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4 Miles this morning. I wanted to do a couple of more but I woke up later than planned and then the freezing rain started falling down on me so I packed it in instead.
I just picked up a Harris Tweed overcoat that I've had my eye on at a local shop all winter. I decided it's time to grow up from my raincoat that I wear all winter (though it is very warm with a nice thick lining) and get a proper overcoat. When I went into the store today to pick up some pants that were being altered today I found that the coats were just marked down so I decided to pull the trigger. It was a toss-up between a very soft camal hair or the tweed and I...
I have a pair of the Ranger mocs on the dark brown CXL leather and have found them to be very versatile and definitely tough. Mine look to be the same leather as the boat shoes that Bakes shows above. Over the summer, I routinely let mine get pretty beat up and dirty (worse than the before pictures Bakes posted above) and they always cleaned right up and all the scuffs and scratches have buffed right out... except for one deep gouge I put in the instep of one of them when...
184.38 + 6.5 = 190.88
I did a 6.5 mile loop from my house this morning and it may have been a PR on that route (I have to go back and check my old times). If it was a PR, I attribute it to the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups that I found on the counter and decided to eat pre-run at 5:00 a.m. Michigan Planner - Fueled by Reese's!
Does anybody here have the email address for Kathy at Alden DC? I thought I had it saved somewhere but I guess not.
97.55 + 6.98 = 104.53
7 miles this morning with temps about 22º... around 14º with the windchill.
Thank you. I must have not been paying attention when quoting what I thought was the previous post...
48.48 + 8 for me this morning = 56.48
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