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The watch doesn't matter too much, since they're often stand alone pieces, but I would switch to a brass or gold tie bar with that belt and shoes. It's much more trouble to change the buckle on a belt than it is to buy a second tie bar, after all. A brass or gold plated one will run you what, $2 on e-bay? I'd also lean towards a gold toned watch. If you don't own one, get one. They're pretty, and it's nice to be able to match your metals. For that matter, gold and brass...
Ask whoever runs the site you got the picture from.
Made into three piece suits and worn with knit ties. And, of course, an OCBD. That's a seriously awesome outfit.
Low cut is the important bit. U shape is more classic, but a v would be fine if you like it more. Shawl lapel or no lapels is personal preference.
At a wedding with a charcoal suit? Black shoes every time. And stick to a white shirt.
I like 'em.
I've used these guys for some shell buttons for jackets a few times. Not the fastest, but the price and quality are good.
Black and cream do not go together well at all. Really, the entire outfit looks like a mess. Switch to gray chinos or slacks (corduroy in this weather is weird anyway), or keep the pants but switch to brown shoes and belt. And a shirt that isn't black.
Why would gold buttons make somebody want to wear the jacket less? I really don't understand what people have against traditional blazers...I have a 3 roll 2 navy blazer in a fabric like that, with gold buttons. It's one of my favorite jackets. I say go for it, though I would also cut off that patch.
What? That's comically wrong. Plenty of Burberry stuff has a "Burberrys" logo. Just means it's older, though the change where they dropped the s is still pretty recent. The vast, vast majority of vintage Burberry stuff out there is going to be labeled "Burberrys".And yes, his friend is an idiot. Not everything is going to have the check, and the check is very common on fake stuff anyway. And no fake is going to have those coded order tags. Hell, if you contact Burberry,...
New Posts  All Forums: