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Honestly, I'd probably go for another G-Shock. I was a late convert to the G-Shock camp but now I'm definitely a believer. My Rangeman and my GW-5000 are two of my most frequently worn watches. Both are set to the atomic clock so they automatically set their time and I particularly like the extra features on the Rangeman (barometer, thermometer, altimeter).
I agree with a lot of the other posters that a #8 LWB might be the way to go for starting any Alden collection, but if you are hesitant to shell out that kind of money (pun intended) I think the snuff suede version is still a great starting point.I don't see them get much love around here but the snuff suede 5-eyelet blucher is another suede make-up that is pretty versatile (works great with denim, chinos, cords, moleskin...).
@Epaulet - My rambling thoughts regarding Epaulet and Alden: I hope that you guys keep stocking them into the future, particularly the make-ups that Epaulet seems to have perfected (Innsbruck, Alt Wien, Brixton, etc.). You guys also put together some great one-off make-ups as well and I'd really like to see that continue. I've ordered my fare share of Alden from Epaulet (both from stock and pre-orders) and my main concern when placing a pre-oder is how long the...
Mine arrived yesterday as well. Now I just need to find a free moment to make it over to the tailor while they are actually open.
I love that Baltic Shield. I've gone back and forth on getting one of those.
I just finally decided on which ones I wanted and ordered the gunmetal mohair suit and the charcoal windowpane shetland "budget tweed" as a suit. I'm super stoked for that budget tweed suit. I've got a jacket in a very similar looking fabric from Brooks Brothers that's maybe about a decade old and I love it but each time I wear it I think to myself, "Man, I really wish I had matching trousers in this as well!"
I cuff my cords, including my recently acquired "twords". I like to think the big thick cuff and minimal break really help to add some weight and balance down at the bottom of the trouser legs. It's probably worth mentioning that I lean pretty heavily towards the "trad" side of things in terms of fashion and I typically whether I am at the office or just hanging out at home, my typical uniform this time of year is cords, moleskin, or tweed trousers with an OCBD or Viyella...
@Epaulet - Was there a video made of the mohair suit fabrics? I'm having a tough time deciding between the loden or gunmetal (or maybe the rust) and think that a video would be helpful.
Very true!I love the tie. Chipp?
My wife pays all the bills so there are no secrets of new clothing in our house.
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