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I do have wider feet and generally prefer an E width. These are snug but not uncomfortably so. The normal width on these isn't as narrow as something like Alden's Leydon last which was unwearable in D for me.
Very interesting and unique. Rado has always offered quite a range of watches, price-wise, and had some rather intriguing designs. It's one of those brands that never really seems to get talked about much though.
I did follow Epaulet's advice. I went with a UK7/US8 and my typical Barrie lasted Alden is a 7.5. These fit great.
6.2 miles this morning. Nice and slow for the first and last mile but managed to keep the middle 4 miles all under 7:30/minute.I'm working on a Memorial Day to Independence Day run streak and didn't have time to run before work yesterday and it was supposed to be pouring rain late in the evening so decided to go right after I got home from my office. My wife needed a break from our daughter so I took her with me on my run for the first time ever. We did 2 miles and WOW! -...
Got my first Carminas through during the markdowns as well and they arrived yesterday. They are much more sleek than my typical Barrie and Van lasted Alden (and any Tricker's that I own) and I love them - much more than I thought I would. This could become quite the slippery slope.
I don't think Cerei is all that great looking on the show... in IRL pictures I've seen of her though, she's possibly hands down the hottest. On the episodes, nobody gets my attention quite as quickly as Maraery Tyrell does.
Melisndre ≠ Missandei
6.5 miles this morning
5.5 miles tonight. Quite a bit of my run was along a trail next to a river in the woods. My pace was about 7:15/mile for the duration. I think I ran faster than normal to escape the mosquitos.My wife and nearly 4-year-old daughter were standing in the yard cheering as I ran past. It was great. My wife said I had a grin from ear to ear and I kept thanking her all day for coming out the 14 steps to watch. My daughter had a blast. She brought her little table out front to eat...
I did 8.7 miles yesterday and a 5k on Saturday. The 5k was put on by a private school a block from my house and I actually finished in the top 10 (6th or 7th I believe). There were no bibs, medals, or official timing but I did win a $25 gift card to a local lacrosse store. I don't play lacrosse though so I tried trading my gift card for a gift card to a local ice cream shop. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. This was my first ever prize from running though so that was...
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