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1960s Seamaster Chronostop today.Maybe this is one of the horological advantages of being a southpaw?
Broke out the alpine grain longwings with the red brick sole for casual Friday today. I don't think I've ever worn them in the fall or winter when the sidewalks and roads are slick. I was surprised at how slippery these things are out there! Oh well. Just another reason to stay inside the office today. In other news, according to my wife and FedEx the LHS that I ordered from TSM on Wednesday afternoon have already arrive at my house. That was much faster than I was...
Good luck Fueco. And have fun!
7.5 miles this morning. It was 10º outside and after the past few mornings of negative temps, I was overdressed. I had to circle back after just a few blocks and shed a couple of layers.
Well, after getting a pair of suede boots from Leather Soul and some ranger moccs from Need Supply at the start of the month I wasn't planning on buying any more shoes for a while. I broke that pledge today when I ordered a pair of #8 LHS. I figured I may as well do it now before the price increase.
I put in 3 miles at the gym on the treadmill. I wanted to do a repeat of yesterday and run outside and then jump into the sauna but I overslept. Oh well... there's always tomorrow.I am lucky that the area I live in is pretty good about salting and plowing the roads and there are plenty of side streets and neighborhoods to run in that don't get much car traffic. Plus, there are a lot of runners around here so I think that helps because drivers aren't so surprised to see us...
I would be interested. Considering that Rancourt seems to be able to turn out MTO products relatively quickly, I suggest something that would get a lot of wear for the spring and/or summer.
+1 to Rancourt customer service. I received a pair of Ranger Moccs back in August and broke one of the rawhide laces on them a couple of mornings ago. The good folks at Rancourt have already sent me out a replacement pair. It's little things like this that remind me that paying a bit more for my shoes is worth it in the long run.
I got these tobacco Ranger Moccs from Need Supply just before the New Year and they've been getting a lot of wear over the past couple of weeks with all the salt and slush, snow, and salt when I get tired of boots.
Fueco - What run is it exactly that you're gearing up for? If you mentioned the name of this killer before, I missed it. (if you don't want to publicly mention it, I understand). I got in 6.2 miles this morning. The temperature was -11ºF and the windchill brought it down to -32º. I drove to the gym, ran outside, and then went right into the sauna. The hot girl working the front desk actually clapped for me as I came in with my headlight still on and scarf and hat covered...
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