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yea... i don't think you'll sell these remotely close to double retail
dang I'd been awaiting the return of the brixton. missed out today
anyone out there have a 38 vanson rocket they're willing to part with?
hey don,Mike just mentioned on the last page or so that if we're lucky early december. But otherwise the trouser factory is busy so it won't be anytime soon.
some great deals. too bad not my size. good luck with the purging!
thanks man! you and @FrankCowperwood always rock my favorite fits.
Busted out the Nantucket walts today. Love these bad boys!
I went with my suit size of 38 but since I have a long torso, I added 1" to the body and sleeves.5'10 168. excuse the potato quality and the pink umbrella.
dang that blackwatch looks gooooood
Epaulet x Northern Watters Heirloom Cardigan Size: 38 (+1 length and sleeve) Color: Ecru Nep $275 shipped. Ideally I'd sell for $275 + shipping but I'll take the hit on shipping and pp fees as I just don't see myself wearing this all that often. So $275 shipped CONUS. Decided to keep the derby over the Ecru. This was only tried on and the extra button and threads bag are still attached.
New Posts  All Forums: