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The re-soling/re-furnishing package at Rancourt seems pretty thorough and reasonably priced for having the original manufacturer do the work.
There's now an unofficial wait list for my pre-ordered boots. Maybe I should be like Leffot and take a non-refundable deposit?
I feel your pain @lagsun. After finally trying the Rudy earlier this summer, it's Rudy for me all the way now. The slightly higher rise makes a huge difference. Usually I don't mind ordering a pair of MTO pants with a finished hem if I am getting them from a trusted source like Epaulet. However, if were going to have them tapered locally, I wouldn't bother getting them hemmed beforehand. It just seems like an unnecessary extra step in that situation. And how much extra...
I received my navy suede Clymers a couple of weeks ago but have only had a chance to wear them a few times. I need to fix that.
Epaulet can help you with a non-weeping wallet too.
As much as it pains me, I'm going to pass. I have way too many shoes and boots as it is and find myself continually wearing the same few pair over and over. I really need to do a serious closet cleaning to make some space........ for the Epaulet MTO trousers I am about to order and the three FF sportcoats I am waiting on.
I forgot all about those incoming Naval boots and then decided to look in my emails to see how long ago it was that I placed the order. And then my face hit my desk as I realized I pre-ordered the Tanker Boot instead of the Naval Boot. Normally not a problem as I actually prefer the style of the Tanker except for the fact I already own a #8 Tanker! That was totally my bad due to not paying attention in some correspondence with Leffot. If anybody is looking for a 7.5E #8...
I might be willing to change my name to "Charity" for those boots.
I'm sitting here drooling over the snuff suede Alt Wien...
From yesterday: Leather Soul Alpine Grain v-tips. I wish I would have worn these more this summer - the Alpine Grain always looks fantastic in the sunshine.
New Posts  All Forums: