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I see. Well it currently does not work for some reason then.
Doesn't seem to work still
Count me in if someone were willing to proxy. Thanks
I'd want them only for the soles. But looks like no forefoot lockdown with those laces being so far up and few lace loops
Oh how I wish that vest was 1 size smaller!
i could no longer resist and pulled the trigger on the khaki field jacket last night. can't wait for it to arrive
Wonder if anyone will be willing to do some proxying
Can't decide between purple nurple or indigo viotech. By the time I decide they'll both be gone haha
Never worn or tried on. Only taken out of the box for pictures. Decided to let these go. Alden x Epaulet Alt Wien Size: 7E Barrie Last Double Leather Sole. Medallion Captoe Blucher. Price: $760 shipped CONUS Priority with insurance.
New Posts  All Forums: