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thought the limit now is $800, so you shouldn't have been charge anything in the first place?
Would be all over this if they were IT48
Wish it was a EU48, great piece!
New drop
Anyone can confirm their yuketen maine guide db boots' insole has raised heel, which creates a ramp inside the shoes around heel and arch areas?
So no hit via postal service? Is that a general rule?
Shipping to the U.S from pediwear.co.uk? Any hit?
Probably not very high. Similar to Lardini, Boglioli, etc. Most of their RTW are fused (or completely unstructured and unlined), and a few comes half-canvassed, not sure about their MTM stuff.
So what about custom/tax charges for these orders? If you got charged, how much was it for order from each shop? Thanks.
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