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the answer is all of em
wish i didn't already have these. $200 is a steal for these!
Per their instagram, We are excited to announce that next month we will be hosting our very first physical sample sale. We will be taking over the LES Projects space at 175 Rivington St. New York, NY for three days from June 12 - 14. There will be over 300 pairs of samples, overrun stock and cosmetic seconds available including several one-of-a-kind boots. Capacity will be limited and entry will be on a first-come, first-served basis. All sales final. Credit card payment...
any chance we'll see the shadow selvedge for the CT cut?
all the time.
hey mike, is the caine in navy hopsack ever making a return as a stock item?
sweet thanks! my wallet says that it hopes they work out for you though
mike if I'm a 7e in barrie and 7.5e in grant/nonbarrie. Would those 7 uk fit? What's the width like?
Anytime you pose this question in here. The only answer is yes.
mike described it earlier like MacBook grey. So I'd say silverish gray?
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