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From Unionmade? I would expect a 0% discount. I think I recall seeing posts on here before that when folks receive damaged goods from them the options are to return for a refund or just keep them - like it or lump it. Personally, I'd like to see a 20% refund and shipping refunded but would probably be happy with a 10% refund and shipping refunded. Or maybe a 20% discount and free shipping on a future order from them.Good luck!
Every time my wife grabs my phone and has to scroll through a hundred pics of my shoes to find a picture of our daughter, I can actually feel her eyes rolling evening if I'm not looking at her.
I'm usually one of the ones that would say, "Meh. You're gonna beat them up anyways," but these just have too many problems going on with them to suggest keeping them unless Unionmade is willing to give you a partial refund.
This makes me miss the Alpine WingtipBoot by AC that Leather Soul did a few years back. Of all the shoes and boots I've bought and sold, that's the only one I truly regret parting ways with.
I don't think I've ever posted a fit pic of anything above the calf. Maybe I'll try to snap one in the office bathroom before I leave later today if my eyes aren't too red from crying over the Tigers game.I'd ask my wife to take my picture but she'd probably have a hard time holding the camera steady while containing her laughter after telling her the picture is for an internet menswear forum.
My glacier heirloom cardigan arrived yesterday and I was apprehensive that my medium might be a bit too small but it fits much better than I expected. I wore it to the barber shop this morning before work and as I sat down in the chair the lady who cuts my hair and the other barber that was in there both started fawning over it. I'm there like clockwork every 10 days so they know me pretty well and this was the first time in the 6 years I've been going there that I can...
A recent conversation on here reminded me I had the Leather Soul x Self Edge "Conservation Boot" in my closet. I have not worn these in a very long time.I think the good Uncle has most of us trumped on both accounts.
According to UPS mine is sitting on the front porch. Now I need to get home before my daughter decides to open the box and get her orange marmalade sticky fingers all over everything.
I believe we are the same size so if you decide that those Ravello cap toe boots aren't for you, let me know and I might be inclined to cover that expense for you.These are great. Your photo makes them look much more enticing than the photo on the AoC site.
They look much nicer than I was imagining in my head. I'm tempted by the cognac ones.
New Posts  All Forums: