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Yeah, I know what you mean. I've gone through four pairs of their black leather lo-tops and two of the black canvas, buying them on ebay any time they appear. That being said, if anyone has a black leather version of these in size 10, let me know! I'm really struggling to find an adequate replacement for my go-to shoe of the last three or four years. I have a pair of their black leather slip-ons ("Hugh") that are too large for me if you're interested; size 44. As for the...
These appear to be cotton-cashmere pants. I have a pair and they're great; soft as hell and a much better cut of trouser than they were doing around the time (a true 31" waist, for instance). Of course, there was a pair of cotton-silk pants from that same season or the one prior -- do you have those? Because then I'd be interested...
Quote: Originally Posted by jonusb2 Hundreds of years ago in what is new york asian escort now Great Britain and Northern France,lived the Celts.The Celts believed in new york asian escorts many gods,with the sun god as their favourite.They thought that it was"he"who new york escort ordered them what to do for their work and when they could rest,and"he"made the new york escorts earth beautiful and the crops grow. What a fascinating piece of...
And here I thought you were selling firearms.
Quote: Originally Posted by LVoer I think you mean Todd. That's why it's not worth much. He got it signed by Seth.
cr1234 is great -- turnaround time was super fast, something like 40 hours. I hardly even had time to change my socks after payment before a new pair of shoes arrived.
What would be the right time to jump the gun?
Any more photos of the Raf jeans?
Bought a jacket from mellowfellow, paid Thursday, showed up on Saturday, quick and easy. Great seller, for sure.
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