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Alden #8 Chukka on Commando sole purchased from Alden of Carmel Size 7.5E Barrie last Commando sole $600 shipped CONUS
I'm glad I got in on that. I had been debating the Doyle when it first came out but this chambray sealed the deal for me (and the discount on a future purchase was a nice added bonus).
A snuff suede Alt Wien would be awesome. Are all of these already spoken for or are there going to be some available in 7.5D (assuming these are Barrie)?
17,922.1 + 126.3 = 18,048.4
11.7 miles yesterday morning
6.3 miles this morning.
I think it's been pretty boring since right after it's inception. I have quite a few items from a few years ago and have been pleased with the quality (if not always the cost:quality ratio) but they've failed at really putting out anything unique each season. To me, the main selling point remains that you can get some of the LL Bean staples in sizes that don't fit like tents like they do in the mainline. I wish they would expand it a bit more...My wife on the other hand...
I saw those articles claiming the episode spoiled the series, but I don't think that's really the case. Anybody who has watched the show must figure that there is something supremely sinister out there with The Others and anybody who has read the books has seen the [[SPOILER]] mentioned in some of the tales. Even if you didn't see the spoiler on HBOGo but watched the episode, you saw some white walker with a crown of horns able to turn a baby into one of them. It doesn't...
7.6 miles this morning. Still very tight from Saturday's HM but started to loosen up a bit after a few miles.
Osha took Rickon and split up from Bran and the Reeds. I cannot recall where exactly they were headed though.
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