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nvm, realize you're on the hunt as well
amidst this field jacket talk... I'm mighty tempted by the LBM MTO in wool-cash bright blue window pane....
simple answer would be no.epaulet doesn't have sample sales and doesn't run sales. Items that hit the sales section of the site are usually just items that didn't sell that season or there's a change of some sort going on. Sometimes epaulet will have a 25% off coupon for sales items but never off regular merch. so if there's something you really like, don't wait on it, b/c it might be gone before you know it.
Ah I see. Well from the shoulder sounds right then?
well I decided to give a look see at the wvg product page. The buttons are functional, which means there are holes, which explain the stitching.so @platopus you've gotta do it at the shoulder.
the biggest benefit of nonfunctioning sleeve buttons is that you can get the sleeves adjusted from the bottom and not at the shoulder. find a new tailor.
i agree with everyone else. they look great!
I'm not ampcb, but in general I think it depends on your own waist. I am 5'10 170 and have a 34" waist so I buy size 34 in wvg pants. So it's actual waist sizing and not vanity sizing with mauro
wow did those knit blazers go quick! if anyone changes their mind on a slim 38, preferably grey. let me know please.
that veneto vest
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