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Yes - they are the camel MTO Rudy from @Epaulet. I absolutely love them but I think I am going to take them to the tailor tomorrow and have them shortened just a tad.
Picked up my blue suede tassel loafers yesterday and couldn't resist some nice, bright red and blue houndstooth socks to go with them.
Very cool on so many levels! I don't know that I've seen a reverse chamois makeup lately that isn't awesome.
I'm 35 (for one more week anyway).My first pair of Alden was either the Cigar LWB or brown CXL Indy - I got them both about the same time about 4 and a half years ago. I quickly sold the Indy boots as I don't care for the shape of the TrueBalance last all that much. Since then I've added waaaaaayyyy too many Alden's to my collection. I need to get serious about taking some pictures and posting more for sale.
I got a big pull in mine like the second or third time I wore it but just decided to live with it , at least until the end of the winter anyway.
Just got a call that a batch of blue suede tassel loafers has arrived at my local retailer and my size was delivered. I'll be making a slight detour on the way home from the office this evening!
J. Press. I'm a sucker for the flap pocket.
That's what I often do on Sunday afternoons during football season (or Sunday evenings during Game of Thrones season). That way I am at least getting something done while I am ignoring my family and any household duties.Absolutely gorgeous! I still need to un-box mine.
I miss them already! Hopefully they get to enjoy nicer weather out on that side of the country.
Desk job here. And one that basically requires me to stare at the internet all day.I break up the monotony of large columns of labor market and demographic information with pictures of overpriced men's clothing and footwear.
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