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Posts by KD-fens these similar to what you all wore/are looking for currently?
I find that Brooks Brothers s/s shirts are too long for me - the sleeves hit almost at the elbow, and they have a straight across cut. Maybe those would suit you? And if you find them too long, you could always hem them.I got a JTG harrington the other week. Burgundy, raglan sleeve. It feels pretty great, and I can't wait to actually wear it outside. It was -12C last week, 8C today and going back down 16 degrees tonight. The weather is just teasing me right now.The...
Are the two in the middle wearing cords? Just from the way the light is hitting them in the photo, it kinda looks like it to me. Also the cuffs on them.
I just got some 47s, they fit me nearly perfect everywhere out of the bag, but they're really long. I'd like to wash them to shorten them a bit, but I don't really want them to get too much tighter. From my understanding, the waist will go in an inch or so but then stretch out, but what about the thigh and calf? Any significant shrink there? Thanks.
I'm a big fan of Epaulet and what they do, but I was never sure how their slim jeans would fit - they seem a lot lower than I'd be used to, and like the thighs aren't large enough for me. Didn't they make a fuller cut at one point?
I'm having a bit of a hard time finding jeans with similar dimensions to 501s in a raw selvedge, and under 200, that aren't APCs. Any other suggestions?
Had I been able to order the navy one I was looking at (a medium.... ) I would have gone with an OCBD and jeans, and not really much else. I'm not sure if I would wear it with anything other than jeans. I don't think chinos would look right with it, but maybe I'd have to see it in person.How does the medium fit? I'm 6'2 and thin, does it have fairly long sleeves? I know the measurements are on the site, but I wouldn't mind a second opinion of sorts..Also, to anyone with...
I like that they're not as common, add a bit more colour to the outfit, and I feel that the collar helps emphasize the collar of the shirt underneath it. I also think it's got a more youthful look to it.In regards to the change of seasons, I ease into the new weather. I'll start wearing heavier jeans/chinos during the day, wear desert boots more often, more earth tones, sweaters during the day, wool socks, and bring out my 3 season parka, sans liner. Once the end of...
Question for the OG's - when it came to wearing suits, were braces worn with them, or did you go with belts? Or did you get the more streamlined look by getting perfectly cut pants? And if you went with braces, was it your day-to-day braces, or button on "dress" braces? I see a lot of "traditional" skinheads wearing their clip on braces with their suits, and I think it looks like trash.
I need to get a jacket like the one Bob has there. Someone point me in the right direction, please. i wish I could contribute to this thread.
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