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Yesterday I ran a trail half marathon in Hell, Michigan. I should have figured from the name of the community that it would be tough. It was my first HM entirely on a trail and I had heard that this one was tough, but it was much tougher than I was expecting. I clocked about 1,300 feet of elevation climb over the course (which is a lot for southern Michigan) and some of the initial climbs felt like I was going up a wall instead of a hill. The final few miles were a little...
My chukkas on the RLH are going on two years old and still look like new. However, I have so many shoes/boots in my normal rotation that it's hard for me to estimate how durable a sole really is.
I don't think it would be a problem. I have a pair of shoes and a pair of boots with red brick soles and unless you cross your legs or put your feet up (or the soles are comically thick), 95% of the people you encounter on a daily basis will not even notice them.I wouldn't wear them with a suit but reds, chinos, jeans, cords, etc. of basically any shade or color should be fine with them. And FWIW, the red brick sole is tied with the RLH as the most comfortable soles I've...
I've always had trouble with sizing in Tricker's but these fit me great. This is my first pair of anything from them on the 4497 last and they seem to fit a bit more narrow (especially in the heel) than the shoes I have (I cannot recall off the top of my head what lasts any of them are on).
For any on the fence about the black Stows on the "Last Pair" through LS - do it. I'm wearing mine today and absolutely love them. I agree with @zippyh - you guys need black Stows!
8.2 miles this morning. I stopped at a big fountain in front of a museum to tie my shoe and had a group of bats flay over my head so closely that I could feel my hair get ruffled. I see bats on my runs quite a bit and I never worry about them actually hitting me but this was more than a bit closer than I am used to.
Once the weather warms up more consistently, I run a couple times a week at lunch near my office. Unfortunately, the roads and traffic near where I work do not lend themselves to being run on for most of the year.When I was in the Marine Corps in North Carolina, I would get a few miles in every day at lunch time. Even when temps were consistently in the 90s with 90%+ humidity. Oh to be young and stupid again!
I have a toddler and am in the same situation as you. I've transitioned to being an early morning runner pretty easily, and although I enjoy the peace and quiet of being out there pre-dawn and it sets me up for a great day, I do miss being able to run in the afternoon like I used to. On the rare occasions that I get to do so now, I always jump at the chance, especially if the sun is out!
Those are gorgeous. I have #8 Alden rangers but yours are a completely different beast. The brass eyelets and antique edging on the sole (compared to my black eyelets and black edging) make an astonishing difference.
Does it brush right off?Nearly every pair of shell shoes/boots I've gotten from The Shoe Mart has had similar white flecks on them but it always brushes right off. I always chalked it up to some sort of dust floating around in their warehouse or maybe even from Alden's facility and smaller retailers are more apt to brush it off before shipping it out but TSM doesn't.
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