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I'm in DC for the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend and after lunch with my buddy near his office, I decided to walk a few blocks over to check out the Alden store. I wasn't planning on buying anything but they had a pair of Plaza-last brown kid suede loafers that had been discontinued and marked down and happened to be in my size. They had some great cigar color straight tip boots in my size but I resisted the urge. I cannot say I'll be able to hold off if I end up...
#8 wingtip boots from AoC along with some tweed trousers from Hertling for a local shop: And since we're playing the watch game... I had been wearing my U1 all week but it just seemed a bit too beefy for today's clothing choice.
Great looking watch. I'm wearing my Seiko solar chronograph today as well. What model is that? It looks like some type of Alpinist.
Sorry to read about the fall CP. I've been pretty lucky in my predawn runs. FWIW, I usually avoid the sidewalk and run in the street (when it's a safe option) for that very reason. I put in 9.8 miles this morning.
While I would love to see Cano in an Old English D, I imagine he's going to be demanding a pretty big salary. Probably not the $15 million he got this season, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him fetch upwards of $10 million a year and I don't know if we really want to be spending that when we are still locked in on Fielder (and others).
Email the customer service link on their corporate website (or call them). The few times I've had to email them they've been very helpful and very fast. If anybody would know definitively if those were Aldens, they would.
I know Gene gets a bad rap locally and I am aware that he does have a pretty good rep around the league. For some reason though, that tubby man at 3rd always made me laugh though (I used to always tect in his jersey number and try to get him voted player of the game... a piece of me died inside when they made him bench coach), and in the grand scheme of things he probably made no more bad decisions at 3rd than any other coach would have. I would imagine that every 3rd base...
Time to welcome in the Gene Lamont era?
When I first saw the natural CXL "City-Moc" on the Leffot site I was really interested in it. I have similar moc-toe makeups in color #8 and snuff suede on the Van last that I wear a lot and thought about adding the cxl version to my collection. However, I think the thing I like about the other two pair that I have is that they are on the flex-sole and were extremely comfortable right out of the box and required zero break in period. In the end, I ended up putting together...
Goodbye Jim Leyland. The Tigers manager announced his retirement this morning. I would say that he was definitely a fan favorite... the fact that he helped usher us back to MLB relevance and into the playoffs is probably a large factor in that. And though he made quite a few calls that I really questioned this season (more so than in the past couple of seasons), I cannot say I'm exactly glad to see him go. I guess it's just that I'd rather have him at the helm than some...
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