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Looks like the return of stitchdown for the cxl restock this friday!
did you size the same for alphabounce as ultra boost?
did fok ever post part 3?
but you didn't and shoemart isn't going to give you a partial refund.
just return em. you're clearly going to always be bothered by it.
I know it is. It was a year and a half+ wait and is a nonstandard size. However, I'm trying to recoup my costs after fees and shipping and this is actually the same cost it'd be if purchased by a new york resident. so it's not outrageous.Plus eventually, if it doesn't sell, I'll just end up wearing them
thanks, i was contemplating it in regards to purchasing 8d in plaza/grant
thanks. i'll go the patient route then
So I wear a 7.5E in both the grant and plaza last. Anyone have any experience going up a half size to be able to order from in stock sizing? Tempted by some 8d shoes but not sure if they'd work out for my width or if the length would be bothersome
anyone else still having issues with getting the seconds page to load? reset my pw and used the link and everything and still just kicks me back to the main page.
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