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i'm interested in how that wine shawl cardigan will turn out
Mike is the heirloom preorder a one time thing? Or do you anticipate possibly doing this again next year? Struggling to make a decision right now
Anyone that went to the trunk show, is the Cassat on the darker side of red or relatively vibrant?
ordered the ecru. now debating cassat vs forest vs maybe derby
Does the cassat have any black running through it or is it just my eyes? ughh awfully tempted by the derby but I want to stay at my personal limit of 2!
wish I could get that west egg madras made into a shirt!
looks like ravello daytrippers from leffot
It was a difference of only 12 bucks last time too. Twas ridiculous
i agree with all of you guys. gonna probably have to limit myself to 2 only. ecru nep, cassat, or derby
i'm jealous of whoever snagged those pale mist herringbone linen
New Posts  All Forums: