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I prefer the first, and would say that they're equally versatile. They're both lovely ties, so maybe flip a coin?
Absolutely buy those. Everyone needs a pair of burgundy penny loafers. Jeans, khakis, all the way on up to odd trousers and a jacket. I wear my burgundy pennys more than any other shoe.
White or light blue shirt, plain. Tie in a conservative color and pattern- you should be able to wear just about any with that. But if in doubt, try a burgundy neat. Neat ties, fyi, have a small evenly repeating pattern, along the lines of this.
H&M often has stuff like that. It's made quite poorly and the fit is terrible, but about the best you can hope for in that price range.
Give a number. "Budget friendly" has a wildly different meaning depending on whose budget it is.
Shoe trees, conditioner, and polish should help. But creases are entirely natural in shoes, they'll never go away entirely.
You realize that there's a standing thread with 30,000 posts and over a million views on the subject already, right?
^Hideous is a good word for those. Can't speak to the quality without handling them. You can make very high quality shoes with a comically gaudy appearance.
I get a deco vibe, but really, when you get outside of the mainstream of conservative design, the lines are blurry on the difference between retro cool and modern tacky. A lot of the designs we think of as vintage and cool now were considered tacky in their time by many (see: Art Deco ties). If you like it, wear it. It not, don't. I see Jerry Garcia type stuff all the time, and you know what? It can look pretty decent matched up with a conservative suit and tie. The tie...
I'd opt for a checked suit. Something you can wear to work on less formal days, and that can be worn for festive social occasions. Don't know if you have suitsupply down under, but something like this.
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