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Oh man. Deters me from making the ~50 min trek. Wouldn't be able to get there in a couple more hours and who knows if there'll be anything left. Did it look like there were lots of 34 and 40 items?
Danggg so many wants
release postponed
the only resolution is both.
Oh man rain system temptation. Sounds like I got to get there early to scoop anything
Hopefully there'll be stuff for me left on saturday!
emails usually get you the best/fastest response.
finishline is only supposed to be green glow ivs, toro ivs, and infrared vis
I'm pretty sure it'll be back. Mike mentioned the limited stock of hopsack right now or something but that it'll come back and that the hopsacks are slightly increasing in price as well? It's somewhere in this thread.
ugh can't decide on which linen pants to go for. got a beach wedding to attend this summer, so I could use a pair. naturale 1305 / wheat 1374 / butterscotch 1364.
New Posts  All Forums: