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I was out about the same time for 8.5 miles but I don't I don't think we had much rain over night, although when I checked the radar before stepping out it looked like we should have been in the middle of a downpour. It was definitely humid again though, that's for sure.
2.0 miles this morning and 14.5 miles yesterday morning. After a couple weeks of really muggy weather, we've had some really pleasant running weather for the past few days. Hopefully it stays like this for a while.For me, running is primarily about getting some peace and quiet while doing something active and secondarily about burning calories and maintaining weight.FWIW, if I consume something like a Power Gel on a longer run, that may cause me to consume an extra 100...
3.1 miles this morning. Temps were back down into the 50s and there was no humidity. I wish I would have woken up a bit earlier so I could have gotten more in. It was a nice change from the rest of the week.
8.4 miles this morning. It rained all day yesterday and while it was still warm this morning I was hoping that yesterday's storms would have provided some relief from the humidity and it would be less muggy today. No dice. About 2 miles in and I was already absolutely drenched in sweat.
Mike - Is it possible to do the MTO duck canvas chinos in the Rudy fit?
4.3 miles this morning just as the storms finally moved out into the distance.
7.2 miles this morning. My plan was the first 5 to be nice and slow (9:30/mile and slower) and then intervals for the final mile plus but I had to speed it up when I got passed by a girl in the skimpiest shorts and sports bra I had ever seen. The creep factor was high but I was determined to not let her get too far ahead of me. Eventually she slowed down for a rest and I passed her up and headed off into another neighborhood, only to cross paths with her again when I came...
@Epaulet - Is it possible to order the MTO duck canvas chinos in the Rudy fit? I like my Rivet Chinos but would love something with a higher rise and a bit more space in my thighs.
I don't like ground ivy because, depending on the type, it can grow pretty low and start taking over the actual grass or choking out desirable perennials you might have. However, if it's a heavily shaded area and you don't have much grass or flowers to begin with, the ivy can work pretty well.I think it's considered an invasive species in some areas but I use "winter creeper" and "snow on the mountain" in areas around trees and in a couple of beds. They can tolerate pretty...
I can understand leaving out Tysha as she was rarely mentioned in the show and I imagine many viewers would be asking, "Who?" [[SPOILER]]
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