly normal for a half made shoe. He's not gonna spend time putting a nice finish on them until he knows they're going to fit, and he can't put the sole on until the fit is finalized.
Got a meeting today that I need to be in a suit for, but some great fits already. Keep it up guys!
I thought you had just knicked the top layer- it's hard for me to see how you'd just punch a hole all the way through without straight up stabbing the package- you need to learn some fine motor skills.No, don't use an iron on patch. The collar has several layers, and it's too thick for the glue on the back of one of those to do what you're thinking of. There are fabric mending glues that you could squirt in there to do the same thing though, try something like the singer...
No odd jackets at all? Not even a navy blazer?
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