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In the books, the descriptions of the physical descriptions of many of the Unsullied do often sound like those of Varys.
I think I recall from the book that that method of killing is quite accepted in Dorne (I know the battle was in King's Landing, but I think it was pretty clear that Oberyn doesn't/didn't give a fuck about what those in KL thought of him).
3.2 miles yesterday afternoon. The second mile was at the local high school track and I managed to get it in 6:29. It's been quite a while since I did that but I still want to bring it down about 10 seconds or s, and then do it for another mile as well. 3.2 again this morning but I wasn't able to replicate yesterday's fast mile. I'll happily settle for my 7:10 though with no fueling and jumping right out of bed.
All this talk about your fastest miles has me wondering about mine. I haven't timed myself for just a mile in a long time, but I know if I am properly fueled and stretched (neither of which I usually am), I can do about 6:10 - 6:15 over two miles but then it falls off significantly after that. I got in 9 miles this morning. I was at about the 6 mile mark on a long dirt road with no roads to turn off on to and came upon this disheartening sign: Luckily, as I turned the...
A couple nights ago I made my first trip of the spring up onto the roof to clean the gutters and found a section of my roof that was noticeably falling in and feels like it's about to collapse. I haven't gotten any water damage below that section but it seems like the winter was more brutal than I knew. Oh well. I know I have a couple other spots that needed some repair up there so the roofers will be getting a call. There are a few jobs around the house that I am...
6.4 this morning on my typical neighborhood loop. Yesterday, I took the afternoon off of work and got in 12.5 on some nice trails at a park north of my office. I also managed to log close to 1,000' feet of climb, which is not easy to do in Metro Detroit. Hill bypass? No thanks!
I don't think I've gotten a single tomato in at least two years. I only have a couple raised plots but even my parents, who have about an acres worth of vegetables have said that their tomatoes have been awful the past few years. This year all my efforts are going towards beans, peas, spinach, and peppers - all items I've had much more success with since I've had my own garden. On the landscaping side of things, which I what I enjoy much more, I transplanted a few...
6.5 miles this morning. I'm on day #2 of a 40 day run streak from Memorial Day to 4th of July and also trying to get another 33 miles before the end of May to hit 200 for the month.
I wholeheartedly endorse the Tuna! If you are apprehensive about the added bulk from the shroud, don't be. It's incredibly lightweight and fits oh so comfortably thanks to the placement of the lugs.(After posting this, I realize I never corrected the date after the start of May. Damn you April and your 30 days!)
4.8 miles this morning with a bunch of speedwork at the track. For some reason, I hate going to the track when the weather is cold so I always neglect speed through the fall and winter but now it's back to work.
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