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Damn Joes! I just pulled the trigger on the 222 in tan and the moleskin fleece in navy.
What a trooper!
I love that one.
I like Leyland and the Tigers' game plan: Make the Giants tire themselves out last night by letting them run around the bases so often so that they will be too tired to do so today!
Let's go Tigers!
I woke up late and still managed to get a 3.5 mile run in. I felt a cold coming on but decided to power through it. Probably a pretty stupid decision as I am now slowly losing my voice as the day progresses.
I had no idea that was called a "muscle up". There is an older guy at my gym who regularly does multiple sets of about 10 of those each morning I am there. I always thought he was just showing off with some exercise he had just made up.
I did about 12 yesterday morning and decided to loop through Mitt Romney's old stomping grounds at the Cranbrook Academy. The fall colors are just about peaking here in Metro Detroit. The area near the dorms has some pretty nice architecture, but I felt a bit creepy taking pictures of dorms full of teenagers in the early morning hours, so no pics of that area on this run. This morning I did 3.4 miles at an 8 minute pace.
How long have you had those boots and how well do you like them? I've been going back and forth with getting in on the current pre-order Context has going for them. Yours look great by the way.
Don't forget to wear that Tigers hat while sweeping up tonight.
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