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My only desire for Enzos would be a higher rise
Wow. Super steal
sweet. ordered the ilcea and antique edge snuff to test em out then.
snuff or ilcea jodhpurs, can't decide! even though they probably won't work with my wide feet i want to at least try! haha
I would had they had my size when I saw my email, but it doesn't help I just picked up a vanson this week as well. Next leather jacket will be a thedi though.
those thedi jackets though....
Probably fine. Also depends on torso length.
Not sure what I'd be for that brown derby mike. 7e barrie makes me think 8. But I wear a 9 in vans and Jack Parcells. So that's a full size difference. Seems it'd be significantly different
copper sand and japanese khaki twill ordered
that plum lbm is so awesome
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