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that's from your dryer not washing cold
dang i missed out. would've gone for the olive and linens
well bday code used to be 50% off and the tote code is already now 50% off. is there still even a bday code?
Is the model on the site wearing after dinners or before dinners for the popovers?
Got me some pow and blackwatch. Tempted by the Japanese camo walts too Edit: just got the camo too
Wish this was last week. Leaving for kauai tomorrow and a pop over would've been perfect
Struck out everywhere this morning
the last several have been pretty easy to get in store. so hopefully people aren't trying to get em tomorrow. Plus lots of jordans dropping this month so kids might be saving.
Those kobes release in August
wow. steal. wish the jacket was my size! GL with the sale!
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