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You people are racists! Like it's all their fault?! You can really overreact. It's just a few bad ones, every race, every culture got those... I say kill the bad ones, survival of the fittest.
I'm pretty sure my employee's are clean... And the thing about Rotterdam... Well, it's just hard to fix that... I'll try the LED screens. Last week I caught 2 boys by myself who tried to steal, they're just 14 years old!? Where is the world going to?
We have security around prime time and we got camera's but I just want to be less attractive to be a target. Just because I sell stylish clothes shouldn't be a reason to be a target all the time, isn't it?
Hello everyone, Recently I see an absolute raise of shoplifters in my store (Armani Jeans Rotterdam). I was wondering... Do you guys have any idea's how I can prevent my store from being a target? Greetings, Vincent
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater The only good thing about the duration of this movie is that it gave me an opportunity to take a nap in the middle and still wake up with enough time to know what's going on and not to miss the most important parts. Already occured to you that you perhaps miss the 'good-movie' feeling?
Here's an other picture... Only I dislike her hair on this picture...
He really must have paid a lot to get on the picture with her... Can't believe it otherwise...
Sexiest woman for me would be hands down: Rosario Dawson Her body is just perfect, her lips-eyes combination is just stunning!
Indeed, I'm sharing my knowledge and not my sausage... Got enough orders for that one already
I wash them after every wear... Take them to the drycleaners every 5 wears or something like that.
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