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I recently got a raise at work and decided to celebrate with a Nomos. I was up in the air between a Metro and the Ahoi Atlantik, but the deep blue dial on the Ahoi and the fact that trying to find a Metro in stock somewhere was a PITA, means the Ahoi won out. It's quite a departure from the dive, pilot, and military watches I usually go with but it's truly stunning.
I thought about watching the leaked episodes but then I have to wait that much longer until the 5th one is aired.
Bleech In other news... It looks like Key and Peele are ready for the next season:
6.25 miles this morning. At 5:00 a.m. it was 67º with 30+mph wind gusts. Now, 5 hours later, it's 45º and still windy. I'm glad I got my run in early when it was comfortable in a tank top and shorts.
It looks like they are still building out the descriptions for those Southwick shirts. Here's a few examples: EPAULET BY SOUTHWICK SPEARMINT TICKING STRIPE OXFORD EPAULET BY SOUTHWICK GREY KISSING STRIPE OXFORD EPAULET BY SOUTHWICK WIDE KISSING STRIPE OXFORD Would it be poor form to order a few before they are even done typing up the pages? Speriment stripe and white & navy windowpane kopped.
Very cool! I've never been able to lock in on a good fit on the Epaulet shirting which is a shame since I love so many of the fabrics you offer. This sounds like it might just be the answer I've been looking for.
I wore my technicolor silk yesterday. You won't be disappointed.
^ This.I have the RLH on a pair of olive CXL chukka boots and love it. I considered it for the resole of these Ranger Mocs, but I think in the end, I just like the look of the camp sole the best for these... probably because I've just grown accustomed to them. (I also like the mini-lug, but I already have a pair on that).
I called in and switched to the camp soles. I just think I like the look of the camp on them more. I agree that those Reltex soles would look more appropriate on a pair of boots. I have a pair of the 5-eyelet boots that are currently on the camp soles - they might eventually be a perfect candidate for the Reltex.
The holes in question are not noticeable to me but now I am questioning my choice of sole because I think I just don't like the way that one looks on the moccasin. I may just keep it with the camp sole (it was always comfortable enough and served it's purpose, I just wanted a change).
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