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I have both and if I could only keep one, it would probably be the snuff suede. The Kudu us great but I just get much more wear from the snuff suede LWB, especially in the spring and summer. However, the Kudu are pretty indestructible and there is no weather condition in which I would be apprehensive to wear them.
9.1 miles this morning at averaging a pace of 8 minute 9 second. I decided to do four sprints up (and 5 down) one of the few good hills in the area to give my legs an added workout. In the afternoons I often rollerbladers doing multiple trips up and down the hill in the afternoons so I figured why not me?
I have no reservations about wearing chukkas all year long. I wear both my suede and shell chukkas anytime of year (and am considering adding a CXL chukka as well). The only time I don't wear the suede is in the winter when there is enough snow or ice on the ground that I need to worry about salt.I think the variations that you will see between the shades of ravello and cigar and whiskey from retailer to retailer will have more to do with the batch of shell from Horween...
Brooks Brothers and Rancourt would be my first two suggestions as well. I have the Brooks Brothers "Better Dress Belt" in burgundy and brown for when I need a dress belt and I have a color #8 cordovan belt from Rancourt for when I want something slightly more casual. I've seen the Rancourt CXL belt in color 8 and it would match the Alden color #8 just as well as the cordovan would. FWIW however, I think Rancourt's color #8 belts are slightly lighter than the Alden, but...
I know this was an old post but I have to agree about the Lagunitas WTF. I bought a bottle of it this weekend for drinking while laying in the hammock. Very disappointed. Much too malty.
11.6 miles for me this morning at just under a 9 minute pace. I planned on running a mile or two last night to help make sure I didn't get too tight after the marathon but didn't get a chance. Instead, I walked to the ice cream shop with my daughter - much more rewarding. However, I was still much less sore this morning than I thought I would be.For those wondering how to figure out a good marathon pace... I am in the same boat. I am training for my 6th marathon and,...
Another fan of the 007 here. It's probably the favorite watch in my collection and when I travel it's usually the only watch I take.
I stopped by the store yesterday to pick up some refreshments for lounging in the hammock and listening to the baseball game and picked up this: I figured Lagunitas and Wilco... what's not to love? However, I found it to be entirely too malty for my tastes and happily switched to my Anchor Steam afterwards.
It was the inaugural Michigan Planner Bloomfield Hills Road Race. I came in first overall. And last. I was the only runner - I just made up the route the day before.
I put in 26.23 miles on Saturday morning as a practice run for the real event in October. My first 8 miles were all below an 8 minute 20 second pace which was about 20 seconds too fast for me and unsustainable. If I factor out the time I took when I stopped to put on a clean shirt, get some GU and water, and use the bathroom, I finished the run in about 3 hours 45 minutes and I am very pleased with that. It will be nice to have a pace group to run with (and all the other...
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