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6.2 miles. Tapering...Thanks. I'm starting to feel quite fatigued from running these days both in terms of muscle soreness and boredom. I have been doing between 50 and 60 miles a week since June and it's starting to get old. Once I am done with the MCM next month, I am going to cut way back on the running and get back into spinning on a much more frequent and regular schedule and maybe take a bootcamp class once a week or so and try to limit my running to maybe 30 miles a...
I got in 6.2 miles at a great pace yesterday and a nice slow 8 miles this morning. I've got less than 2 weeks until the Air Force Marathon. My goal is 3 hours 30 minutes but for some reason it's feeling less and less likely like it will happen (it would be a PR by about 4 minutes). For some reason I'm just not feeling it. I'm considering relaxing and just enjoying the run and maybe using it as a final long training run before the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of...
21,279.4 + 202.2 (August) = 21,481.6
I'm no help on a name for the combination of smooth and grain leather, but it is a look that I enjoy. I really like those Alfred Srgents as well (without the kilt would be ideal though).2) I've heard varying opinions about the wearability of shell in rain (with most saying they avoid it), any rule of thumb re the topic?[/quote]Personally, I would rather where my shell in the rain than my calf. The water marks seem to dry up and clear away much more quickly than on calf. I...
There's also a 40 out there.
I usually wake up to run around 4:15 or 4:30 so it's still basically the middle of the night for me. I went back to sleep and was still able to get another 2+ hours of sleep.This morning I decided to get back out there and gave running a big High-Five! Had I known my route was going to look so much like a hand, I would have added in a proper thumb.
After yesterday mornings 6 mile run, I went for another 6 mile run in the evening. I had to dodge so many bicycles, dogs, cars, other runners, etc. that I felt like I was playing Paperboy on my old Nintendo. I was supposed to get out for another short run this morning. I got up early enough, wandered around the house and started to get ready and then decided to just go back to bed. I think I made the right choice.
I've had mixed experience with Bonobos as well. Once you dial in on the proper size/fit combination, their casual chinos are pretty great considering you can often find get them significantly discounted. I have had a few pair for 3 or 4 years now and they are still holding up well. And like the OP, I got a couple of their shorts this year and have been more than satisfied with them as well. Their shirts are a different beast altogether. I have 2 or 3 button up cotton...
And since we're posting family photos, here's an old one from me: It's gone through a lot of changes since this was taken (early spring 2013?) but size-wise it's roughly the same.
Gorgeous boots!I don't need any more boots but was genuinely saddened when these sold out in my size before I made it over to the Unionmade site.
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