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Ugghhhh! I am waiting on a pair of #8 chukkas to arrive from AoC and they are not due to drop onto my porch until Wednesday. I am by no means complaining about the shipping (I just placed the order Friday). I am just noting that I really want them to be on my feet now! I have quite a few pair of high-end shoes/boots but cannot recall the last time I was so giddy with anticipation. Oh well... the wait will just make them that much more appreciated when they do arrive. As...
945.97 + 6.50 = 952.47
Quoddy Maliseet Navy Chromexcel Brick Vibram Soles Size 7.5D These are basically brand new. I bought these from Leffot but should have gotten the 8 instead and they are just too tight for me. I only had them on for about 30 seconds before I realized they were too small and unfortunately they were a final sale item and I am unable to return them. There is one small blemish on them that is visible on the profile picture (the blemish looks worse on the photo than it does...
My first foray into posting a photo in this thread:
Samuelsohn flannels Pantherella Alden kudu LWB for Leffot
I think they are sufficiently different to warrant keeping both. I had a pair of scotch grain wingtip boots that I really regret selling last year.
I like that they have a lot available in "E" width. I hope they start doing this more often. If I didn't just get a pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile boots, I'd probably be all over this.
I'll trust your math.706.99 + 3.00 = 709.99
I took the plunge and ordered a couple of the Islander's ties - the burnt orange cashmere houndstooth and the denim tweed. They really look great on the site and have to imagine they will be just as nice in person. I'm looking forward to wearing them for the rest of the winter.
Orivs Harris Tweed trousers Beams+ socks Alden whiskey LWB
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