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I too am always grabbing the same watches in my collection over and over so I'd probably do the same thing and try to go 1 dress watch and 2 or 3 casual watches and spend the biggest percentage on whichever watch I planned on wearing most frequently.
There are two important questions to ask before folks here can accurately respond:Where on the trousers is the hole?What is the material?A small hole on a cotton chino type fabric near a seam is going to be much easier to get repaired than a similar size hole in a cotton/cashmere or one of the nice wool fabrics smack dab in the middle of the thigh. Patterns in the fabric (POW, checks, etc.) will add to the difficulty.Odds are though, if the hole is still really small and...
I almost looked at this and said, TLDR, but then I did actually read it and saw talk of a moleskin Doyle for the fall. That should be awesome!!
Add me to the list of people who don't for them. There is something about the shape that just doesn't look right to me. That said I was at a local Redbar meet up and one of the guys there has a couple of them and once I handled them in person I was really impressed. They look about 1,000x nicer in the flesh, fit much more comfortably than I would have imagined, seem to have a very nice fit and finish, and the straps they come with are rather nice too. All that said, I...
That navy blue duck jacket is awesome! My caramel colored duck jacket is a favorite of mine as well - it gets a lot of wear all year long. I'd definitely love to add a navy one to my closet if @Epaulet offered it again. Make it so!!!
I'll agree with those who didn't like the Dorne scenes. They were my least favorite parts of the books and the horrible acting in the show isn't making them any better.
It's a sunny Whiskey Wednesday here in Motown!
I was looking at this photo for 3 minutes trying to figure out what you were trying to call out on the pants leg with your Photoshopped-in white circle... and then I finally realized it was the cord from some iPhone earbuds.
^ Very funny! (Although you're confusing Missendei with Melisandre)
Awesome stuff. I'm just posting here so that the thread pops back up in my feed when some of the missing measurements are added in.
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