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Mine got a lot of use during the Winter From Hell this past year. I spent a lot of time outside in the subzero weather and was never cold in that parka.
11 miles at a good clip this morning.
The camp sole is not ideal in the ice and snow but I've worn worse. I honestly don't think it's any worse than Rancourt's Tempest sole (or the Dainite sole) which I've always found to be much less grippy than other people report and have never understood the love of. If I lived somewhere like Chicago or NYC where I was liable to be out walking much more than we do in Detroit I would be less likely to wear these in the winter. Around here though, they will probably still...
My wife is dragging me to the Eminem concert in Detroit on Friday. I have zero desire to go. In return, I'm dragging her to go see Randy Newman just before Thanksgiving in Indiana.
I got in an extra 4 miles yesterday after work. I don't normally have the chance to run in the afternoon or evening but I think i am going to try to set aside one day a week to do so, regardless of whether I ran in the morning. 6.3 miles this morning.
I've bought a few NATO straps from Crown & Buckle and have been happy with them. It looks like they have navy available on their site.
9.5 miles this morning including six 1 mile intervals at about 7:30 each.I just looked at the video on the site and all I can say is "Holy Crap!" It turned my stomach just to watch that. 2,020' of incline in just about 4,200' of distance. Crazy. My legs got tired watching it and I feel humbled now by anything I accomplish here in the flatland.
I received my chambray Doyle yesterday and love it! Such a great piece and I'm glad I got in on it when it was available. It's a bit tight through the sleeves of all places but nothing unbearable.
They do. The first Rancourts I got were the hand-sewn camp-mocs with the rubber sole in brown cxl so now I have them in the boot version. These are just as comfortable.
I got my 5-eyelet brown CXL boots from Club Monaco last week and have to say thanks to whoever it was that first posted about the 40% off coupon code on the Rancourts over there. $120 for these? Hard to pass up!
New Posts  All Forums: