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If it doesn't fit you right without major surgery, the cut does not fit you nicely. Find another cut or brand before you do something you regret. Look at any Ralph Lauren stuff, by any chance? Springs to mind as a fit that might suit you better.
Presumably, half portions of both bonded Lairds and high proof whiskey.In case you're not familiar with Lairds, it's applejack. A spirit made from apples, produced similarly to whiskey. Bonded means it means the old bottled in bond requirements- 100 proof, aged for at least 4 years, ect. Laird's bonded applejack is 100% apple- the 80 proof is a blend, 65% neutral spirits. Skip that junk and go straight to the bonded.
^Youch. Painfully bad.
You're going to be bumming around Asia? Have a getup made for you. It'll probably run you $100 or so. Do check with your friend on attire- if they're expecting tuxedos, wear a tuxedo. If they're expecting morning dress, wear morning dress. Do NOT try to get creative with either one. If tux, single button, peak or shawl lapel. Black, black bowtie (self tie, learn how- it's not hard), black low cut vest or black cummerbund. Colored pocket square is allowed. If morning dress,...
Thanks for posting this, I found it quite enjoyable. Also, Robert Pinsky could stand to visit a tailor.
It's at a reasonable length. Longer than current styles dictate, longer than I prefer, but not absurdly so. More traditional coats are cut longer, and it's about in line with that. Which would seem appropriate for J. Press. They're not exactly known for fashion forward cuts.
Looking good is much more important than looking unique.
Please rethink your life choices.
If your shoes fit well, leather soles are perfectly safe and comfortable for your feet.
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