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mike already checked and that fabric's tapped out. Mike, I PMed you about my so far 10+ week wait for a pair of MTO walts. please check on it when you can, thanks!
damn, the shoulders are too small. but this thing is beautiful and at a steal!
@macjedi it's alright I ordered some MTO slate walts a day before you on 5/8 and haven't received it yet or heard any word either. my previous mto walnut rudys i ordered took i think 3 weeks.
I think you'd be fine altering a 31. i love my seersucker walts.
I'm going to agree. but maybe we can see the original swatch pic of eddiemczee's and we can somehow compare it.I'm awfully tempted by it in hopes that it'd turn out similarly.The chocolate check is already sold through so perhaps that's why noone mentions it.
ugh tempted by the concord blanket check too.
pulled the trigger on the chocolate check. saw their was only 4 available after adding to cart so no time to waste/think. thanks Mike
Do I need a tweed sc in socal? Tell me no everybody.
any chance the 40 Epaulet by Luigi Bianchi Mantova, Vittorio Loro Piana Windowpane Sportcoat wouldn't look too big on me as a 39 southwick?i don't need it do i? yes exchanges are very easy. as long as the items are in stock.
Button closure sounds good. Or even a hidden/covered zipper if you stick with the zipper. Just don't like the aesthetic of it when exposed
New Posts  All Forums: