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That is indeed a single Sazerac. Why'd you split the one Sazerac between two different glasses?
I'm not surprised. Captain Morgan is overpriced and watered down (seriously, 70 proof) garbage, so there's plenty of room to make a better rum and offer it at a similar or lower price.Of course, Captain Morgan responded to Kraken by making their version of the same rum, and they actually made it as a quality product, so if the end result may be that the trend forces Captain Morgan to actually put out a quality product.
Suitsupply, or something along those lines? Hell, Brooks during one of their regular sales. $700 is a pretty healthy budget, and buying half canvas new would probably make sense for you. Staple suits are pretty hard to find on the secondhand market- everybody keeps them until they wear out, because they're staples.
School days. Practice can't be during school hours, and the evenings are for games and public stuff. Between youth hockey games, beer league, pickups, and public skates, schedules fill up pretty fast. So they stick the stuff like youth hockey practice, classes, and freestyle sessions (practice) for figure skaters in the mornings, because the demand isn't nearly as elastic for those.Ice time is a challenge in most places. There's never enough to go around and it's always...
Depends on how much the tailor needs to take up to make the sleeve the right length. The whole point of that is to allow alteration to the exact length needed easy.
Sorry, but that's hilariously wrong. Bowties and button down collars have been paired for generations, it's traditional ivy style, even with a suit. If anything, it's the most classic collar to wear a bowtie with.I think this photo from the Ivy Style blog should be introduced here. Note second row center. From the heyday of Ivy:For fun, play spot the future Secretary of State. Also might be noted that there are two people in that photo wearing 3 button jackets with the...
Fresca, but a Sazerac is coming very soon. If there's any night for it...
I would add that these are all things that make a jacket very casual, and you usually find pinstripes on dark, smooth fabrics cut and tailored in a very structured and formal matter. You'll have a hard job finding a pinstripe jacket that works with odd wool trousers, let alone jeans. The formality makes it pretty much suit only. Sportcoats work with jeans when they're in keeping with the casual nature of the outfit- think along the lines of tweed, corduroy, or linen. When...
I think "drug rug" is the common parlance.
I like it. Plaid ties are hardly that outlandish, and it's black, gray and white with a pink accent, which is hardly a radical color combination. Absolutely nothing wrong with it unless you're unilaterally against pink. Conservative? No, but it's a tasteful choice for a party.Oh, and OP- really, if you didn't buy it as a suit, don't try to pretend. People will notice and it will look off. If you have a black jacket that you purchased without matching pants, wear gray pants.
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