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Hi, I came across a nice blazer lately but its measurements seem a bit odd: shoulders: 16'' pit-to-pit: 20'' shoulder to cuff: 26'' length: 30'' All looks fine for my size, except that the difference between the shoulder width and the pit-to-pit seems quite large, and given that my shoulder width is measured as ~19'', will this blazer fit for me? Thanks.
really like that Pal Zileri suit, shame it's not a 38. Any chance of getting a 38R Pal Zileri Sartoriale?
http://www.fantinishoes.com/ There are quite a few of them on YOOX right now, and I have seen them there many times before, just wonder if they worth a try... Yes, when I pop that into wiki, it gives me the info of an italian football player.
Loads of them are available on YOOX, seen like decent shoes with reasonable price (£75-95). Has anyone had them, any comments available on its quality? Thanks.
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