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i'm jealous of whoever snagged those pale mist herringbone linen
Heirloom sizing is a little conflicting amongst everybody. It seems to mostly depend on preference. Some people prefer a little loose. Some like it more fitted. Here's my .02. I'm 5'10 167 and wear a 38 in ep x Southwick coats. Typically a medium in EPNY and all things epaulet. I got a 40 dark glacier last year but sold it on bc i felt it was a bit too baggy for my liking. So i plan on going with a 38 for a trimmer look
busted out the elephant shirt last night
sweeeet. am i the only one who would prefer no pockets on the heirloom cardi? but i'm def in for that ecru
sweet just ordered the medium elephant. shot you an email to hopefully convert it to a short sleeve
so i have you to be jealous of for taking those 34s. grats though
i def regret not making a picnic shirt out of that elephant pre-order in time.
got my 4 eff shirts in today! i do prefer the regular collars as opposed to these gitman vintage collars but they'll work. peach rhino oxford/ indigo gingham sunny madras / desert sunset
epaulet sizing. so epaulet by new england.
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