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Anybody have experience buying from Pediwear and shipping to the U.S.? Good? Bad? Do you normally get hit with customs or import fees?
Agreed. Very cool. It would be interesting to see a GIF like that for R.A. Dickey. I would imagine that everything (form, release, and the ball) would be all over the place.
A couple of great acquisitions.I'm currently waiting on a pair of saddle shoes from a Leffot pre-order and the more I see those chukkas, the more I want a pair. I could see myself wearing them with just about anything short of a suit.___________________Today I'm wearing my brown Alpine grain v-tips from Leather Soul. I've only had these a few weeks but they are quickly becoming my "go to" pair of shoes for the office. They also seem to elicit more compliments than any of...
Meh... Last night's episode was a bit of a let down compared to the previous two for me, although it was still good. I think the last two were just so good that it's hard to compete. Friday I began listening to the first book while I run (I had never tried audiobooks while running and I seem to actually like it) and I am about a third of the way through it already. Even though the HBO series is already a few seasons in and I've only listened to a bit of the first book, it...
One paid of Alden Indy boots in whiskey colored shell cordovan, size 7.5E I bought these through a StyleForum group buy special makeup from Alden of DC, they arrived in March of 2012 and I've only worn them a few times since then. I've decided I'm definitely more of a Color #8 or Ravello kind of guy and these just sit in the closet collecting dust so I may as well part with them. Particulars: Size 7.5, E width TruBalance last 4 speed hooks at the top Neoprone cork sole...
2,798.5 + 13.8 = 2,812.3
2,793.4 + 5.1 = 2,798.5
2,779.7 + 7.7 = 2,787.4
As others have mentioned, for $75, if the movement works fine, that's a pretty good deal. You can even buy a new bezel insert to replace that Pepsi style one if it's too faded for your tastes. A new insert is relatively cheap and easy to install.
I did 7.5 miles this morning with about 4 of it on some local trails along a river and lake before the sun was up. I usually end up getting scared by a heron or deer at that time of day but all I saw today was a cat. The deer must have all been back in my yard eating my tulips because when I got home I noticed they had been destroyed.
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