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I put in 8.3 miles today and it was a relatively balmy 45º when I started out so I didn't have it as bad as CP. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid-50s early in the morning. Perfect running temps in my opinion.
It might have been useful and enough light if I had the other 115,108 fans attendees with me.
I hear you on the complaint of the designs. There are some Seiko lines that I really love (Alpinist, Sumo, Tuna, MarineMaster, 007) but the hideous designs are basically too numerous to mention. Just go look at 90% of what is offered on the Macy's website. FWIW though, I think some of the Grand Seiko watches are some of the most beautiful, understated watches out there. I think the problem with Seiko is that they try to be all things to all people and have licensed their...
I often wonder if Katie thinks us internet shoe buyers are a bunch of wierdos. My wife's name is Katie but I email Katie at Rancourt so much more often than my own wife that when I just type the first name into the to line of a new email, it pops up with Katie Grise as the first option before my own wife, even though my wife's last name and email address both are higher up alphabetically.
I have navy shell beefrolls but mine are unlined. I think the orange lining with yours would look pretty sharp. It may be "out there" by the standards of many folks but you have to remember that for the most part, only you will see the lining (unless somebody else is really looking closely at your shoes and how they flex when you walk). I look at interesting linings in my own clothing or footwear as something that is there to please/amuse me.
I was out at 5:00 a.m. for 13.8 miles. I didn't plan to run quite that far but soon after stepping off the battery in my headlamp died and I was running in an unfamiliar neighborhood and couldn't read the street names and ended up making a fateful turn into what seemed to be a never ending series of very long dead end streets. It was close to 80º when I started this morning and very very humid. Yesterday on my way to work I had to wear a sweater and jacket and tweed hat...
10,463.4 + 10.8 + 7.1 + 18.2 = 10,499.5
For some reason I thought it was 2012 when they began the new nighttime games, not 2011.I didn't make it to any game in 2011 (or 2010). To tell you the truth, I much prefer watching the games from the comfort of my own couch as I don't generally enjoy crowds and a 12:00 or 3:30 game just destroys my entire day, but my wife tries to go to every home game each year. We buy season tickets with my in-laws each year though and in 2010 or 2011 (I forget exactly when) my...
I put in about 18.5 miles this morning along a local rails-to-trail trail and through a few small nature preserves. It was absolutely perfect weather for the run: slightly overcast, 62º, no humidity...It was an awesome game. It was my first night game as I didn't make it last year. It was absolutely electric. I wish they would do another night game towards the end of the season.
7.1 miles this afternoon after the rain cleared out... now about to head out the door to head to the Big House to watch the Wolverines! Go Blue!
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