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I have many items posted on ebay all at great prices: Please let me know if you are interested or make an offer. I also have many more pics and can take more measurements if you need them. Thank you!
Hi Everyone, I've got 3 pairs of jeans listed on Ebay: All three pairs are fairly reasonably priced and all are in great condition. I'll take offers on the HB jeans and the Crate ones if they are reasonable. You can see more pics here:
I just bought a pair of Philip Lim jeans off of Gilt....mainly because they were only $38 and that seemed like a great deal....Do they usually fit true to size? or am i going to have $38 worth of gilt credit..
great hoodie! if it was in my size it would not still be for sale
can you add a big pic of the james so i can see the whole jean..or a fit pic...
dries suit looks fabulous hope you sell that h+m sweater asap, it's hideous
man those are cheap prices. if they were my size i think i'd buy them all.
i have one pair of NS's which i bought off here from basically new, but stretched from a 27 to a 30...they fit me well, and i really like them... but i really just don't understand how anyone can even buy them...i mean, you just wear them super tight for like a month until they fit you? from what i've seen on the B+S, there is like a 4 waist size increase from stretching.....that's rediculous...i know the jeans are nice, but why not just get something that doesn't...
Hi, I've slowly gone from a 34 to a 30 waist and thus 80 percent of the 30 pairs of jeans I have don't really fit so well....and i'm basically broke from buying all of if anyone has some nice jeans they don't want anymore and are willing to unload at a reasonable away
thanks for all the help!
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