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there should be some fabric that can be let out in the sleeves
Buy more beatlegeuse so then I can eventually buy more off you haha
Wow. But at least it seems it's more due to the inability to renew the lease than failure. Hopefully I can make it out before it's no more.
it's the third color listed
Damn wish I could score a pair of lows
the SPs seem like they'll retail for 225/240. The FSBs retailed for $200 not 225. I'm sure the SPs will release stateside eventually
Ordered some Japanese garment dyed walnut rudys today. Can't wait for those to arrive!
Yea i made that comment on blks. It's always hard figuring out when to cut the cord with players that carried you to where you are but then knowing you gotta do what it takes to win.
I'm pretty sure it's the same. But it allows for Rudy and Driggs as well as customization.
Hmmm slate or walnut. which color of the walnut is more accurate? The main picture or the 2nd closer up picture?
New Posts  All Forums: