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Both systems have their places and are being considered for here in Metro Detroit.Regarding the M-1 rail, the initial 3.3 mile segment will be going through anything but deserted or desolate areas. Midtown, where the northern terminus will be, is booming and there is quite a bit of residential (and increasingly retail) development and redevelopment occurring there. Residential vacancies are pretty scarce in that area and there are also a handful of large employers that...
Does anybody have any insight on the difference between the Rapello suede and the Orion suede? Or what suede is used for the Clymer 2.0 suede moccasins? I sent a message off to Rancourt but haven't heard back yet and I'm anxious. I think this cool weather we've been having in Detroit has got me thinking about my fall wardrobe a bit early and I want get an order in for some navy suede ranger mocs.
9.6 miles today. We had some good storms roll through Sunday evening (of course while my wife and I were sitting outside for a James Taylor concert) and the power was knocked out to about 150,000 homes in the area. I didn't run yesterday morning but did today and was surprised by how many neighborhoods still had no power. The sound of generators was overpowering my headphones in some spots!
16.5 miles yesterday and hit my 1,000 mile mark for the year. I'm a bit behind where I want to be on my quest for 2,014 miles for 2014 but am still ahead of last year at this point.
Mike - thanks for the update on the chambray Doyle.I wish Epaulet would offer more in the Rudy fit. I can't imagine I'm the only one who feels that way!
9.8 miles this morning below an 8:30 pace. I had three 2 mile intervals below 7:30. I usually run around 4:45 a.m. but I didn't have to be to work as early today so I started about 2 hours later than normal. The temps were still in the 50s with no humidity and I was able to wake up a bit more before actually running and it seemed to make a huge difference.
5.5 miles this morning
7.7 miles with 16 x 400 meter intervals at the track.
I love those socks!
7.2 miles on Saturday morning and 14.2 on Sunday. Today was a rest day but the great running weather that we've had lately is still here and I was really tempted to go out for a few miles this morning, but I resisted and went for an easy walk instead.I agree with jbarwick - I don't think a few extra days of rest will be detrimental, especially this close to the actual event.
New Posts  All Forums: