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I think there's a good reason we don't see that makeup more often.
I think that @bool2gom is interested in a pair of Van-lasted LHS that are in a size 8.0D. Based on the sizes he has experience with and my experience with Tricker's and my EU numbered Vass (I wear a 7 on the Stowe boot and 41 on Vass's "New Peter" last), I advised him that the LHS loafers in 8.0 would probably be a bit small.Does the throbbing SF-brain concur with that assessment?
This is great info. I've tried Epaulet shirts on a few occasions without much success. The problem areas are always the upper arm and (to a lesser extent) the gut. Knowing that these two areas can be adjusted might make me finally give the MTO a try.
Sinn U1 for me today.
Both of the boots in contention are great options but I think the #8 Indy boots are a little more versatile than the Roy Boots (especially if you are getting them on the Barrie or Plaza last instead of the TruBalance). The #8 shell cordovan will not look out of place with heavier wool, tweed, corduroy, or other tailored trousers while the Roy Boots will often look two casual. Also, the shell will be nice to have there in the rainy Pacific Northwest as it naturally repels...
Just over 4 miles in 6" of fresh powdery snow this morning.
@Epaulet - Wasn't there talk of you putting up some sort of crosswalk to compare the sizing of the Individualized shirts to some other popular brands out there or am i just imagining that?
I'm currently in no hurry to get my EFF stuff. My daughter brought home lice from that tenement we call a school so everything has been removed from our already overflowing closets to get cleaned or bagged for a few weeks. What a mess!
If you do use 1701 at some point, I'd be interested in your experience as well.I went into their shop in Birmingham on a whim one day (I was dropping something off at "Ali the Tailor" who is just a couple doors down) and they had a pretty good selection of fabric books to pick through. I wasn't really interested in buying anything that day so wasn't listening too hard at the prices but I seem to recall that their prices jump pretty quickly as you move up from the basic...
I have not received anything from my order yet. I'm waiting on three sportcoats and a suit.
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