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In for $850
My pleasure. I'm happy to be able to help a worthy cause and get some kick-ass boots (designed by a Michigan-based company no less) in the process!
My bank account will not like that.
6 miles this morning.
I did a 10k today in 48 minutes 3 seconds. Very happy with that time.
I'm sitting around in a Friday night watching a recent episode of NCIS and Mark Harmon's charachter appears to be wearing a pair of black Indy boots. Maybe it's a sign that I've been paying too much attention to shoes and boots when I can pick that out in a 1 second clip…
I did a leisurely 6 miles this morning and then around 2:00 it was so nice outside that I did another 9 miles. I am running in a 10k jingle bell run tomorrow that runs right past my house. When I was out this afternoon I came around a corner and saw two firemen out clearing out a hydrant and thought of this:
My dark olive Bedford chukkas just arrived today and they are spectacular. I got them on the lactae havea sole and it is very comfortable. Granted, I've only worn them around the house and into the garage so far, but I am very happy with the choice. I posted a crappy iPhone photo below but will try to get some better ones in natural light outside tomorrow. When I opened the box I first thought Rancourt had messed up and made them in the dark brown leather but as I moved...
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