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Indigo size 31 sold! Only black ones left now.
Indigo size 32 sold! The others are still available.
The Margiela jacket is sold, jeans are still available!
@nerazzurri: I'm a size 50 so the jacket doesn't really fit me. @chiggah: I have no experience of APC so I can't really say to be honest. Please check the measurements and compare to a pair you have. Thanks to user Bakes who spotted my waist measurements were a little off. They're now updated
Hello! I get it to about 11,5 inches across.
I got a couple of things for sale. All prices include shipping by registed trackable airmail to anywhere in the world. I have perfect feedback on ebay and have done some deals on SuperFuture. Dior Homme Dry / Raw Jeans NWT $260 Jeans 19 cm 900 Noir Reference: PI31J0530319 - 906 Waist 31 inches Hem/Bas 19cm Made in Italy Measurents approximately, in inches: Waist 16,2 Hem 7,70 Dior Homme Dry / Raw Jeans NWT $260 Jeans 19 cm 530 Bleu Fonce Reference: PI31J0530319 -...
Are these made out of wool or what?
Everything sold guys. Thanks!
W28 Indigos sold!
Quote: Originally Posted by imhotep MIJ raw indigo's in size 30 stretch to 34 inch waist (from original 32). Apparently MII stretches more than that. Hmm, are you sure about this? I have a pair myself and there's no way they've stretched a whole 2 inches. Hmm, on the other hand I didn't size down or anything when buying mine. In any case the jeans will also shrink a bit when finally washed. And yes I still have the W30.
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