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^Mid gray, yes. Dark gray and black, no. Black pants or suits require black shoes. You have some flexibility with grays, but those are not the most versatile shoes- to wear with charcoal, you'd need a substantially darker brown or a burgundy.
It's not exactly a drink that requires a lot of precision. I think you generally use about 2 parts gin to 1 part lemon juice. Just lightly muddle a crapload of basil, and dump it in a pitcher with the gin, lemon juice, and maybe half a part of 1:1 simple syrup (so 4 parts gin, 2 parts lemon, 1 part simple). Stir well, maybe even whisk together to make sure the citrus is well incorporated, and pour into glasses over ice. Having some seltzer around wouldn't be a bad idea-...
Since when does Sailor Jerry come in a sleeve? Anyway, Project Paso Cab right now, likely a hot buttered rum next. I've really been enjoying those this fall already- I just made a big batch of the batter (recipe I used has 2 cups brown sugar and a stick of butter blended with spices, basically), rolled it into sticks, put 'em in wax paper and a ziplock, and stuck 'em in the freezer. You just cut off a chunk- about 1.5 T worth, more or less depending on taste- and add your...
^I personally like the first one the best, but all three would work. I'd skip the scarf/ascot whatever that is. In terms of pairings, navy suit and white shirt means wear any tie that you like. It's one of the most neutral combinations possible- the only thing more neutral is a charcoal suit and a white shirt.
Think Halloween costume or gag gift.
Last time I heard that joke, I laughed so hard that I fell off my dinosaur.
I don't get the whole "everybody is beautiful" validation thing. It's untrue. We're evolutionary programmed to respond to certain things, and while there are some variations in how we react, some people are indeed more physically attractive than others. The thing to teach kids is not that everyone is beautiful- which even 5 year olds know is bullshit. You need to teach them that not everybody is attractive, that it's okay to be unattractive, that you shouldn't draw your...
Depends on how much material is available, and how close to the cuff the buttons are positioned now. But generally, if a jacket has functional buttonholes and the sleeves are the wrong length, you just need to walk away. Find another jacket, because it ain't worth the trouble.I'm not a huge fan of french blue, but that's a decent pairing for it. Looks fine.I wear woven leather belts with suits on occasion, as a way to dress them down a bit. It's a good pairing if you're...
If the jacket is lined, you'd have to open up the jacket lining to do it by machine, but you could do it by hand easily enough- just a basic hand stitch, being careful to not go all the way the way through- you don't want to pick up the lining- then double back to fill in the gaps. Wouldn't be as durable as a real lockstitch, but it would more than fill the purpose of keeping the fill from moving around.
No, it's just a straight diagonal- if I have the orientation correct (that's a sleeve, right?), it's a left hand twill. Made of coarsely finished wool, making it tweed.
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