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thankfully you guys posted the link on here. it's still not showing up under my sale section
wow these prices are a steal!
Where's the classic simplico stance? nooo someone bought the 34s of the bordeaux and aubergine too much hemming and hawing on my part.
Epaulet Slim Walt Trousers Size: 33 Fabric/Color: Grey Prince of Wales Super 130s Condition: Unworn, still new with tags. Therefore measurements should be stock still. Description: This classic Prince of Wales check has a moderate medium scale, crisp hand and refined matte finish. Their style can be easily tailored to almost any outfit; rakish when you want them to be, or conservative when you need them to be. Crafted in Italy of gorgeous Super 130's wool, they feel just...
Epaulet Rivet Chinos Size: 34 Fabric/Color: Plum Duck Canvas Condition: Worn less than a handful of times. Description: ""Duck Canvas" is a slightly heavier and tougher variant of the cotton canvas that we typically use for our chinos. It's seriously tough. The weave structure is larger, giving these a wonderful texture up close. They'll feel quite rigid at first, but after a few washes and just a bit of wear the fabric will soften up considerably. You can expect them to...
I'm going to say quite unlikely
pow suit purchased!
mike already checked and that fabric's tapped out. Mike, I PMed you about my so far 10+ week wait for a pair of MTO walts. please check on it when you can, thanks!
damn, the shoulders are too small. but this thing is beautiful and at a steal!
@macjedi it's alright I ordered some MTO slate walts a day before you on 5/8 and haven't received it yet or heard any word either. my previous mto walnut rudys i ordered took i think 3 weeks.
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