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Glad it lasted all day. Finally put my order in. Decided on buttondown over banded
Id do the same bur not a fan of compact button downs. I'm doing the Crimson poppy in a banded s/s and the yacht rock in a l/s full button down. Just can't decide on what to do for electric dreams
can't decide to go with a banded collar or full buttondown collar for the electric dreams
So I finally wanna order some doublemonks. I'm a 7e barrie 7eee ae 5 last 7.5 viberg 1035 8 truman us7e marlow. Any sizing recommendations for the inca/rain/alcudia/simpson? Based on what I've read online I've thought uk 7 for rain/inca 7.5 Simpson. But I'm not sure if I should go down a half?
@Epaulet another annoying teba sizing question. Debating between 38 or 39 for it. I'm a medium ep shirt and 38r in the southwick. based on measurements, I feel like I should go 39 for the slouchier fit
Yea they all were. But if yours didn't arrive go ahead and email epaulet.
you probably could work something out if you just email them
Hmm walnut or olive teba....
Tebas tomorrow? How exciting!
wish you posted this pic before the eff ended. Totally would've sold me on em.
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