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4.5 miles yesterday evening and 9 miles this morning. I think it's finally safe to put away my winter running gear.
I ordered two shirts (Blue Denim Slubby Chambray and Red Yellow Patch Madras) back on the 18th of April and received them both yesterday. They are absolutely perfect! I will definitely be using Luxire again. I've got a couple of Madras shirts from O'Connell's and the material that Luxire offers seems quite a bit thicker but also much softer, it's a very nice shirt. I'll have to get some pictures.
My new vehicle: This is my third Wrangler and my 7th Jeep overall. A bit of me died when I got rid of my two-door JK yesterday but I have a three-year-old who loves riding in my Jeeps and putting a carseat into the back of the two-door version with the roof still on is such a major PITA. I told my wife that either I upgrade to the four-door or we move somewhere to the South or Southwest where I can drive topless all year. Unfortunately, she opted for the new Jeep...
Wait. You're telling me they use CGI for those dragons?
6 miles yesterday morning and 12.3 miles today
For a moment the Hound also looked a bit surprised that Arya actually tried to stab him.
Great jacket. I have a Southwick just like that.
While still not a great episode, I think they moved the Brann storyline back towards the direction of the book which is a good thing.
Just under 19 miles yesterday. I was aiming for 20 but it was raining and I kept getting lost so I ended it a bit early. It was still a great run and my longest of the year so far.
Brown suede chukkas from Florsheim by Ducky Brown on what looks and feels like a Reltex Lactae Hevea (cannot figure out exactly what brand the sole is) and moccasin toe stitching. 8D $75 shipped
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