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Congratulations again! You and the bride look great!
I was looking at that exact suit but decided against it because I thought it might be too light. Looks great on you and for a summer wedding looks perfect! How do you find the mohair blend? I'm only about 5'8" and I was thinking 1.75 inch cuffs. Too big? I'm used to uncuffed but was looking for a change.
Looking good man! What height are your cuffs?
Sorry, I replied to you earlier question without quoting. I'm closer to 5'8" and weight is just about 165. I don't have experience with vintage jackets but I don't think the padding is overly bulky.
Yup, pretty close. Closer to 5'8" but still pretty short. Weight is correct.
Hi everyone, I'm new to Suitsupply and was hoping to get some help from the forum experts. After experimenting with several cuts -Napoli, York, and Lazio (all in 38s and 40s), it seems the Washington in 40s fits best. I ordered two Washington models and I was hoping to get some feedback on these two...
Ian thanks again for the detailed response. I'll likely see him this week for some basic alterations so I'll chat with him then about his custom work.
Thanks I'll definitely check them out. Have you done a lot of MTM with them?
I had a feeling you would say them. They are highly recommended by most accounts. I'm glad you were happy with the work. Did he slim the pants or sleeves on you RLPL? Also, what does he charge for a custom suit? How many fittings? How do you compare his bepoke construction with other suits? Thanks again!
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