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Shirt stays are the ones that go from your shirt to your sock. Traditional for military types, if I'm not mistaken. The ones with elastic around your calf are called sock garters. I have no personal experience with either, though seeing this conversation inspired me to order a pair of sock garters, an idea I've debated before, since falling socks do irritate me. Oh, and to control the shirt coming up, try tucking your undershirt into your underwear. Makes a huge...
Those are abjectly terrible.
They sell welted shoes made from full grain leather for $200. Channeling is a mostly pointless aesthetic detail. So it's not done to the standards of Edward Green- what do you want from them?
Uh, that's just a channeled sole. The covering for most shallow channels like that one- which are pretty much purely aesthetic and don't affect wear- wears off pretty quickly with normal wear to the sole. It's normal and nothing to be upset about. You might not want to see it on a new shoe, but you're going to have much more significant aesthetic damage to the sole the moment you step outside.
Donate/sell it along with the pants to somebody who can get some use out of the entire suit. Alternately, stick it in the back of your closet in case you lose the weight.
There are ways you can make them non-functional- but you can never close the buttonholes to move the buttons and adjust the sleeves, if that's what you're asking.No, but you can take in the chest of a suit (usually for a decent bit of money, though). Waist suppression reduces the size of the waist, and tapers that change in dimension up to the chest, which should stay the same. Taking the back in or out can affect the chest size, though.
The alcohol would do two things- it would break down the finish, and it would remove oils from the leather. You're happy removing some finish for a worn look, but when you strip oils out of leather, that shortens its life. Lexol and mink oil will replace those oils, you should use one of those. It won't restore the finish- if you want to get some of that black back, you'll need a product with dye in it. Either straight leather dye, or polish. Any polish will contain dye...
I am drinking a most excellent hot cider. I took some of my hot buttered rum batter, melted it into cider, and added 2 oz of Old Overholt. It's a winner.
I iron around box pleats. If you do iron 'em, do it evenly. Personally, I like my shirts to flow smoothly with minimal or no creasing anywhere on the shirt, so I don't like to iron in hard creases like you would by ironing a pleat.
Huh, haven't seen the Stinger pop up in a while.Drinking a Cheerwine cocktail myself. 2 oz gin, 3/4 oz lime juice, rocks, and fill the highball glass with Cheerwine (an NC soda). Hopefully it's good luck for the Panthers game- all ya'lls NFL teams suck.
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