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so i have you to be jealous of for taking those 34s. grats though
i def regret not making a picnic shirt out of that elephant pre-order in time.
got my 4 eff shirts in today! i do prefer the regular collars as opposed to these gitman vintage collars but they'll work. peach rhino oxford/ indigo gingham sunny madras / desert sunset
epaulet sizing. so epaulet by new england.
makes me regret not ordering this as a banded. My shirts wont' be here till Mondaythat 80s arcade flannel looks even better than i anticipated.
new colorways just came out. they won't all sell out. it depends on whether you're running in them or just wearing them casually. They're going to run a tid bit wider than roshes. Being flyknit they also have more give.
@tricky if those are the original 1000 miles they're made in usa. it's the other models that aren't.
wish some of those sale jackets were my size. major steals.
both navy and grey superfly mercurials dropped today.
New Posts  All Forums: