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crooked captoe but I'll just wear em anyhow. I'm sure most won't notice
still there (http://epauletnewyork.com/products/hertling-ends-for-friends-trousers-nov-16-dress-wools-checks-plaids)just ordered the medium grey
I'm contemplating that wool cash just for luxe
Not even opening the box to look at it is stranger than not trying it on.
lookin' good. I eventually want change out my dainite soles for commando. btw what'd ya rewax them with?
yesterday's rain boots. rip alt wien. olive drab cramertons
did i miss out on any 38 jackets?
Ugh darn teaching. No way to score on these steals. Better for my wallet though
couldn't resist and pulled the trigger on the that alden black forest boot finally
trigger pulled!
New Posts  All Forums: