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size compared to flyknit lunar 1s?
I'm guessing it's when they have a lot of orders to do. they probably just batch label em and it makes it easier. I just am impatient about waiting a week as opposed to do 2-3 days.well that pushed me to place my Slate order! Loved my walnuts that arrived last week. So amazingly light and soft.here's the awesome walnut color. (at the tailor getting tapered now).
Poop. Requested usps and just got ups tracking. Takes longer to get here
I'll let you know if I change my mind or if it doesn't work out
I think I just got the last medium crosshatch!
11.5 available right now. Act quickhttp://beatniconline.com/collections/nike/products/nike-af1-qs-low
what size are you? Some sites I think still have stock
pics of those slate pants please!
^^yea I'm thinking the anchor print pair too.
Rise comparison between wvg and ep chinos?
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