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does anyone know how well the navy hopsack walts match the samuelsohn bernard rain system hopsack jacket?
Oh man I won't be able to join the fun until later in the day. Hope I can score something! on another note, are the heirlooms still on schedule for thanksgiving delivery?
any restock on the navy suede and sand suede belts planned Mike?
i dig those pants. too bad i'm a 38R not 40
thigh is widest point i believe. while i'm certain the crotch is measured down to the bottom where you put your widest point thigh measurement not the crotch intersection.
darn it! missed out!
gotta look back in this thread/instagram a few months ago. It was for some reddit thread only. Along with some navy whale print shirt
I wish I had known about that navy sheep shirt. Way prefer it over the gray
terrible you should just give them to me. but for real, those are a terrific shade. they look great!
common sizes went quick. I missed out on everything I wanted too. So don't fret
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