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I was wondering the same thing.
I think the size looks just about perfect for you.
Gorgeous watch and one of my favorite newly designed Seiko divers in a while.As for a diver with a coat and tie I don't think 90% of the people you will encounter will consider it a faux pas anymore as long as it's not some massive diver that is too tall or wide to fit under a sleeve. I wear a diver with a jacket 4 or 5 days a week.
Once the show largely diverted from/passed up the books, this thread went downhill.
That looks great with short sleeves. I've got a couple really nice floral shirts that I only ever wear with the sleeves rolled up but I think would look more neat and clean with the sleeves shortened. And I like the idea of taking one of my shirts with me to the tailor to help get the length I'd want. Now I've got an excuse to stop by the tailor tomorrow afternoon...
Here's another watch I had been searching for for quite a while: Seiko SKA367 Kinetic. The yellow really pops and it's quite comfortable on the wrist.
I don't think Littlefinger wants a pound of flesh. I think he wants to pound flesh - with Sansa namely.
Shinola was recently slapped by the FTC over their marketing and branding: FTC Takes Major Action Against Shinola Shinola's response: An Open Letter from Shinola Founder Tom Kartsotis FWIW, I live in Metro Detroit and see a lot of people wearing Shinola watches and have handled them many many times. I really like the design and the build quality of the watches that I've handled, however, as others have stated, the movement is just bottom of the barrel quartz. I have...
I agree that the cinematography during the battle was great, especially the stampede and all the washed out grey colors but the gigantic pile of bodies was pretty dumb. Wun Wun will be missed. I hope some other giant comes down to join the effort and work with the Starks.
I agree, they are great looking - especially the 1521/50 Atmos series and the new limited edition Tigers. If I were interested in the 20 Atmos series, I think I'd be more inclined to go with something from Steinhart. I know Squale has more history behind them than Steinhart but the 20 Atmos (to me anyway) is basically a Submariner homage. It's a classic design anyway you slice it but I think Steinhart offers a value that cannot be beat with their Ocean Vintage series.As...
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