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Mine are indeed getting lighter and lighter. It took about 18 months or so for any noticeable patina to begin to develop, but now it is definitely coming along.
They are indeed on the Van last. I've got a similar pair in the snuff suede that are super comfortable and get worn a few times a week in the fall.
Got another delivery today. Color #8 moc toe 4-eyelet blucher from Alden NY. I had been waiting and waiting for a pair of these in my size and they finally got them in stock. They are nothing exciting or exceedingly rare, but I think they will be a nice change of pace over my color #8 PTBs.
I just placed an order through Crane's Country Store for the Filson Sportsman bag (#266) to replace an old, worn out, ripped ballistic nylon duffle bag that I've been using for my gym bag for the past 12 years. I figured it was time for an upgrade.
Agreed.So much so that I happen to be wearing mine today as well.
I have three pair of Rancourt, including a pair of cordovan loafers and have never seen a coupon code offered. I even tried asking them directly on the day after Thanksgiving thinking that if they had a code, that would be the day. No luck though. I know Jack Spade, Brooks Brothers, and Club Monaco carry some Rancourt shoes and that they have sales on occasion, but I am not sure if any of those retailers carry any of the cordovan stuff.
When I got out of the Marines, I was single for a few years and traveled quite a bit for pleasure, always alone, and I always enjoyed myself. Chicago, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Minneapolis, Montreal, Quebec, NYC... The few times I traveled with a friend, I began to regret it rather quickly because I usually had to be more concerned with their schedule than I wanted to be. No need to worry about what others want to do when you are alone. In a few of the cities I knew...
These are absolutely fantastic looking. If I were in the market for another pair of casual boots, I could definitely go for something like this.
Can you point me to the post with the specs for these? I am interested but this thread seems to have a few different MTOs going on right now and I want to make sure I am looking at the correct information.Edit - After looking a bit more closely at the thread, I see that the details are not yet nailed down. Since we can still hash those out among us interested parties and SH, I am definitely interested.
2,217.5 + 3.1 = 2220.6
New Posts  All Forums: