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Where in SC? I used to live in NC and though I think that Gloverall looks awesome, I'm pretty sure it would totally be overkill in the eastern side of the state, but would probably be great somewhere on the western side in the mountains. I don't think the western portion of SC is as mountainous or cool as NC and think that even in the coldest area of SC the jacket would probably be overkill most of the fall/winter.
I went to the gym after work this afternoon and don't normally enjoy running on the treadmill but decided to work a bunch of one mile sprints (well sprints for me anyway) into the rest of my workout The times were: 6:58, 6:50, 6:46, 6:38. Each mile run had about 20 minutes worth of weight training between them.
I got a message in my email inbox this morning that the Seiko SKX watches are currently marked down at Creation Watches (including the Pepsi version). So if you are thinking of picking up a new one, now might be an opportune time: Seiko SKX at Creation Watches I've purchased twice from Creation and would gladly use them again.
I put in 10.3 miles this morning. I ran the same route as I did on Sunday but did it about 8 minutes faster. In Sunday's defense, the weather that day was rainy and foggy and for some reason that always makes me slow down (and I did walk for about a block at one point while fussing with the music on my iPhone) and today was cool, clear, and very crisp out but I was surprised at just how much of a difference the weather can make in my pace.I am no expert, but I don't think...
11,082.7 + 10.3 = 11,093.0
Make that two units!
11,009.9 + 7.3 + 14.0 + 10.4 + 6.2 + 6.3 + 10.3 + 6.3 = 11,070.7
A speedy 6.25 miles this morning at just under an 8:00 pace.I've begun my taper and have less than three weeks to go until the Marine Corps Marathon...I looked him up and found his schedule and the parking garage they use and it is indeed his group. I think I've seen advertisements for him in the local weekly free paper too.
I generally like the multi-colored bezel on other watches, but for some reason, I just don't care for it on the SKX. I think maybe if the face of the watch were white, silver, or something other than the dark, flat blue that it is, it would look a bit better. However, I've never seen it in person so who knows...That being said, I have an SKX007 and before I recently got a Sinn it was my go-to watch everyday and would go with just about everything.
Those are absolutely gorgeous.And I agree with the other posters that I wouldn't be too concerned about the nicks and dents (unless there is a deep scratch or gouge into the leather). Wdahab brings up a good point that the shell that Rancourt sends out in their finished products is much less polished than what you will get from makers like Alden or AE. I also think seeing the nicks and dents a bit more in your brown colors compared to your green shell rangers is partially...
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