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I've never been to an opening day game but it's about a 50/50 chance that I'll be down there drinking around Comerica as I am most years. We're just too cheap to go to the actual game on that day. We will be in Florida the last two weeks of March and are going to try to make it to a Tigers spring training game. However we may have to settle for the BoSox since it's much much closer to where we are staying and I try to do as little driving as possible when I am on vacation.
My wife speaks German and has some children's books in German. Our 3-year-old daughter likes to climb into my lap while I read the German version of Peter Rabbit in the loudest, angriest voice that I possibly can while she doubles over in laughter. But she only listens like that for about three pages before she takes the book over to my wife and has her read it to her properly.
I do wear my Van lasted shoes TTS, same for my Ranger Mocs and my LHS.
Your wish is my command:
Not exactly the best photos, but here's my pair (although mine are not on the crepe sole)
Great makeup! I got the same shoe back at the end of summer and it's been my go to casual footwear since then.
Seven miles this Fat Tuesday morning. The gate at the Japanese Consulate was open so I may have ran in and around the circular driveway. Can I now claim I have run to Japan? Regardless... now it's time to enjoy some pąckzi! This is why I run:
Those blue Ranger Mocs look great! I'll be interested to see pictures when you receive them.
Yeah, I contacted them a few weeks ago just to see if they had any update but of course the answer was no. I thought about taking my deposits back but I figured that the two items I ordered (#8 shortwings and #8 pt boot) are pretty basic and items that I will always have a space for in my wardrobe and at least I've locked in at pre-2014 price increases so for now I just let the deposits ride. If I happen to come across either elsewhere at a reasonable price, I may...
That doesn't bode well for the two pair I have on pre-order from there from back in January 2013!
New Posts  All Forums: