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My boss has retired 3 times at various stages of his career. He absolutely doesn't need the money, having flipped between senior roles in politics and in the corporate world through his career, but retirement simply hasn't suited him. So now he heads up our little political advocacy outfit, partially because he believes in the cause, and partially because he'd much rather be directing efforts to influence Congress than ranting at the TV. Can't say I blame him. If you're...
You posted two heavier fall/winter jackets and one light linen/silk one. Are you trying to buy for winter or for summer? What kind of climate do you live in? Any of them would be fine with jeans, but you need to think about when you're wearing the thing. Seasonal jackets are probably too limiting if you don't have a few basics first. The other big question is what you have already. I presume a navy blazer? If not, get one of those.
Wrong year, too. The first Lake Placid Olympics were in '32.
I uh, plead the 5th. Not as many items as some on this forum, but, uh... Hey, I like variety. What can I say?
Also known as, "who has the coolest cufflinks".
Never tried their Cabernet for some reason, but I pretty much always have a bottle of their Carmenere on hand. Great wine, and I find it pretty reliably for $10 (usually priced around $12) around here.
My Dad doesn't take call any more, but when he did, he always had a few near-beers in the house that he could take with to his hockey games and whatnot, so he could drink beer after playing without worrying about medical ethics and all that jazz. Alcoholics also buy stuff like that reasonably often so they can have a beer with guests while not worrying about relapse.The branding isn't the best, but there is a market for it.The one my Dad was getting, O'Douls Amber, is...
I'll play. Since I've never been able to figure out an easy and reliable way to shoot good photos, my WAYWRN shots have been few and poor, so posters around here probably don't have a good idea of my typical mode, so I'll try to describe some of my choices here. I like striped and otherwise patterned clothes, and I like using underutilized colors that I think should be used more. Hence the pale green striped shirt. I love paisley, hence the tie. For practicality, I always...
Seriously. For $12, there are actually a pretty wide array of decent options. And you can routinely get wines normally priced around $15 on sale for $12, try some of those.Part of the fun of wine is the variety. Buy lots of different ones.
She probably has an assistant or two to help handle the volume. But writing that column is her full time job, and honestly, the letters she gets are probably amusing as hell.
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