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No hard feelings. I tried. It was a last minute decision to up my ante while I was eating my lunch. I'm sure there will be some other great auctions to bid on.
Somebody buy the shoes in my signature so I can buy even more here to support the Ronald McDonald House.
It definitely counts. Thanks for contributing to the effort.12,597.7 + 6.3 + 8.5 + 7.0 + 2.1 + 6.3 + 3.7 + 6.3 + 6.3 + 2.1 + 7.3 = 12,653.6
2.1 miles yesterday evening for Day #8 of the December run streak and 7.3 miles this morning in a bit more than an inch of fresh snow. First snowy run of the season here in Detroit.
Day 7 of the run streak and only had time for 2.1 miles (2 miles is my minimum to keep the streak alive).Tomorrow I'd like to get 8 or 9 miles in but it will probably be another very short run. I haven't had a run above 10 miles since my marathon in October. I need to step it back up!
It all comes down to personal preference really and in the end, you should go with what makes you (or significant other or that person you are trying to impress) happy.I just looked up the measurements on the two belts I wear most often and my strictly casual belt is 1.5" (38mm), my both my dress belt and my belt that works with casual and business casual attire are 1.25" (31.75mm). And I believe the WWE Heavyweight Championship belt is about 180mm.
But it would fit me perfectly. And go beautifully with the Panta scarf I just won...
Also interested in the chukkas. Can you (or Need Supply) tell us if there will be an exceptionally long wait for sizes that don't show up on their site currently?
New Posts  All Forums: