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how many days before? epaulet's site even states "Sale Price AdjustmentsIf you buy an item at full price, and we mark it down with 7 days of your purchase, then we will issue you a store credit for the difference in price"
anyone got a 38 rocket they've changed their mind on/are willing to part with?
I believe mike said this was possible a while back
Ordered 5 necks. I'm excited
Handsew the hole up? At least it might slow it down if anything?
unfortunately they are 29. When you add to cart. It tells you
Just finished my little sewing project. converted my 3 year old floral chambray to a banded collar. Not the cleanest line but I'm happy with it. It's like getting a new shirt!
nice score. that's my size too!
i believe the BR stands for breeze or something. I think it's a looser weave making it more breathable
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