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Well monday for aldens it is. I was going to get more shirts if I missed out on the aldens but I will test my resolve this whole weekend then.
ordered. self imposed limit of 2 reached. let's see if i can hold myself to that.lies!
noooo. that sunny madras check went too quick!
darn. you guys really allowed no thinking time on those rhino oxfords. hemmed and hawed too long on the peach. edit: nvm. it somehow came back in stock!
is there an estimated time to when you'll be posting the alt wien pre-order mike? perhaps after the end of the ends for friends event?
electric youth gauzy looks good. mike if we order now and then later on decide we've ordered too much would it be too big a hassle to ask to cancel some earlier order?
I'm definitely in for the alt wien boot! Aberdeen over barrie for the sleekness
yes. buy em both and you've got yourself a nice quick suit
Mike are you guys not going to ever restock the suede belts then?
i'm sure it was only for those who preordered. but someone posted the link up on the previous page as well.
New Posts  All Forums: