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Already ordered 2. But that big bawse taupe is mighty tempting
and i thought i could stay away.... ordered the last indigo hopsack and a pair of nucky thompsons
I think I'm I'm gonna stay away from the eff frenzy today. Save the swatches so I can see what I miss out on. Haha.
i dig the jacket
darnit. i missed this steal
hmmm imo I'd say if you want fitted size go 38. J. Crew size small and slim fit medium.
i'm 5'10 166 and got a 38. last year i found the 40 a little too big for my liking. i wear a medium in almost all things Epaulet and a 38 in southwick. I guess we'll all find out this fall how the sizing works out for everyone!
2nd shawl preordered in addition to the ecru, decided on derby over forest and cassat. i'll just hope this happens again next year.
i'm interested in how that wine shawl cardigan will turn out
Mike is the heirloom preorder a one time thing? Or do you anticipate possibly doing this again next year? Struggling to make a decision right now
New Posts  All Forums: