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5.9 miles this morning in our heat wave - it had warmed up to 0º! But then when I left for work I saw that the temps were back down to -4º.
I do. It's especially useful this time of year when I want to brush the salt, slush, and snow off once I arrive each day.
Speaking of spotting Alden in the wild, I've seen a handful of people wearing Alden suede chukkas out and about around Metro Detroit. I'm surprised I've never noticed any Indy Boots in the wild. I figure that it's a distinctive enough makeup, compared to other similar work boot styles, but I don't think I've ever seen somebody wearing them. Not Alden, but I did notice somebody at Starbucks wearing a pair of Tricker's Stowe boots recently. Until then, I had never seen...
Alden of DC also did a makeup for the Forum - a Whiskey Indy.
I was looking forward to having my new (to me) Seiko Tuna delivered yesterday and wearing it today but no USPS in my neighborhood yesterday thanks to our class 3 killstorm.
We had about 14" at my house and I probably put in just a bit less time shoveling snow than you did. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a circular driveway or if my OCD would allow me to not shovel the front part. Heck, both my wife and I drive 4wd vehicles and don't even need the driveway cleared (but I like to get out there and do it because it's some nice quiet time to myself with a beer or 3). I think shoveling counts as a pretty good cross-training workout.This...
Very sharp. I really like the tobacco chamois leather and if I were in the market for another LWB, I would probably be placing my order right now.
Layer, layer, layer. I have no problem wearing long underwear (tops and bottoms) under a suit and dress shirt if I know I am going to be outside quite a bit. Throw in a sweater under the sportcoat/suit coat and a quality wool lined long coat and you can stay pretty warm, even here in the midst of our class 3 killstorm. I also endorse the two pair of socks often being warmer than one pair of thick wool socks. However, when it gets really cold here, I do have to say...
I agree about the stupidity of the lists. I just like seeing stuff on them that I can get locally.
Bell's Expedition Stout I saw yet another list of the "best beers in the world" and this was #4. I've seen it often but never tried it so decided to get some to enjoy during this class 3 killstorm we're getting here in Detroit. Very good and very rich and not nearly as filling and thick as many stouts I've had.
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