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Still wear my black stadium from 2010 all the time. Love this jacket. Always tempted to cop the olive
that indigo windowpane silk/linen/cotton blend is calling my name... the 1625 linen i think was the nantucket linen I bought a bit ago in a previous eff and I can't recommend them enough to anyone out there. They are my favorite pair of pants that I own patternwise. does anyone know for a finished inseam on the mto, how much fabric is available to let out if necessary?
darn, too small
darn missed out on navy sheep.
Yesterday's eff reda walts and eff shirt
Agreed that Eggplant windowpane is testing my willpower
We need @eddiemczee's top picks!
it's safer to not look at all
trubalance is a little wider than barrie but similar lengthwise, most people stick to the same size. id say go 7.5d
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