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Yes, I am definitely a morning person. Even on days I don't plan on running, I am usually up and out of bed before 6:00 a.m. Friends often think it is because I was in the Marine Corps, but to tell the truth, I rarely had to be up before 6:30 when I was serving and usually wouldn't be out of bed even by 7:00!
6.3 miles this morning. The temp was only about 30ยบ but the wind was gone and it was really perfect weather for running for this time of year.I don't get the opportunity to run after work too often but when I do my pace is normally 40 seconds to a minute faster than what it would be in the morning. I figure not only am I better fueled but I'm probably much more limbered up compared to when I jump out of bed and right into my running shoes.
I don't think it's redundant. I have short wing boots and LWBs both in #8 (as well as a pair of #8 shortwing bluchers on order). While they are often interchangeable for my needs, this time of year, when I am wearing heavier or more textured pants, like the vintage Orvis tweed trousers I have on today, I am more apt to grab the boots than the shoes.
3.6 miles
Context Clothing has color #8 Tankers on pre-order with scheduled delivery in May and 12.5 and 13 are available (in D and E widths). FWIW, I've done pre-orders twice with Context and each time they came in when they were expected to.
That was still a week's salary back then!
5.2 miles
Regarding the discussion about scarcity of shell cordovan causing the long delays for orders: I used to attribute the long delays entirely to the rumoured scarcity, especially for things like whiskey and ravello, but like others have noted, now that color #8 output is slowing down and so is suede, I think much more of the delay probably comes from capacity at the Alden factory. I've also heard over the last couple of years that work to shoes being sent in to Alden is also...
I note at least one twist in there as well. And of course, the left-over-right lacing pattern would never pass a Marine Corps inspection...
I've been using the same cheap-o Kiwi shoe brush I got on Parris Island, SC in 1997. I have an extra brush (of the same ilk) that I use for extremely dirty shoes and boots.
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