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Yeah, avoid those unless you want to look like a fashion victim.
It's a dress shirt that they were too cheap to make in a full range of sizes. Perfectly fine to wear under a suit, but make sure it fits right.
With CT, it depends on the fabric. Their twills are quite thick in my experience.
That's a dress shirt. The idiot who wrote the copy was wrong if they called it something else.
I do criss cross on open laced shoes, bar on closed lace shoes.
Yes. Mark it down as a purchase on paypal, and you get protections from paypal that are essentially the same as you get through e-bay- they're the same entity, after all. Ebay is a tool for finding buyers, setting up a listing and paying those fees when you have a prearranged buyer is silly. And actually against e-bay rules, though it's kind of a gray area and people do it.If you give him your e-mail, he can send you an invoice through paypal with the item and price...
You may also want to look at the Allen Edmonds at Jos a Bank- they're the same level of construction, but they're on different lasts, so if the 5 last doesn't work for you, the boardroom or whatever they call it there might work better.
Yes.No. 3.25 is on the narrow side of classic. You don't need to match tie size to lapel size exactly, just make sure they don't look discordant, and really, you need to worry more about your body size when determining tie width than anything relating to your suit. You're absolutely fine.
When you're staff in a place like that, attire-wise it's just another day at the office. Dress code is just coat and tie, you don't need to be ultra conservative in your attire. When people come from outside to meet with you, they're going to be dressed formally every time. But you don't have to be.
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