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I note at least one twist in there as well. And of course, the left-over-right lacing pattern would never pass a Marine Corps inspection...
I've been using the same cheap-o Kiwi shoe brush I got on Parris Island, SC in 1997. I have an extra brush (of the same ilk) that I use for extremely dirty shoes and boots.
Agreed. I just received a couple of sportcoats through their "Factory Finds" program and love them (I'm also still waiting on a couple pair of trousers). The construction and materials are great, and once you dial your size in, the fit is spot on too. The prices are also remarkably competitive for other places selling Southwick. I would definitely consider them for a full suit next time I am in the market for one.
I do it. The thought used to frighten me, but I got over the fear earlier this year and now do it quite often. I think they work quite well together.
4.4 very cold miles this morning. It was 24º with a wind chill factor of 16º. It's been a loooooong time since the temps were this low during my runs.
I cannot imagine the weather is much different in most of Michigan than most of Pennsylvania. We're just flatter and get a bit more lake effect snow over the entire west side of the state. Metro Detroit in particular has pretty nice weather, relatively speaking, and generally has a good distribution of all the seasons. Now if I lived in the UP though, I'd probably be getting much more use out of my Bean Boots than my Indy boots for much of the year!
Chalk me up as another who will wear boots of all different materials all year long. Shell boots in 90º weather? Sure - as long as it matches the rest of my outfit. Unlined sued chukkas in the dead of winter at 20º below? Absolutely - as long as it matches the rest of my outfit and there isn't 6" of salty slush everywhere.
The demographer in me wishes the survey had asked for ZIP Codes of the U.S. respondents. It would be interesting to see how the survey income results line up the actual medians in those ZIP Codes.
You should probably subtract the customary 10 - 20 percent for internet forum inflation.
Six miles this morning right past this probably just a minute or two before or after it happened: Car Stolen From School in Birmingham That school is just a couple of blocks from my house and I run past it almost every morning and the track is the one that I use when I want to run in circles. I know it's cliche to say, but this isn't the type of neighborhood that that type of stuff happens in and I've never felt unsafe running at odd hours. I even see women out running...
New Posts  All Forums: