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Probably add to it. With the obesity epidemic, there are always some larger guys looking for extra long ties, and when the bulk of ties are regular length, that will probably drive up the bidding a bit.As for value, with vintage clothing of any sort, it's a bit hard to determine. I just searched for pleated ties in the completed listings of e-bay, and similar ties are all over the place- from $20 to $150. The ones that seemed to do that best are ones where they put a high...
The idea is that shoes absorb a decent amount of sweat over the course of the day, and that if you don't let it dry out, it can have some very poor effects on the leather. It's not an exact ratio, but waiting a day regardless of whether you wear them for 8 hours or 16 hours is probably wise. You can still sweat a fair deal in 8 hours. You also want to give the shoe trees some time to get the leather back into shape as the shoes dry, minimizing creasing. But it's not going...
I use a Jefferson cup. Perfect size- fill it with crushed ice after muddling the mint, and 2 shots of Bourbon fills it pretty much exactly to the brim. And it looks pretty.Sirrah, that thar language is quite strong. I suggest you temper that before we have ourselves a disagreement.
A Baptist preacher I know (old family friend) always makes the point that Jesus turned the water into wine, not grape juice. American Baptist, not Southern Baptist.As for what I'm drinking, I'm currently disposing of a Rolling Rock. My next drink will be of far higher quality, you can be assured.
Burn the shirt (or at least never wear it with a tie or in anything resembling a halfway formal setting ever again) and ditch the hat. The wrapped cord band is wonderful if you live in the Alps. Anywhere else? Not so much.
They both work well. You're not getting responses because they're both plain color solids that will go with just about anything, and you're trying to match them to a suit in a neutral color that will work with just about any tie, and people are just kind of rolling their eyes. Honestly, you come off as completely clueless.
Alterations shops are used to doing blind hems, because they're usually hemming wool trousers. You've got to be more specific if you want something other than the standard when having things done at the cleaner's.
I'd guess that the pants have been washed more often than the jacket.
I suspect they're expecting frat boys to buy the 151, and that crowd's not gonna notice or care if it's different. Generally, the people who buy 151 proof rum want to get hammered really fast, or want something flammable to play around with. In either case, taste is a secondary concern.
I've seen overcoats with hoods built in already. It depresses me. Of course, I never really understood the hood as a thing- they've always felt really weird to me.
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