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I needed to kill sometime a couple of weeks ago and roamed around Urban outfitters, and I ended up picking up this Never Sleep Jacket for 30 bucks.
I love v-neck tees. My favorite basic wardrobe staple. I am a big fan of Armani Exchange pima cotton v-necks. Probably the only thing in that store you can buy that doesn't have AX plastered all over it.
I am a fan of the Dsquared show with all of their models covered in blood and bruises. I love the edginess of this collection, which I thought had some great pieces in it. Thought it was interesting that they were doing tanks and sheer shirts sweaters?!?!
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi I'm ridiculously confused and unsure of where to go with my style. One of the main reasons is just because I'm so slim that almost nothing fits me, I also live in a small town without much shopping. Being that I'm 5'9" and either an XXS or a slim XS it's just ridiculously hard for me to find ANYTHING that works. I usually end up settling for clothes that are 1 size too big in the chest and an inch or so shorter than...
Quote: Originally Posted by gawkrodger I really liked Prorsum Definetly will be getting the flying jacket at the front here I was also a big fan of the Prorsum collection. I liked just about every jacket they brought down the runway, and huge fan of the oversized collar jackets.
I have been trying to have a less casual look. I love my v-neck t shirts, which are always a staple with me, but I have been gravitating towards a dressy casual look lately, such as a button down and vest, jeans, and stylish sneakers.
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