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just got the leffot email today. can't wait for my daytrippers! That shade looks terrific!
darn i missed out!
bunch of epaulet fiends you've created Mike!
SNS Herning Stark Color: Navy Size: Medium Condition: Worn but in great condition Approximate Measurements: length 32 inches, p2p 19.5 inches, s2s 18 inches, sleeve 26.5 inches keep in mind it can accommodate quite a bit of stretching. $200+shipping.
anything go for sale that wasn't shown on instagram?
This is a lesson in drunk shopping. Don't drink and buy! I bought this while drunk last week from an international shop, so if I returned it I'd be taking a total loss of $150, so I'm just trying to recoup costs from my mistake. Oliver Spencer Quilted Blazer with Ribbed collar and cuffs Size: 40 ~ medium (i'll get measurements up tomorrow) Color: Grey Original retail: ~$575 Price: $450+shipping, it's about 3 lbs boxed, so that'll be $15 bucks CONUS priority. here's a...
unfortunately they ran out of the FF fabric I ordered but I can't wait for my substitute shirt!
Carted them on fnl and nike. But surprisingly got thru ndc faster. Gave up on my fnl cart after i got my ndc order
he can't. they're all around the world
deciding to let go of the dark glacier heirloom that I got (size 40). pm me if you're interested.
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