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I'm a 7e in barrie, 7.5e grant, 7.5d wolverine 1000 mile, 7eee in the ae5, and just got my size 7 black cxl unstructured in the 2030. They're relatively tight across the vamp. Do you guys think I should just account for the anticipated stretch? I'm tempted to size up.
I personally like those black unicorns more
calgary@brooklynclothing.com works as an email
so if the sample measurement is from the back.. we'd be good on back length... time to wait for mike's word
before you're outta there, any chance I could get another picture of the loden windowpane flannel? how thick/warm do you think those are? wondering if I could get away with em. thanks mike!you didn't miss out yet.
I might just wait till the end of the day so everyone else can make my decision making easier and affecting my bank account less
i wish i grabbed that champagne reda last time.
those sandy beach donegals definitely look like beach camo wear
dang i'm tempted by a vest, but think it's gonna be too short on me.
vibergian bonding
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