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debating between the feldmaus or milk chocolate pindot...
Looking like brown fatty calf to me
how long was your initial break in?@AkeemI wear my Barrie in 7E and the 2030 in 7 was too tight in the toes and vamp. I haven't had a chance to try on the 2030 in 7.5 yet though.
The Driggs nomenclature
hmmm sketch. closed the styleforum listing but just relisted it on ebay again.the 2 ebay accounts have been alternating that sportcoat.for that specific blazer the location is pittsburgh, pa for the ebay acct chaseall2013 and woburn, MA for jumper9912.Funny thing is, all the rest of the items for jumper9912 past and present, have the location as pittsburgh, pa.Clearly, some shill bidding in the auction listing that recently ended as well. since the winner contains the 2...
I see. Well it currently does not work for some reason then.
Doesn't seem to work still
Count me in if someone were willing to proxy. Thanks
I'd want them only for the soles. But looks like no forefoot lockdown with those laces being so far up and few lace loops
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