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terrible you should just give them to me. but for real, those are a terrific shade. they look great!
common sizes went quick. I missed out on everything I wanted too. So don't fret
there was never a newsletter
damn missed out on the white pinpoint spread. should've just bought it earlier when i put it in my cart
You guys are making me rethink my dark glacier over grape decision...
at the end of yesterday's maiden voyage
still love my noris
Hey Mike, will there be anything similar to the salt & pepper lavender check for the upcoming Walt ff? Or do I need to just jump on the rivet option?
Fk lunar 1s are snug on me at 8.5 but I prefer the 9. I prefer 9 in the fk lunar chukka and free. Fsb I go 8.5. Free toebox is a more spacious than the lunar
New Posts  All Forums: