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^you know Google is pretty darn useful. Your behind on all these shoes by a year or two. Your best bet is ebay
it's not so bad even those of us paying attention couldn't score
you could always try your hand on the sf marketplace
i highly doubt there's any flipper with a bot going after these...
damn these things are going quick. wanted them charcoal houndstooth
they should post to IG first so we have a heads up.
man. no time to think. this is all gut reaction.
going to lunch. don't buy anything in my size fellas
plus shopify doesn't save things in cart. just gotta be quick! the longer those scarlet walts sit there, the more tempted I get... edit: good someone got em!
check your typical pant measurements and compare to their size chart. or at least give us some brands you typically wear so we have a frame of reference.
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