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before you're outta there, any chance I could get another picture of the loden windowpane flannel? how thick/warm do you think those are? wondering if I could get away with em. thanks mike!you didn't miss out yet.
I might just wait till the end of the day so everyone else can make my decision making easier and affecting my bank account less
i wish i grabbed that champagne reda last time.
those sandy beach donegals definitely look like beach camo wear
dang i'm tempted by a vest, but think it's gonna be too short on me.
vibergian bonding
what a deal! gl with the sale!
hmmmm half size larger than I am but so nice
You're looking at the wrong one. It's this new pre-order http://www.palmertrading.com/viberg/pre-order-viberg-x-ptc-bad-seed-service-boot-black-waxed-flesh
New Posts  All Forums: