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hmmm plaza with commando sole... do i need another pair of #8?
i'm pretty sure that could only fly with mto/individualized promotions. effs and such are typically a single style and their sizing since that's how they can swing the deal pricing.
@Epaulet hey mike, Donl's pair just reminded me, but did all the color 8 alt wiens come in?
found it for ya. https://vimeo.com/160942422
Thanks. I guess my issue is the difference in my barrie in relation to jack purcell. I do 9 in Jacks but 7e in barrie. Although I recently got 8.5 for chuck iis. I'm contemplating 8 for the Calgary boots..
copped the navy/sand handloom madras. but still tempted by the petrol/ivory and the albini delave. also interested by the calgary boots. not really certain on sizing though.
For sale items, it usually takes a bit longer since sometimes they have to go to their warehouse to pack it up. Otherwise orders over the weekend don't usually get packed up and shipped out till tuesday. Since the store is closed mondays. Although I think they may have changed up that schedule.
dang wish i had saw that earlier. missed out on the size 8 java wfs was this just a random unannounced drop?
Ugh can't decide between gold/gunmetal/loden tennis trainer.
wish something was in my size good luck with the sale
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