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Ian thanks again for the detailed response. I'll likely see him this week for some basic alterations so I'll chat with him then about his custom work.
Thanks I'll definitely check them out. Have you done a lot of MTM with them?
I had a feeling you would say them. They are highly recommended by most accounts. I'm glad you were happy with the work. Did he slim the pants or sleeves on you RLPL? Also, what does he charge for a custom suit? How many fittings? How do you compare his bepoke construction with other suits? Thanks again!
Thanks for posting the pics. Were you 100% satisfied with the tux and alterations work? I think it looks pretty good but even with pictures it is hard to judge. Who's the tailor?
Hi, I started a similar thread a few days after this one and would be interested in learning more about your experience with this tailor in Fairfax. Pics and details would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Good to know. I would be weary getting measured by a salesman. The last MTM I did I was measured by the house tailor and still just so so results.
Thanks for replying to my post. This was mentioned earlier. Do you have any experience with their MTM program? The other poster mentioned that it was supposed to be quite good.
Thanks for sharing. This is very helpful. I'd be curious to know how everything turns out with the finished product. I'll have to start monitoring the next trunk sale. Thanks again.
Thanks for chiming in. Do you mind sharing specifics around the process and overall cost? What did you end up getting?
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